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Dec 21, 2018 – Jun 21, 2019

Purple is a triangular cryprovoting system that runs location-based democratic top charts applications for media and more. Purple allows anyone to vote on music, art, media, creations, ideas, and solutions to real-world problems. Content that receives many votes will go on to get more exposure on the system.Purple will first be used to power a suite of localized media applications (map-apps, called Mapps) under the name Current X Change (cXc). Within the system cXc Music (music sharing Mapp), cXc Ideas (idea sharing Mapp) and cXc Solutions (solution sharing Mapp) and cXc Pueblo (Municipality management mapp framework) will be launched.

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Project industry Blockchain Infrastructure
Product type Ecosystem

What is Purple Token

Purple is a triangular cryprovoting system that runs location-based democratic “top charts” applications for media and more. Purple allows anyone to vote on music, art, media, creations, ideas, and solutions to real-world problems. Content that receives many votes will go on to get more exposure on the system. If content gets to the top of a local chart, it grows up a fractal chain of locations, until the whole world sees it on top of the app’s charts.

Purple will first be used to power a suite of localized media applications (map-apps, called Mapps) under the name Current X Change (cXc). cXc Music will launch in Summer 2019, with the rest of the media suite launching in 2020, cXc Ideas and cXc Solutions launching in 2021, and cXc Pueblo launching in 2022. Third parties will also be able to incorporate Purple to run their own cryptovoting applications. Some of the proposed uses for Purple outside of cXc Mapps include organization leadership, running a decentralized autonomous community on a per-project leadership basis, raising awareness of any topic, and providing a better review system for products and businesses.

Purple empowers a democratic vote in a revolutionary way, using time and location. This gives the people in each area the power to control what comes down the pipelines to their ears, eyes, and municipalities, not corporations or government entities. Purple provides a revolutionary solution to how we listen to our music, consume our media, spread our ideas, and come to a consensus as a society.

This paper covers the Purple technology from a conceptual standpoint, and introduces the applications planned by Current X Change LLC, focusing on our first application, cXc Music.

How it works

Votes, called UPs, are made by users all over the world on content posted on third-party websites. For the music map-app cXc Music, the sites are Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify. The app uses the UPs to organize the data on a map display, showing the content with the most attention most prominently, and generating corresponding charts. Chart position is determined by the amount of votes received per unit of time (monad), down to a 5 minute granularity. A new chart is generated every 5 minutes. Viewers can see the latest chart showing the previous 5 minute’s votes, or set any querying period they wish. Users can look back on any chart from the beginning of the system, and vote on any content posted any time.

To accomplish this system, three tokens are used; a freely distributed voting token called a Sol (Meaning Sun), an intermediary that is earned through receiving UPs called Blue, and purple which is an Steem-based Smart Media Token that is used to buy/sell Blue Chips from artists who earn blue through UPs received.

A user can never have more than one Sol Chip. If they spend their Sol Chip, they will receive another one for free over the next 24 hours (½ every 12 hours). When they UP content, the person owning that content will receive it in the form of BLU, which they can collect any number of. When a BLU is spent as an UP (Blue UP), it influences the chart the same as a Sol UP, but it does not transfer to the new owner. ⅓ of voted BLU is paid to moderators of the system called Guardians, and the remaining ⅔ is destroyed. UPs are tallied independently for each geographical area to determine what content makes it on the charts.

There is an exchange rate for BLU to PRP, so artists who earn BLU through making awesome stuff can trade it for PRP, which will be tradable for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and FIAT. People who buy the BLU can then use it to vote their creations to the top of a local chart, guaranteeing them local exposure for a period of time. In short, advertising pays creators.

A single token can be referred to as the name of the token (sol, blue, purple), or as chips (Sol Chip, Blue Chip, Purple Chip). Symbols are SOL, BLU, and PRP. Purple (capital P) is used to refer to the entire three-token system or technology itself, while purple (little p) is used to refer to only the purple chip, similar to Bitcoin/bitcoin. The word “chip” is used for all three, but technically purple is a token (Smart Media Token).


Pre-sales: Nov 11, 2018 - Dec 20, 2018
Public sales: Dec 21, 2018 - Jun 21, 2019
Token supply: 17,925,904 PRP
Soft cap: 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Steem
Country limitations: China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco
Registration country: United States

Token info

Ticker: PRP
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 PRP = 1 USD
Bonus program:
80% Bonus - Through February 20, 2019
60% Bonus - Through April 20, 2019
30% Bonus - Through May 20, 2019
15% Bonus - Through June 21, 2019
Funds allocation:
Founder Share – 1/12
Team Split – 1/12
Bounty Program – 1/12
Reserve – 3/12
Tokens For Sale in ICO: 6/12

Purple Token Roadmap

2018 Q3

Purple Coin Created
Purple, the ERC-777 token, is created and ready to be released

cXc Music app Design Finished &
cXc Music app Programmatic Structure Complete
These two goals allow funds to be used to build cXc as soon as they come in. Currently, the designs are 70% complete and the programmatic structure is 60% complete. Both are planned to be completed before the end of September.

