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Praem Capital’s Goal — is a revolutionary ecosystem equipped with artificial intelligence for highly profitable and risk-free trade on five different investment markets. Praem stands out due to its risk tolerance thanks to a project\’s unique conception, which combines process solutions to achieve highly profitable cross-niche trade, a cutting-edge economic growth model, and partnerships that create opportunities to protect financial investors.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeEcosystem

What is Praem Capital

Praem Capital solves the most serious issues facing the modern investor.

Issue: Money incorrectly invested in only one niche.

Solution: Thoughtful portfolio diversification.

Issue: Lack of experience and knowledge in trading, limited human resources.

Solution: Trading bots independently perform trading operations according to specified algorithms and parameters without stopping.

Issue: Rapid change of events, the complexity of processing incoming volumes of information.

Solution:AI and private blockchain process thousands of operations per second, taking into account all the details.

Issue: Risks, drawdowns, and losses.

Solution: Hedge - Fund partnership In case of a high dip, investors' trading balances will be topped up with 50-100% of the funds in order to continue carrying out profitable orders.

Issue: Lack of opportunity to invest large sum

Solution: even small start-up capital has the potential for growth and profit at the Token Sales stage due to the capitalization of the token and financial instruments' operation.

Capital Praem Today has excellent potential for growth and development. Improving the platform and integrating Praem Capital's intelligent technologies into a single investment ecosystem will allow for a large-scale entry into the market of investment services for government agencies, investment and hedge funds, brokerage and insurance companies, stock exchanges, banks, and other professional players.

We are also taking a different path, and are certain that Praem Capital will be of great benefit to our investors, and successful as a global company in the future.


Pre-sales: Nov 06, 2020 - Nov 09, 2020
Public sales: Nov 10, 2020 - Jan 10, 2021
Token supply: 20,000,000 PRM
Total tokens for sale: 4,000,000 PRM
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Switzerland
Office address: Unterdorfstrasse 19 8126 Zumikon Switzerland

Token info

Ticker: PRM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 PRM = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, USDT, BTC
Funds allocation:
Engineering & Development - 40%
Marketing & User acquisition - 30%
Security & Compliance - 10%
Operational & Administrative - 8%
Unexpected expenses - 7%
Legal & Advisory - 5%

Offices on the map

Praem Capital Roadmap

January 2017 Praem’s First Activity

Thanks to his experience in the sphere of Big Data analysis & AI integration, Nicolas Durr sees a lot of great opportunities and decides to switch to a crypto market, he meets with algorithm developers as they start development.

March 2017 Praem Crypto Bot V1

Praem’s First working algorithms & Testing

May 2017 Praem Forex Bot V1

Following the success of Praem’s crypto bot, our team developed a brand-new algorithm for the largest trading market - Forex

September 2017 Praem Crypto Bot V2

With Bitcoin trending upwards, our developer’s team focused on updating algorithms and showcasing the brand-new Trend bot, allowing them to generate maximum profit during these uncertain times on the market. (Results +40% of profit compared to the previous version)

November 2017 Praem Stock Market Bot (Fail)

Praem’s team decided to test Forex’s algorithms on the stock market, which resulted in 65% less profit than on Forex’s market, although security levels were maintained.

December 2017 Stock Market Research

Praem’s team began to analyse various strategies to make the stock market bot more profitable and, at the same time, maintain a high level of security.

January 2018 Praem Ai Concept

Volatile market conditions prompted Praem’s team to come up with a solution. The result was the development of additional technology capable of supporting the bots with the analysis of Big Data and to increase the automation of algorithm changes. The task is to create a complex of intelligent algorithms: technical and fundamental analysis of markets; decision-making algorithm; algorithm for semantic data analysis to prepare information fields for ML.

February 2018 Praem Crypto Bots V3

The crash on the cryptocurrency market made it paramount to update existing algorithms, which resulted in enhanced security and stable profits. (after the update, bots showed just 20% less profit than during the 2017 uptrend)

February 2018 Natural Language Processing Ani Concept

Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subfield of artificial intelligence, focusing on the science of extracting meaning and information from texts by applying machine learning algorithms.

