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Stellerro (STRO) STO

Ongoing ICO
Jun 16, 2019 – Aug 16, 2019

Stellerro is the first Technological Underwriter of its kind, spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities offerings industry, ensuring companies meet the right compliance conditions of numerous regulated jurisdictions.

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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Cryptocurrency
Founded Spain


WHAT IS Stellerro™?

  • Stellerro™ is an Alternative Investment Banking Platform, Automated, In-scale, determined to bring Liquidity to the digital era.
  • IPOs and traditional capital markets have become irrelevant for many start-ups, Small/Medium businesses and Asset owners.
  • By 2022, at least 15% of all the traditional financial instruments will be backed by Digital Securities.

    1. LACK OF LIQUIDITY More than $500 trillion illiquid assets are a pain point for private investors all over the world. It leads to serious volatile and a significant loss of value.

    2. CAPITAL-ACCESS BARRIERS Challenges abound in finding the right investors. High risks, legal requirements and tricky limitations hurt retail investors.

    3. COMPLIANCE Legal limitations and strict regulations are causing Businesses today to struggle with raising private capital in a fully compliant way.


  • Stellerro™ tokenizes illiquid assets into fractional holdings using Blockchain technology.
  • Stellerro™ secures capital from private investors in accordance with EU, US & Asian regulations.
  • Stellerro™ uses smart contracts to issue innovative asset-backed digital securities.
  • Details

    Token supply: 8,000,000 STRO
    Total tokens for sale: 5,880,000 STRO
    Soft cap: 500,000 EUR
    Hard cap: 5,000,000 EUR


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA & Signapore
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: 73 Rothschild Ave, Tel Aviv

    Token info

    Ticker: STRO
    Type: Security
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in EUR: 1 STRO = 0.86 EUR
    Accepted currencies: EUR,USD,BTC,ETH

    Offices on the map

    Stellerro (STRO) STO Roadmap

    August 2018

    Professional team formation and rapid R&D have created Stellerro's vision from ideation to reality.

    January 2019

    Investors onboarding platform launch: Issuance automation, Monitoring, KYC, legal Accreditation and Investors management whitelabel is released.

    April 2019

    PR presence, prominence roadshow & new offices: The formal reveal of stellerro's new offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Expansion of the operational team, and distribution network establishment.

    June 2019

    StellerroTM own fully regulated STO launch: The official launch of Stellerro's own token offering, allowing investors to participate in a fully compliant ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates and partners.

    August 2019

    StellerroTM 1st hub in Switzerland: Official branch in ZUG will manage digitization of Private equity, Securities exchange & Real-estate joint ventures.

    December 2019

    Digital Asset management platform launch: POST-funding alerts mechanism, reporting & decision enhancement AI tools for stellerro's customers, managed assets and investors base.

    March 2020

    StellerroTM 2nd hub in the USA: Official branch in NYC will provide Global recognition, over 50M$ projection in capital distribution & traditional capital market tokenization tier.

    June 2020

    StellerroTM 3rd hub in Asia: Official branch in HK will provide over 100M$ projection in capital distribution, enrichment of stellerro's portfolio with premium Asian companies, asset owners and investors.

    Project team

    CEO& Co-Founder in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 1
    Aviad Gindi
    CEO& Co-Founder
    Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 2
    Dror Medalion
    Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder
    CSO & Co-Founder in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 3
    Elad Kofman
    CSO & Co-Founder
    CTO & Co-Founder in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 4
    Noam Barnea
    CTO & Co-Founder
    VP Marketing & Managing Partner in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 5
    Oded v. Kloeten
    VP Marketing & Managing Partner
    Lead Advisory Board & Co-Founder in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 6
    Liron Rose
    Lead Advisory Board & Co-Founder
    Banking Veteran & Financial Adviser in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 7
    Dr. Boaz Barack
    Banking Veteran & Financial Adviser
    Capital Markets & Strategic Adviser in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 8
    Isaac M. Sutton
    Capital Markets & Strategic Adviser
    Special Counsel Yigal Arnon & Co. in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 9
    Adv. Roy Keidar
    Special Counsel Yigal Arnon & Co.
    BDO Head of Biz-Dev. & Fintech Adviser in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 10
    Shirly Moster
    BDO Head of Biz-Dev. & Fintech Adviser
    ESMA Legal Adviser in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 11
    Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz
    ESMA Legal Adviser


    Head of Marketing & Distribution in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 12
    Ben Abulafia
    Head of Marketing & Distribution
    Affiliates & Community Manager in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 13
    Lin Cohen
    Affiliates & Community Manager
    Operations & Research in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 14
    Ethan Stufflebeam
    Operations & Research
    Global Campaign & Bounty Manager in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 15
    Yuri Dziatlau
    Global Campaign & Bounty Manager
    Investors Relations Manager in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 16
    Leonard Jackson
    Investors Relations Manager
    Head of Asian Engagement in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 17
    Ava Yuan Xue
    Head of Asian Engagement
    Head of APAC Engagement in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 18
    Johnson Zheong
    Head of APAC Engagement
    Economist & Data Analyst in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 19
    Eitan Tayar
    Economist & Data Analyst
    Web Design & Graphics in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 20
    Almog Kurower
    Web Design & Graphics
    ​Economist & Business Development in Stellerro (STRO) STO - 21
    Yael Altstater
    ​Economist & Business Development

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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