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Quarashi Network is a complete suite of solutions platform focused on providing the user with full privacy and anonymity. The core elements of the Quarashi Network ecosystem are the Quarashi Privacy/Anonymity Chat, Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange, IDO/IEO Platform. All of them are powered by the Quarashi Network Token (QUA).

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Project industryIT & Software
Product typeEcosystem

What is Quarashi Network

Quarashi is The Next Generation All in One Platform in your crypto journey. Secure messaging dApp, Crypto wallet & Exchange, for your assets and cryptocurrencies and IDO Launchpad, for you to join new crypto projects in their early stages.

Quarashi empowers the first decentralized all in one platform focused on: Privacy Chat, Decentralized Exchange, IDO Launchpad, Blockchain Interfaced Multi Crypto wallet, Airdrop, VPN.

Quarashi doesn’t hold/store and will never ask you for information about any of your assets or private keys.


Pre-sales: Aug 01, 2021 - Sep 01, 2021
Public sales: Dec 01, 2021 - Jan 15, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 28,000,000 QUA
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 QUA
Total tokens for sale: 350,000,000 QUA


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA, Canada, Iran, Iraq, China, Korea, South Korea, Bangladesh, Columbia, Bolivia
Registration country: Romania
Registration year: 2019
Office address: Str. Drumul Fermei 101, Bucuresti Romania

Token info

Ticker: QUA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 QUA = 0.06 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, USDT, ETH
Token distribution:
Seed Round - 2.2%
Private Sale - 2.8%
Public Sale - 35%
Liquidity - 10%
Team - 12%
Marketing - 18%
Reserves - 5%
Development - 15%

Quarashi Network Roadmap

Q4 2020

Creation of the idea of Quarashi Network

Q1 2021
  • Development of Quarashi begins
  • Architectural infrastructure plan created
  • Whitepaper guidelines, start of website development
  • Design token economics
  • Design market strategy
Q2 2021
  • Creating Quarashi Token
  • Incorporating Quarashi Network
  • Registering Quarashi TM
  • Developing start Quarashi dApp Android Version
  • Start Development, Marketing & Community Building
Q3 2021
  • Testnet Beta Quarashi Wallet & Exchange dApp ERC-20 Android
  • ICO Planning
  • Q-Chat Development Starts
  • ICO Public Sale
Q4 2021
  • Mainnet Beta Quarashi Wallet & Exchange dApp Android
  • Quarashi Mainnet Platform Launch Playstore Android
Q1 2022
  • Beta testing Q-Chat Android dApp in Quarashi Platform
  • Visa MasterCard Implementation
  • Q-Chat Launch in Mainnet
  • Strategic Partnerships
Q2 2022
  • Quarashi iOS Platform Development Start
  • Implementing Bitcoin Chain in Quarashi Wallet
  • Implementing Binance Smart Chain in Quarashi Wallet
Q3 - Q4 2022

IDO/IEO Quarashi Launchpad Development Start

Project team

Alexandru Petre
Alexandru Petre
Founder, CEO & Project Manager
Alexandru Petre linkedin
Victor Antohe
Victor Antohe
Senior Graphic Designer & UI/UX Designer
Victor Antohe linkedin
Costin Halmagyi
Costin Halmagyi
Frontend/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI/UX, SASS, Angular
Costin Halmagyi linkedin
Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil
Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, Python, Solidity, C#
Ibrahim Khalil linkedin
Madalina Antohe
Madalina Antohe
Head of Marketing Division
Madalina Antohe linkedin
Vlad Popescu Gabriel
Vlad Popescu Gabriel
C#, Java, .Net Core, .Net Framework, SQL, Azure
Vlad Popescu Gabriel linkedin
Luca Bica
Luca Bica
Marketing Expert & Business Developer
Luca Bica linkedin

Social media

Quarashi Network web-siteQuarashi Network RedditQuarashi Network MediumQuarashi NetworkYouTubeQuarashi Network TelegramQuarashi Network BTCTalkQuarashi Network LinkedInQuarashi Network TwitterQuarashi Network FacebookQuarashi Network Github


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