April 2018 Praem Stock Market Bot V2

Following 4 months of researching and refining, our developers finalised the Algorithms for the stock market resulting in increased profitability and maintained security levels. The bots showed significantly improved results, +25% compared to the previous version

April 2018 Natural Language Processing ANI development
May 2018 Forex Bots V2

With higher volatility on the currency markets compared to the previous year and a stronger USD, the developers decided to update the algorithms to allow for greater profits) approximately 13-15% per month.

May 2018 Creation of Cognitive Computing Concept

The goal is to combine PRAEM Financial Market ANI and NLP ANI functions in order to get the best possible solution depending on context and evidence.

June 2018 Cognitive Computing Development Start
August 2018 PRAEM Financial Market ANI Beta Release Testing

Testing on bot log data

September 2018 Financial Market Ani Release & Bot Testing

Launch of Praem’s long-awaited mechanism including the automation of vital processes and preparation for a trend change in the crypto market volatility, giving us a great advantage against the market.

November 2018 Praem Ecosystem Concept with Blockchain

After 2 months of ANI/bot mechanism testing, our team came up with the concept of an ecosystem, complete with a private blockchain, allowing the processing of data and the synchronisation of financial instruments to be fully automated. Utilising a decentralised database (blockchain) to create a unified data exchange and standardising the data structure inside blocks for the synchronisation of all Praem’s instruments.

January 2019 NLP ANI Testing on Social Networks

Test on Tweets and FB Posts

March 2019 Cross Niche Trading Concept

Applying the mechanism concept, which includes CC/Bots, with a private blockchain, allowed Praem’s Innovations department to come up with the concept, which (when fully up and running) will enable us to trade between different markets simultaneously.

March 2019 Secure Investment Concept

The last element to enable us to fully secure investment portfolios was the insurance of investor’s balances. The solution was to commence the search for a new funding partner.

April 2019 Cognitive Computing Beta Testing
May 2019 Start of Cross Niche Analysis & Manual Testing Without Blockchain

Initiation of manual testing of market capabilities in order to implement the cross-niche concept. Trading between financial niches all automated by CC/Bots running on a private blockchain could enable us to increase our profit generation from all niches simultaneously.

May 2019 Hedge-Fund Partnership

Following 2 months of extensive negotiations with a hedge fund from Luxembourg and the presentation of Praem’s development concepts resulted in an exclusive partnership ensuring a bright and secure future for the project.

June 2019 Crypto Bots V4

AI Data analysis provided us with new opportunities to modify our existing algorithms, delivering us greater profits compared to previous quarters, (15-20% per month) while maintaining high security levels.

June 2019 Forex Bots V3

AI + research revealed changing trends and the fact that more and more millennials are trading on the forex market. We carried out an update to the forex bot in order to further increase our profits (+15%) and maintain a high level of security.

July 2019 Stock Market Bots V3

With the index growth of S&P 500 and a surge in the market, we saw the best market results since 2013. Developers carried out updates on bots allowing for maximum profit generation. AI’s added assistance prompted bots to make wiser decisions resulting in less, but more secure transactions, contributing to a boost in profits of 5-7% per month)

September 2019 Final Ecosystem Concept with Insurance

Following a strong summer period with our instruments and continued growth in AI IQ, Praem’s team finalised the concepts of the private blockchain, cross niche trading and Insurance of investor’s funds via our partnership with a hedge fund.

September 2018 Financial Market Ani Release & Bot Testing

Launch of Praem’s long-awaited mechanism including the automation of vital processes and preparation for a trend change in the crypto market volatility, giving us a great advantage against the market.

October 2018 Insurance Testing with A Hedge Fund

Testing of adding funds during periods of high drawdowns on the market.

November 2019 Final Financing Negotiations, Final Approval of All Partners
December 2019 Final Stages of Testing and Rethinking the Ecosystem Concept

Planning of 2020-2021, 2022 releases, Roadmap creation.

February 2020 Crypto Bots V5

Annual revision of algorithms for the new year. The AI system’s learning indicators showed greatly improved results, +17% compared to the previous version.

March 2020 Stock Market Bot V4

After the revision for Praem’s Stock market bot, no major changes were implemented.

April 2020 Praem Exchange Concept

The First concept for the future development of Praem Exchange, which would include 5 investment markets to trade between on 1 platform.

May 2020 Forex Bot V4

Final update of the bot’s algorithm before the launch, delivering us much higher profits.

May 2020 Initial Development Stage of The Ecosystem

1st steps towards the implementation of the ecosystem.

