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A crypto-market intelligence platform and trading terminal that discerns market sentiment among crypto-traders

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Project industryData Analytics

What is Santiment

- Providing users with sentiment analysis tools, high quality content and analysis (trading strategy and activity from successful traders, trading analytics, research, articles, fundamental analyses) - The target groups: crypto-investors, crypto-traders, ctrypto-enthusiasts - The tokens can be earned by providing information and insights, and for structuring, packaging or processing, and visualizing this information - The tokens can be spent to access the information and insights - User-friendly mobile interfaces - Crypto simulator/financial games - Selective disclosure based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs


Public sales: Jul 03, 2017 - Aug 03, 2017
Raised: 12,215,250 USD

Token info

Ticker: SAN
Token price in USD: 1 SAN = 0.27 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
Crowdsale will be performed in 2 stages: 1. A Presale, aiming to raise a minimum of $40,000 and a maximum of $120,000 The Presale ends when the cap is filled, or in 3 weeks time. The money collected during the presale will be used to prepare for the crowdsale. Presale end. ETH Collected: 12,000 in 2.5 hrs 2. A full crowdsale, aiming to raise a minimum of $500,000 and a maximum of $1,500,000. SNT itself will remain scarce because it will only be released (or mined) at a fixed rate.

Santiment Roadmap


- Concierge MVP for crowdsourcing via community
- Poloniex & BTC-e trollbox feeds signaling increased sentiment shifts
- Mobile alpha with charts and historical price feeds
- Sentiment journaling game prototype
- Subscription smart contract
- First set of strategic partnerships

Q2-Q4 2017

- Whitepaper Release
- Crowdsale
- Mobile App Alpha
- Price History Datafeed
- ICO Analysis Stream
- Slack Sentiment Datafeeds

Q1 - Q2 2018

- Blockchain Analytics Datafeeds
- Santiment Database Alpha
- Crowdsources Rumors Feed
- Due Diligence Stream

Q3 - Q4 2018

- Meta-Sentiment Datafeed Prototype
- Team & Exchange Address Tracker
- Regulatory Content Stream

Q4 - Future 2018

- Crowd-Governed Data Vending
- Projects Developments Stream
- Content Platform R&D Release
- Crowd Datafeed Voting & Governance
- 200+ Datafeeds

Project team

Maksim Balashevich
Maksim Balashevich
Maksim Balashevich linkedin
Dmitry Palchun
Dmitry Palchun
Ethereum Scientist
Tzanko Matev
Tzanko Matev
Tzanko Matev linkedin
Kim Carson
Kim Carson
UI/UX Designer
Kim Carson linkedin
Feng Jiahong
Feng Jiahong
Designer & Illustrator
Feng Jiahong linkedin
Kelvin “Wilhelm” Lee
Kelvin “Wilhelm” Lee
Community Manager
Valentin Mihov
Valentin Mihov
Valentin Mihov linkedin
Dorjee Sun
Dorjee Sun
Dorjee Sun linkedin
Garry Kabankin
Garry Kabankin
Project Coordinator
Garry Kabankin linkedin
Milan Rusev
Milan Rusev
Milan Rusev linkedin
Yura Zatsepin
Yura Zatsepin
Yura Zatsepin linkedin
Ivan Aleksandrov
Ivan Aleksandrov
Ivan Aleksandrov linkedin

Social media

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