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SPV ( is a mobile payments platform. Sellers can issue digital currencies and receive cryptocurrency and credit card.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform

What is SuperPay

The buyer will no longer have to enter their account password and credit card number, but directy scan the QR and immediately be able to checkout.

Vendors can issue their own currency to the customers by APPs or papers.

Even if the seller or the buyer lacks electronic equipment or internet, SPV is still working.

Open api and sdk to the other hardware and software systems, so that all the systems can be compatible.

Combined with an open chain, private chain, block chain, data is being unchangeable.

Users do not need to purchase any other hardware IC.


Pre-sales: Dec 15, 2017 - Apr 30, 2018
Public sales: May 01, 2018 - May 31, 2018
Token supply: 560000000
Soft cap: 800,000 USD
Hard cap: 28,000,000 USD


Bounty: 2%
Other: 100

Token info

Ticker: SPC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.050000 USD
Token price in BTC: 1 Token = 0.000005 BTC
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000050 ETH
Accepted currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
30% bonus for USD1-500K
20% bonus for USD500K-800K
10% bonus for > USD800K.
Token distribution:
79% - sale
4% - airdrop&bounty campaign
16% - reserved for the team
1% - for an early investment bonus campaign
Funds allocation:
40% - developing
25% - manpower
10% - marketing
25% - partnership, licensing

SuperPay Roadmap

Early 2018 Phase 1 : SuperPay android & ios app download – USD$800k (soft cap)

Target: Develop a fully-functional wallet and open source. Users can use digital currency, bonus, credit card for shopping and receive money. Support Facebook, Google account to registration and login. Accept and build teams around the world, establish organizational structure and operational management.

Mid 2018 Phase 2 : SuperStore server download – USD$1m

Target: develop a fully-functional payment gateway with a user interface for merchants and enable them to accept currency and credit card. And issue currency or bonus on their own.Compatible with other payment systems, such as: PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay, Alipay, Wechat, OPay etc., Develop HyBird chain system, privite chain + public chain.

Mid 2018 Phase 3 : Social media platform open– USD$700k

Target: To provide online teaching and media platform for developers to learn technology and installation methods, merchant can also find developer for help.

Late 2018 Phase 4 : Open api& sdk, interwork with other payment systems– USD$800k

Target: Open api, sdk and define common standards for all SPV based systems can sync with each other and other payment system as well. Mobile wallet version 2, mobile in-app SDK and other improvements to merchant’s interface.

Early 2019 Phase 5: Provide technology to the top 10 shopping sites or chain stores– USD$350k

Target: Introduce the payment system for the top 10 retail merchants and shopping websites. The ability to accept mobile payments in SPV-based currencies and exchange them to preferred fiat currency. Top-tier retail merchant interface to see the purchase history, analytics, prediction, etc.

Mid 2019 Phase 6 : Strengthen partnerships and enhance marketing campaign. Distribute token revenue and holder income. – USD$350k

Target: Strengthen partnerships with payment providers, loyalty and enhance marketing campaign. value up SPV members’ income.

Project team

RH Chang
RH Chang
Ex CTO of BitoEx, master of Blockchain technology
RH Chang facebook
Expert marketing specialist of image and AI products
Kenny facebook
Business leader and strategy consultant
Raj linkedin
Social media marketer and manager
Kimberly linkedin
Spyros Kekos
Spyros Kekos
Entrepreneur and Business leader
Spyros Kekos linkedin
Wang Yu-Jen
Wang Yu-Jen
Patent Engineer
Wang Yu-Jen facebook
Pretti Chen
Pretti Chen
Pretti Chen facebook
Senior technician
Master of technology
SML Liao
SML Liao
Expert marketing specialist of ART
SML Liao facebook
Michael Tsai
Michael Tsai
Master designer and technician of e-payment and e-commerce
Michael Tsai facebook

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