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S4FE is a freely accessible, blockchain-based technology, global network for registration, search, verification, and identification of (lost or stolen) property.

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What is S4FE

S4FE is a freely accessible, blockchain-based technology, global network for registration, search, verification, and identification of (lost or stolen) property. Property means every imaginable kind of „objects“, such as electronic devices, jewelry, valuables, collections, documents, contracts, hobby equipment, vehicles, and machines, or just any imaginable object that is of value to its owner.

Despite state-of-the-art technology, it is still not possible to report objects or property in general in an anonymous, user-friendly manner in real time as lost or stolen and to make this information accessible worldwide. For this reason, the probability of recovering lost or stolen objects is extremely low in the majority of cases.

Additionally, it is almost impossible to identify lost or stolen objects as such, e.g. if you find or want to buy an object.

The causes of these problems, besides loss or theft itself, are different international jurisdictions, laws, database formats and access rights, as well as very slow administrative processes. It is the combination of these factors that prevents efficient flow and access and exchange of ownership information.

S4FE is a system that offers users two options, to protect property or objects, and to have the opportunity to check whether objects are reported lost or stolen when purchasing or finding them. The goal of the system is to protect property and reduce organized crime.

This claim is underpinned by the system itself and supported by the S4FE Reward Program, which rewards users for reporting and returning lost or stolen objects.

The goal of our team is continuous innovation, not only to increase the security of property but also to make a lasting contribution to the public.


S4FE contributes to the reduction of worldwide increasing theft, illegal possession and the receiving of stolen goods through four basic pillars:

  • a global network to register, check, identify and report objects.
  • a search engine for global search and clarification of ownership of objects.
  • the commercial value and the traceability of stolen goods with the goal to reduce crime.
  • participation in the network to increase its efficiency.

    We plan to establish S4FE as a „first mover“ with this service and to further improve the technological lead of the company and its products in the long term.

    We are convinced that this model holds immense potential for increasing property security and reducing crime on a global level by rendering property unattractive for criminal use, as it can be identified as lost or stolen immediately, anywhere and anytime in the future.

    S4FE is unlikely to solve growing crime in the world. Considering the appalling dimension of the problem, reducing crime by just 1% would already be a significant improvement for the public and would position S4FE as an important crime prevention service provider.


    Token supply: 300,000,000
    Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA, China, Korea
    Registration country: Liechtenstein

    Token info

    Ticker: S4FE
    Type: Utility-token
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC
    Token distribution:
    ICO - 30%
    Reserve Fund - 20%
    Partner - 20%
    Consultant - 10%
    Team - 10%
    Liquidity Fund - 5%
    Bounty - 5%
    Funds allocation:
    Support - 10%
    Marketing - 20%
    Legal Advice - 5%
    Development - 30%
    Web Security - 5%
    Management - 5%
    Consultant - 5%
    Administrative - 10%
    Operational - 10%

    S4FE Roadmap

    December 2017

    Concept Development & Initial Meetings.Team & Advisor Sourcing & First Project Plan.

    January 2018

    Technology Design & Beta Pharse Programming.

    February 2018

    Blockchain & Smart Contracts Programming.

    March 2018

    Usability & Plausibility Testing, Team Expansion.

    April 2018

    ICO Preparation & Team Expansion.

    June 2018

    Foundation of S4FE AG in Vaduz.

    July 2018

    Start Private Sale.

    August 2018

    Finalization ICO, Submission of Documents.

    October - December 2018

    Initial Coin Offering.

    December 2018

    Full Roll-Out & Acquisition Cooperations.

    January 2019

    Product Adjustments & Corrections. 1st Phase Marketing Campaign.

    March 2019

    Acquisition Corporate & Institutional Partners.

    Project team

    Diego Mourad
    Diego Mourad
    CEO - Chief Executive Officer
    Diego Mourad linkedin
    FLORIAN SOPA linkedin
    Rolf Seeger
    Rolf Seeger
    Rolf Seeger linkedin
    Daniela Hofer
    Daniela Hofer
    CEO - Chief Executive Officer
    Daniela Hofer linkedin
    Florian Sopa
    Florian Sopa
    COO - Chief Operating Officer
    Florian Sopa linkedin
    Rene Lämmlin
    Rene Lämmlin
    CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
    Rene Lämmlin linkedin
    Diego A. Tanner
    Diego A. Tanner
    CIO - Chief Investment Officer
    Diego A. Tanner linkedin
    Narek Terteryan
    Narek Terteryan
    CTO - Chief Technology Officer
    Narek Terteryan linkedin
    Alexandre Sousa
    Alexandre Sousa
    Video Producer
    Alexandre Sousa linkedin
    Caity Carter
    Caity Carter
    Head of Design
    Caity Carter linkedin
    Siegfried Nägele
    Siegfried Nägele
    Key Account Manager
    Sasun Sakanyan
    Sasun Sakanyan
    Full Stack Developer
    Sasun Sakanyan linkedin
    Haykaz Kotanjyan
    Haykaz Kotanjyan
    DevOps Engineer
    Haykaz Kotanjyan linkedin
    Vladimir Anoyan
    Vladimir Anoyan
    Front End Developer
    Vladimir Anoyan linkedin
    Vahan Khachiyan
    Vahan Khachiyan
    Video Producer
    Vahan Khachiyan linkedin
    Tigran Khachiyan
    Tigran Khachiyan
    Film director
    Tigran Khachiyan linkedin

    Social media

    S4FE web-siteS4FE RedditS4FE MediumS4FEYouTubeS4FE TelegramS4FE InstagramS4FE BTCTalkS4FE LinkedInS4FE TwitterS4FE FacebookS4FE SlackS4FE Github


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