Development Started
Development will start when the app design is completed and gone through scrutiny. Once funding is received via prerelease sale development will get into full swing.

Purple white paper PDF Released
This white paper will be released in a beautiful, full color PDF.

Websites Launched
Showcase Purple, the team, and the vision
Facilitate presale
Incorporate referral and Ambassador program (also tied to currentXchange.com)
Showcase the cXc Music, cXc Media, and cXc Solutions Mapps
House articles and more about cXc
Be homebase for learning about cXc
Eventually music.currentxchange.com will be the web interface for the cXc Music Mapp

Communication Channels Opened
Direct communication through Telegram, Facebook, Email

Promotion Started
Articles showcasing Purple and cXc on medium.com, steemit.com, bitcointalk.com and other sites.
Opening up availability for interviews with crypto publications

2018 Q4

Prerelease started (Sept 22)
Coins will be available through purplerevolution.io

Development in Full Swing
Development of the cXc application underway as soon as funds come through. The very first funds from presale will be used to build the application. The cXc Music application is our top priority for funds this quarter.

Promotion Continued
More articles for each section of the white paper, articles explaining Purple, cXc, each function and more.
Spreading message of democratic music and more far and wide
Recruiting of musicians and celebrities (involved with the ambassador program)
Digital promotional tour, with interviews, articles, etc.

Ambassador Program Officially Launched
Purple Ambassador program will allow people to show their support for the new world of love, to hold themselves to higher standards of behavior and beliefs, and to be on the cutting edge of empowering creators worldwide
Ambassadors will earn purple for promoting Purple with their coupon code, giving the purchaser an extra discount when purchasing over 1 ETH of purple
Ambassadors in each area will be listed on the site and given a unique title.

cXc Music Soft Launch
cXc Music app will launch in beta on web and native IOS and Android app. This release is planned for December 2018, with our goal to launch the app before December 21. Beta release will not include Purple integration, but will include Sol and Blue, and most other features of the app including charts, uploading music, and posting events. All blue earned will be preserved when purple integration comes to the app.

Purple Release (Dec 21)
Purple ICO will begin.

2019 Q1

cXc Music Targeting Musicians
Promotion strategy will target musicians and convey the benefits of the system.

cXc Music Events
cXc will sponsor events distributed throughout the United States organized at the local level by ambassadors.

cXc Music Filled Up
Guardians, ambassadors, and other cXc members will add popular music to the site from the official creator’s profiles.

Supplementary Websites Launched
Mapps.io will showcase the potential of Mapps integrating Purple, and provide the means for developers to create their own Mapps and integrate with Purple

Cryptovoting.io will explain the future of Cryptovoting, exploring Purple and other cryptovoting solutions, news, and more.

2019 Q2

Purple ICO Ends
ICO ends June 21

cXc Music Full Launch
cXc Music app will update incorporating the Purple cryptocurrency on or before June 21

cXc Music Takeover
cXc Music will become the fastest growing music app in the world.

2019 Q3

cXc Media Apps
cXc will begin development on other cXc Media Mapps with funding from the ICO.

2019 Q4

cXc Music Goes Global
cXc Music will expand to other countries one at a time in order considering an aggregation of usership, ambassadors, and demand.
This expansion will continue through all of 2020 and beyond.


cXc Media
cXc Media will have these major apps up by Q3
cXc Music
cXc Video
cXc News
cXc Games
cXc Lit (Meaning literature, including poetry, opinions, fiction, nonfiction, and drama)
cXc Art (Photos, Illustrations, Installations, 3d Models, Crafts)

cXc Ideas
cXc Ideas will launch with the same expanding coverage as cXc Media.

cXc Solutions
cXc Solutions will launch with the same expanding coverage as cXc Media.

cXc Media Integrations
Through connecting different third party media services, cXc Media will expand the ability of creators to share, sell, and remix creations using third party services and app.


Expanding Coverage
cXc Mapps will include more than 61.8% by geography of the world and available to 80% of the population by the end of 2021.
cXc Pueblo
cXc’s municipality app, cXc Pueblo, will launch providing a template for every interested municipality to create their own Mapp.


Licensing Platform
cXc Media will make a huge expansion into media licensing, making the current U.S. copyright system obsolete. cXc was originally designed with this system in place, but it was deemed too ambitious by advisors of the project to be included at launch. Once cXc Media is a success this transition will be easier for the user.

Project team

Douglas James Butner
Douglas James Butner
Founder / System Designer / Chief Visionary
Nathan Friend
Nathan Friend
Full-Stack Developer
Alec Wantoch
Alec Wantoch
Security / Blockchain / Full Stack Developer
Zachary Pelkey
Zachary Pelkey
Blockchain / Software Developer

Social media

Web-site YouTube: Purple Token Instagram: Purple Token BTCTalk: Purple Token Twitter: Purple Token Facebook: Purple Token



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