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Teacher Coin provides a Cryptocurrency specifically tailored for Teachers. Using TCH as Utility Tokens, teachers may connect with certified wealth management professionals, purchase/sell vetted resources and instruct classes in a VR setting. The Teacher Coin team is comprised of teachers, administrators and analysts. Our Mission is to support teachers; giving them a platform for every aspect of their lives.

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Project industryEducation
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperTeacher Coin White Paper Open

Technical details

Teacher Coin is built with smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is an advanced, open, and completely decentralized application platform. Ethereum uses all the strengths of the original Bitcoin technology.

What is Teacher Coin

Our developers at Teacher Coin provide a low cost, easy to understand and transparent retirement package for educators, a platform for purchasing and selling high quality educational resources, and a simple mechanism for instant funds transfer. We also provide iOS APPs, VR lessons and we are developing a Holographic platform to help teachers instruct lessons worldwide from the comfort of their homes.

Retirement Platform

We seek to modernize the Retirement Industry, make it fully verifiable, and built on a system of trust between teachers and our retirement advisors. The Blockchain technology holds an immutable ledger and contacts that can easily accommodate the recording and storing of all Teacher Coin retirement contracts. We are the first organization dedicated to leveraging smart contracts built on the Blockchain to create a retirement system specially tailored to teachersacross the globe.

The 21stcentury brings dramatic changes to the financial, business, technology and education markets. It offers many pportunities to take advantage of changing trends and build on innovation. We seek to use the Blockchain as a tool for upporting teachers worldwide -providing a platform for them to generate wealth, share specialist resources, and store professionallesson plans

We value and support teachers. Our team is comprised of administrators, educators, managers,and leaders with over 25 years experience in the Education Industry.

  • We support the Blockchain community.
  • We seek to create a retirement ecosystem, a trading platform, and a central repositoryfor teachers to trade resources.
  • We are transparent: our platform is open source.
  • We give our members a voice.
  • We are groundbreaking and innovative.
  • Details

    Pre-sales: Apr 15, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018
    Public sales: Jun 15, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018
    Pre-sale token supply: 20,000,000 TCH
    Token supply: 500,000,000 TCH
    Total tokens for sale: 500,000,000 TCH
    Soft cap: 1,000 ETH
    Hard cap: 2,000 ETH
    Raised: 2,000 ETH


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: United Kingdom
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: 160 Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX

    Token info

    Ticker: TCH
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20

    Teacher Coin Roadmap

    September 15 2018

    Finalized Financial Advisory Board

    September 30 2018

    Release Beta Version of Retirement Platform

    October 15 2018

    Release Beta Version of Teacher Resource Platform

    October 31 2018

    Launch Retirement and Resource Platforms

    November 15 2018

    Recruitment of Mixed Reality Classroom Teachers

    January 15 2019

    Launch of Mixed Reality Classroom Resources

    Project team

    Cameron Tareen
    Cameron Tareen
    CEO & Head Developer | Dual Diploma & AP Program Director | Mathematics/Economics Joint B.A. M.A. University at Buffalo
    Cameron Tareen linkedin
     Grace Juan Juan Tao
    Grace Juan Juan Tao
    Co-Founder | Developer & Business Manager Business B.A. St. Peter's University Beijing, China
     Grace Juan Juan Tao linkedin
    Nick Nightingale
    Nick Nightingale
    Chief Operations Officer | Head of Marketing & Social Media M.A. University of Nottingham, UK B.A. (Hons) Business Marketing, University of Wales, UK
    Nick Nightingale linkedin
    Mark Hughes
    Mark Hughes
    Business Management B.A. Business and Managerial Economics M.A. Educational Leadership and Management University of Bath
    Mark Hughes linkedin
    Dr. Peter Krasnopolsky
    Dr. Peter Krasnopolsky
    Business & Marketing Specialist PhD University of Nottingham B.A. Business Management, Rutgers University M.S. International Relations Nanyang Technological University
    Dr. Peter Krasnopolsky linkedin
    Mark Brtko
    Mark Brtko
    Public Relations & Social Media Specialist B.A. Education, Canisius College Buffalo, NY
    Mark Brtko linkedin

    Social media

    Teacher Coin web-siteTeacher Coin TelegramTeacher Coin InstagramTeacher Coin BTCTalkTeacher Coin TwitterTeacher Coin Facebook



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