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To introduce widespread tokenisation into the mainstream, Student Coin built the platform to easily create and develop personal, corporate, start-up and financial tokens.

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Project industryEducation
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperStudent Coin White Paper Open

What is Student Coin

The aim of the project is to put the tokens and blockchain into the mainstreamStudent Coin is a first platform that allows to perform the wide-scale tokenization for people, organizations, corporations, startups and decentralized finances (DeFi). The wide-scale tokenization is a process that needs an easy-to-use and universal ecosystem that is constructed by the Student Coin. With the STC ecosystem everyone will be able to easily create any kind of token and develop it in the long run. Student Coin will allow for tokenizing people, firms and organizations, as well as, manage token utilities, perform crowdfunding and easily list new projects.

The project is divided into two main parts

  • The business part
  • STC ecosystem that bases on STC Token, and allows to create and easily manage tokens for organizations, corporations, startups and individuals via STC Terminal, STC Exchange and STC App.
  • The educational part
  • Education that aims to teach about the world of blockchain, tokenization, new technologies, and personal finance that helps to put the tokens into the mainstream and expands the community.

    The Student Coin ecosystem for tokenization will be built by the following platforms:

  • STC Terminal
  • the software for firms, organizations and individuals to create and easily manage their own STC-based tokens
  • STC Exchange
  • the publicly available exchange with all the tokens traded only to STC. A place for the startup crowdfunding and STC-based DeFi tokens issuance.
  • STC App
  • the mobile and desktop application to store, swap, and easily use the utility of the DeFi and personal tokens created in the STC Terminal.


    Public sales: Feb 01, 2021 - Apr 30, 2021
    Pre-sale token supply: 25,000,000 STC
    Token supply: 10,000,000,000 STC
    Total tokens for sale: 6,000,000,000 STC
    Raised: 1,757,756 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Waves
    Country limitations: U.S American or Canadia

    Token info

    Ticker: STC
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 STC = 0.0102 USDT
    Accepted currencies: ETH, USD
    Token distribution:
    Team and Advisory Board - 8%
    Partnerships - 8%
    Universities and Faculty Distribution - 2%
    Strategic Development - 24%
    Marketing - 8%
    Token Sale - 50%

    Student Coin Roadmap

    2017 November
  • Creating the STC ecosystem idea and establishing the core team
  • 2
    2018 Q2
  • Preparing the backend as well as the legal and accounting solutions for the token launch
  • 3
    2019 Q1
  • Enacting of the company and frontend preparation
  • 4
    2019 Q3
  • Launching the Waves token version and testing distribution in Kozminski University
  • Establishing a partnership with the student organisation at Kozminski University
  • 5
    2020 Q2
  • Creating STC bridge to Ethereum and ERC20 standard token
  • 6
    2020 Q3
  • Implementing of the STC Educational Panel and STC Voting solution
  • 7
    2020 Q4
  • Distributing STC at the world’s top 100 universities and first exchange pre-listings
  • 8
    December 2020
  • Listing of the STC at the first minor exchange
  • 9
    January 2021
  • Establishing a partnership with the student organisation at Harvard University
  • ‍Establishing a partnership with the student organisation at the London School of Economics
  • 10
    February 2021
  • Student Coin officially launches during STC Launchpad ICO
  • ‍Starting the Student Coin affiliate program
  • ‍Establishing the partnership with the student organiszation at New York University
  • 11
    March 2021
  • Rebranding of the website and token
  • Announcing fourth big partnership
  • 12
    April 2021
  • Fork of the STC Token into a faster Ethereum-based version
  • Listing of the STC Token at 5 minor exchanges
  • Launch of the first STC Exchange version
  • 13
    May 2021
  • Listing of the STC Token at 3 minor exchanges
  • Listing of the STC Token at 2 major exchanges
  • Launching the STC Wallet
  • Launching the first token created at the STC Exchange
  • 14
    June 2021
  • Launching the first 10 tokens created at the STC Exchange
  • Listing of the STC Token at 2 major exchanges
  • Listing of the STC Token at the major global exchange
  • Launching the STC Token staking and dividend solution
  • 15
    July 2021
  • Launching the first version of the STC Terminal
  • Developing the first personal token based on STC
  • Developing the first startup token based on STC
  • Developing the first DeFi token based on STC
  • 16
    August 2021
  • Announcing fifth big Partnership
  • Launching enhanced STC Exchange
  • 17
    September 2021
  • Launching the first 30 tokens created at the STC Exchange
  • Listing of the STC Exchange at the official crypto exchange
  • 18
    October 2021
  • Launching the STC Terminal wide-scale solution
  • Launching the first 300 tokens at STC Exchange
  • 19
    November 2021
  • Publishing the STC App for iOS and Android
  • 20
    December 2021
  • Launching the native version for the STC Exchange
  • Launching the native version for the STC Terminal
  • Developing the first NFT token based on STC
  • 21
    2022 Q1
  • Developing the first corporate token based on STC
  • Launching first 1,000 tokens based on STC
  • ‍Setting full version of the STC Exchange, STC Wallet, STC Terminal and STC App
  • ‍Connecting the STC Token with major investment funds and partners
  • 22
    2022 Q2
  • Setting the international legal solutions for the personal tokenisations and DeFi aggregation
  • Performing the first crowdfunding at the STC Exchange
  • Building the STC Tokens Bank solution
  • 23
    2022 Q3
  • Launching the STC Exchange DEX
  • Launching the STC Parachain
  • 24
  • Establishing the sustainable global tokenisation ecosystem for people, firms and finance with STC Token as the reference currency
  • Project team