May 2020 Marketing Research
July 2020 ERC20 Smart Contract Concept
July 2020 Landing & Investment Site Development
October 2020 Praem Capital Registration, Switzerland
October 2020 Marketing Campaign Launch
October 2020 ERC 20 Token & Smart Contract Release
November 2020 Pre-Sale Stage

Limited sale of PRM tokens with a 10-50% discount

November - January 2020 Token Sales Stage

Sale of investment plans

November 2020 Private Blockchain Development
December 2020 Ecosystem Demo

Presentation of a Beta version of Praem’s ecosystem

December 2020 Soft Cap Estimated Overcoming
December 2020 Start of The Praem Eco Mobile App Development
December 2020 Cross Niche Final Testing
January 2021 Ecosystem Release

Completed ecosystem with a private blockchain, enabling Praem to commence its integration into global financial structures

January 2021 Start of Subscription Sales

“Token Sales” stage is completed allowing every new investor to benefit from our innovative mechanisms for profit generation.

January 2021 Hard Cap Overcoming
January 2021 100K Users
January 2021 Exchange Listing

We list PRM tokens on the top crypto exchanges.

February 2021 RE Investing Pools Using Top REIT Funds
February 2021 Audit & Finma Authorisation
February 2021 Presentation of Venture Projects & Pool Creation
March 2021 UK CEO Visit

Global integration process, meetings with funds for integration, and a private presentation for investors. (PRAEM Exchange)

March - April 2021

Mobile App Release (Ios, Android)

April - June 2021 Launch of European Financial Structures Integration

Integration of our technologies to other financial & institutional structures

April - June 2021 Crypto/Fiat Cards Release

First 10,000 cards selling stage

May 2021 Praem Exchange BETA V1
May 2021 AI Second Release - Ecosystem Upgrade

Lowering learning process

July 2021 Choosing an IPO Underwriter and Advisers, Switzerland

Dependent on licensing & patenting

July - August 2021 Firm Commitment

Start if IPO Due Diligence stage. This agreement states the underwriter shall purchase all shares from the issuing company. They will resell them to the public.

August - September 2021 BEA

Best efforts agreement, second part of a due diligence stage, agreement between Praem & an underwriter that the latter will sell the shares on behalf of the issuing company

August - September 2021

Develop Prospectus and Interact with SIX Exchange Regulation

September 2021

Ecosystem Load Balancing, Duplicating Main AI for Further Increase in Learning Process.

September - October 2021

Asian Headquarters (Singapore) Opening & Registration

September - October 2021 Syndicate of Underwriters (PRE - AITF Stage)

If the underwriter’s bank decides that the project is somewhat risky, it attracts other underwriters to form a syndicate

September - October 2021 Engagement Letter Process

As the underwriter is buying all of the shares, they receive a discounted price

October 2021 LOT & Red Herring Document

Agreement document between all the parties & a document showing the company’s operations and prospects

October - November 2021 Integration of Asian Financial Structures
October - November 2021 Underwriting Agreement

As one of the final parts of the due diligence stage, the underwriter shall be legally bound to the purchase of the shares at the agreed-upon price

November 2021 Praem Exchange v2 & Testing
November - December 2021 The Ipo Roadshow

Presentation of IPO in various locations by the underwriter & issuing company

December 2021 - April 2022 IPO Final Approval

Set Date, Price of shares, number of shares. Depends on approval

March 2022 Praem Exchange Launch
April - May 2022 Going Public Stage

On the agreed-upon date, the underwriter shall release the initial shares to the market

May - June 2022 IPO Stabilisation

stage (30 day "quiet period")

June 2022 Transition to Market Competition

Final IPO stage, underwriter’s role changes to "advisor"

July 2022 Token X Shares Exchange

PRM token holders can now exchange their tokens for shares on the newly launched PRAEM Exchange

Project team

Nicolas Durr
Nicolas Durr
PhD, Founder & CEO of Praem Capital and
Denis Gusev
Denis Gusev
CMO Praem Capital, Marketing Manager at PrimeXBT
Marina Danylyuk
Marina Danylyuk

Social media

Praem Capital web-sitePraem Capital MediumPraem CapitalYouTubePraem Capital TelegramPraem Capital InstagramPraem Capital BTCTalkPraem Capital TwitterPraem Capital FacebookPraem Capital Github

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