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STAYGE is a blockchain network for Artist-fan ecosystem based on the incentivized fan community platform.

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Project industryEvents & Entertainment
Product typeEcosystem

What is STAYGE

The Stayge Network is a new blockchain-based ecosystem set to consist of artists and fans with its cryptocurrency to tokenize the artists‘ fan base through a fair evaluation. The STAYGE will establish a reward system that is independent of specific central entities such as service companies. From this structure, Stayge One Network expects to bring back the value of fan activities that are typically not measured or recognized within the entertainment industry.

The Stayge Network economic model will comprise of two cryptocurrencies, the Stayge (STG) and Activity Token (ACT). The STG will play the role of establishing connectivity among the communities and will become the base currency for the decision-making process within the Stayge network.

The key currency of STAYGE Network, STG, has the role of connectivity with other communities and is also used as a base currency in STAYGE Network. Members of communities can participate in the decision making processes of STAYGE Network, the sponsoring of projects, and  the purchasing of goods and payment of artists’ guarantees, etc. With STG. They can purchase STG at coin exchanges or receive it as rewards for their contributions. STG will be issued as a token and will be converted to a coin after launching of mainnet.


Public sales: Nov 20, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018
Token supply: 5,000,000,000


Blockchain Platform: ICON
Registration country: South Korea

Token info

Ticker: STG
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 STG = 0.0022198 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
presale bonus: additional 15-30% of the purchased STG
Token distribution:
50% - sale
15% - reserve
18% - team, advisors
12% - community
5% - foundation
Funds allocation:
45% - development
10% - reserve
30% - strategy partners
5% - operations
5% - marketing
5% - biz dev.

STAYGE Roadmap

2018. 3Q - 4Q

STAYGE - Fan Community for Everyone
- Communication and Authorization between participants
- Activation respect to the amount of activity
- Record of on/offline fan activities
- Democratic decision-making by fans
- Connection with third-party services

2018. 4Q

STG-ACT Conversion
- Conversion of STG and ACT for each community
- Confirmation of total issued ACT for each community
- Confirmation of artist participation level and community activation level

2019. 1Q

Goods Commerce
- Purchase of goods sold by artists
- Reflection on goods price in real time as a fluctuation of STG/ACT price
- Registration of selling option as artists' taste
- Artist - fan communication about the items

2019. 2Q

Ticketing Service
- Various ticket selling options
- Tracking of ticket trade

2019. 3Q - 4Q

- Query and record of fan activity
- Query and record of artist information
- Query and creation of contents
- Synchronization of STAYGE account

2020. 1Q

Goods Marketplace
- Purchase of goods sold by artist and fan
- Reflection on goods price in real time as a fluctuation of STG/ACT price
- Seller - Buyer communication about the goods

2020. 2Q

Decision-making participation system through ACT
- Conveying opinions of whole fans to artists and entrepreneurs
- Report and regulation about trouble-maker
- Authorization through votes in the community

2020. 3Q

Fan-driven crowdfunding
- Making a project that fans want (TV show, album, fan meeting, etc)
- Fund-raising of cost and idea collection

2020. 4Q

STAYGE main net
- STAYGE protocol provision
- Connection between various fan-related services

2021. 1Q

DApp Marketplace
- DApp provision using a STAYGE protocol

2021. 2Q

Business platform
- Matching the artist's fandom and target customers


Aaron Shin
Aaron Shin
Ascendo Ventures Managing Partner
Aaron Shin linkedin
Jinwoo Shin
Jinwoo Shin
KAIST Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Jinwoo Shin linkedin
DS Kim
DS Kim
Pentasecurity System CSO
DS Kim linkedin
Matt Cheng
Matt Cheng
Cherubic Ventures / Founder & Managing Partner
Matt Cheng linkedin
Willy Kwon
Willy Kwon
Kermis D&C / Chairman
James Jung
James Jung
beSUCCESS / Founder & CEO
James Jung linkedin
KJ Eee
KJ Eee
ICON Foundation / Foundation CouncilDevelopment & Business Team
Roy Cho
Roy Cho
Senior Software Engineer
Roy Cho linkedin
Kevin Han
Kevin Han
Graphic Designer
Kevin Han linkedin
Hailey Lee
Hailey Lee
Head of Marketer
Hailey Lee linkedin
Hyunwoo Baek
Hyunwoo Baek
Co-founder & Head of Business Strategy
Hyunwoo Baek linkedin
Jaybe Yun
Jaybe Yun
Software Engineer
Jaybe Yun linkedin
Stanislav Ni
Stanislav Ni
Software Developer
Stanislav Ni linkedin
Angela Shin
Angela Shin
Head of Investor Relations
Angela Shin linkedin
Selena Park
Selena Park
Selena Park linkedin
Grey Park
Grey Park
Entertainment Business Manager
Grey Park linkedin
Nick Yang
Nick Yang
Head of Global Business Development
Nick Yang linkedin
Dennis Choi
Dennis Choi
Software Engineer
Dennis Choi linkedin
Eileen Park
Eileen Park
Office Manager
Eileen Park linkedin

Social media

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