    Wojciech Podobas
    Wojciech Podobas
    Wojciech Podobas linkedin
    Maciej Dejneka
    Maciej Dejneka
    Public Relations Manager
    Maciej Dejneka linkedin
    Michał Kożuchowski
    Michał Kożuchowski
    Business Development Manager
    Michał Kożuchowski linkedin
    Cezary Tabota
    Cezary Tabota
    Cezary Tabota linkedin
    Piotr Barbachowski
    Piotr Barbachowski
    Piotr Barbachowski linkedin
    Jakub Kozakiewicz
    Jakub Kozakiewicz
    Jakub Kozakiewicz linkedin
    Maja Synowiec
    Maja Synowiec
    Maja Synowiec linkedin
    Ernest Goźliński
    Ernest Goźliński
    Ernest Goźliński linkedin
    Daniel Bihun
    Daniel Bihun
    Marketing Supervisor
    Daniel Bihun linkedin
    Roza Bury
    Roza Bury
    Marketing in the UK
    Roza Bury linkedin
    Mai Lan Nguyen
    Mai Lan Nguyen
    Marketing in the US
    Mai Lan Nguyen linkedin
    Sami Z.
    Sami Z.
    Marketing in Australia
    Sami Z. linkedin
    Sasasa Dlamini
    Sasasa Dlamini
    Marketing in Africa
    Sasasa Dlamini linkedin
    Christopher Perdek
    Christopher Perdek
    Christopher Perdek linkedin
    Adam Czumaj
    Adam Czumaj
    International Marketing
    Adam Czumaj linkedin
    Rodrigo Reyes Gutierrez
    Rodrigo Reyes Gutierrez
    LATAM Marketing
    Rodrigo Reyes Gutierrez linkedin
    Jakub Derlukiewicz
    Jakub Derlukiewicz
    Legal Assistant
    Jakub Derlukiewicz linkedin
    Christian Stalker
    Christian Stalker
    Christian Stalker linkedin
    Kajetan Karłowicz
    Kajetan Karłowicz
    Educational Panel
    Kajetan Karłowicz linkedin
    Yulia Karpuhova
    Yulia Karpuhova
    Graphic Designer
    Johan van der Linden
    Johan van der Linden
    Scandinavia Marketing
    Johan van der Linden linkedin
    Julia Sztandera
    Julia Sztandera
    Graphic Designer
    Julia Sztandera linkedin
    Natalia Tuszko
    Natalia Tuszko
    Web Developer
    Natalia Tuszko linkedin
    Daniel Mikulski
    Daniel Mikulski
    Marketing in Spain
    Daniel Mikulski linkedin
    Paweł Rakoczy
    Paweł Rakoczy
    Paweł Rakoczy linkedin
    Ming Cat Chia
    Ming Cat Chia
    Ming Cat Chia linkedin
    Dante Szpakowski
    Dante Szpakowski
    Dante Szpakowski linkedin
    Kacper Kubień
    Kacper Kubień
    Research Officer
    Kacper Kubień linkedin
    Stanislaw Jan Kowalewski
    Stanislaw Jan Kowalewski
    Stanislaw Jan Kowalewski linkedin
    Michał Szewczyk
    Michał Szewczyk
    Michał Szewczyk linkedin
    Adam Łaziński
    Adam Łaziński
    Adam Łaziński linkedin
    Patrycja Brzozowska
    Patrycja Brzozowska
    Patrycja Brzozowska linkedin
    Adrian Zwaliński
    Adrian Zwaliński
    Adrian Zwaliński linkedin
    Ignacy Stefaniuk
    Ignacy Stefaniuk
    Ignacy Stefaniuk linkedin
    Kleon Tran Morales
    Kleon Tran Morales
    Kleon Tran Morales linkedin
    Anagh Malik
    Anagh Malik
    Anagh Malik linkedin
    Gabriel Pajda
    Gabriel Pajda
    Gabriel Pajda linkedin


    Mateusz Mach
    Mateusz Mach
    Marketing Advisor
    Mateusz Mach linkedin
    Marcin Kolago
    Marcin Kolago
    Crypto Advisor
    Marcin Kolago linkedin
    Konrad Zacharzewski
    Konrad Zacharzewski
    Legal Advisor
    Konrad Zacharzewski linkedin
    Wojciech Mroz
    Wojciech Mroz
    Business Advisor
    Wojciech Mroz linkedin
    Karolina Marzantowicz
    Karolina Marzantowicz
    Technological Advisor
    Karolina Marzantowicz linkedin
    Andrzej Kusmierz
    Andrzej Kusmierz
    Chairman of the Advisory Board
    Andrzej Kusmierz linkedin

    Social media

    Student Coin web-siteStudent Coin RedditStudent Coin MediumStudent CoinYouTubeStudent Coin TelegramStudent Coin InstagramStudent Coin LinkedInStudent Coin TwitterStudent Coin FacebookStudent Coin Discord



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