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Supload is designed to put an end to the hostcentric content model of content sharing – where market activity is coordinated by websites like imgur and youtube – and replace it with a single decentralized market for content hosting and sharing which connects content creators, marketers, and users through a cryptographic monetary instrument: the SUP token.

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Project industryEvents & Entertainment
Product typeApp

What is Supload

Supload is a decentralized content monetization and profit sharing platform. Supload will monetize the content that users create and share the profits their content generates with them. Supload has designed the platform with minimal barriers to entry. Content creators need only sign up for an account on Supload and create a cryptocurrency wallet. The SUP token will adhere to the Ethereum ERC223 token standard. An ERC223 compliant token ensures the safe ability to transfer and store user's coins in a decentralized manner, all while being backed by the ethereum blockchain.


Public sales: Jul 30, 2018 - TBA
Token supply: 90,866,666
Soft cap: 1,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 29,986,000 USD(fiat)


Registration country: United States

Token info

Ticker: SUP
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 SUP = 0.33 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH LTC BTC
Token distribution:
64.9% - Crowdfunding Participants
14.5% - Supload Founders + Team
8.4% - Marketing + Community
4.8% - Pre Sale Running Cost
3.6% - Token Airdrop
1.9% - Locked for Future Expansion
1.9% - Staff Members

Supload Roadmap

September 2018

GraphQL Public API.
An open API (Advanced Programming Interface) will allow the creation of native mobile apps and web browser extensions.

October 2018

Infinite Scroll.
Infinite memes FTW. Infinite scroll increases user interaction time on site. Increasing ad views and earnings.

November 2018

Tipping Within Site.
Allow users to tip each other for quality content within Supload.

3rd Quarter 2018

External Embeddable Widgets.
Widget source code that can be copy and pasted to display content on external blogs / websites. A small text ad can be displayed inline with the content.
Web Browser Extensions.
Browser extensions make uploading and copying the Supload link to your clipboard a one click process.

4th Quarter 2018

Tipping on 3rd Party Sites.
Allow tipping on 3rd party sites like Reddit, YouTube and Tumblr. Users will be able to claim their tips by creating a Supload account, driving traffic.

1st Quarter 2019

Full Length Video.
Full length multi-hour video as another format for content creators.

Project team

Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell
Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Mike Campbell twitter
Mike Reilly
Mike Reilly
Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer
Mike Reilly twitter
David Raizman
David Raizman
Chief Operating Officer
David Raizman twitter
Robert Allam
Robert Allam
Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Allam twitter
David Mandler
David Mandler
Public Relations
David Mandler twitter
Joel Margolis
Joel Margolis
Security Director
Joel Margolis twitter
Sean Sun
Sean Sun
Creative Director
Sean Sun twitter
Andres Mego
Andres Mego
Customer Outreach
Andres Mego twitter
Ameer Rosic
Ameer Rosic
CEO Blockgeeks Inc.
Ameer Rosic twitter
Liam Robrtson
Liam Robrtson
CEO Alphabit Limited
Liam Robrtson linkedin
Lawrence Tilli
Lawrence Tilli
Partner, Fortitude Circle


Simon Chantry
Simon Chantry
Former COO Bitt Inc
Simon Chantry linkedin
Andrew Warshaver
Andrew Warshaver
Former Blockchain Engineer at tZero
Andrew Warshaver twitter
Ben Gorlick
Ben Gorlick
Former Director, Products at Blockstream
Ben Gorlick linkedin
Max Fang
Max Fang
Lightning Network

Social media

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