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TBA – Jul 30, 2019

The company Green Energy – environmental project aimed at improving environmental conditions environment on the basis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining using mining farms.

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Project industry Mining
Product type Technology

What is The company Green Energy

The company Green Energy in 2015 began to develop an environmental project in the field of waste processing industry. The project is based on the resolution of two social fundamental problems of modern society: excess waste and energy shortage. The company Green Energy will build a plant for processing waste into electricity and endogas, thus improving the environment in cities and mining plants for mining cryptocurrency. Any person investing in the project becomes part of the company and can enjoy the benefits of the company, as GEC tokens can be paid for mining operations cryptocurrency on a mining farm or receive profit, making exchange transactions of tokens for cash on world exchanges.


Pre-sales: Aug 01, 2018 - Aug 31, 2018
Token supply: 184,000,000
Soft cap: 20,000,000USD (fiat)


Registration country: Belarus

Token info

Ticker: GEC
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 GEC = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC ETH
Bonus program:
Minimum Token purchase amount: $100 equivalent in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)
100-4.999 tokens - 5% bonus
5k-19.999 - 10%
20k-49.999 - 15%
50k-99.999 - 20%
100k-199.999 - 25%
more than 200k - 30%
Token distribution:
Owners of tokens 80%
Company reserve 8%
Team and advisers 9%
Bounty 3%
Funds allocation:
80% - spent on the construction of a waste processing plant in the free economic zone ,on the purchase and installation of equipment for mining. The balance will cover all other expenses such as operating expenses ,research and development expenses and team bonuses.

The company Green Energy Roadmap


The begining of the development of the environmental.

May 2016

Developed by the project waste processing plant, generating electricity and endogas.

August 2016

The team was assembled.

February 2017

Obtaining permission and land for the construction of waste processing plant.

April 2017

Conclusion of parthership with the delivery company equipments.

June 2017

It was decided to develop a project in the field of blockchain and mining shops.

August 2018

Launch of presale company.

September 2018 - July 2019

ICO company.

August 2019

Start of construction.

June 2020

Testing of complex and miners, verification of all elements. Alpha testing.

July 2020

The commissioning of the plant and the beginning of the mining processes.

August 2020

Listing on global token exchanges. Starting to the application on PC and mobile devices.


Innovative solution for the development of the company.

2020- 2025

The development of the project.

Project team

Allison Wilcox
Allison Wilcox
Head of marketing
Anastasia Sushko
Anastasia Sushko
SMM - specialist
Valery Grinko
Valery Grinko
Alina Yatsuk
Alina Yatsuk
Specialist in targeted advertising
Jayson Chambers
Jayson Chambers
IT-specialist in the field of blockchain
Gregory Russo
Gregory Russo
Dmitry Nagrov
Dmitry Nagrov
Paul Korolko
Paul Korolko
Artem Drozdov
Artem Drozdov
Elena Maeva
Elena Maeva
Marina Tsyrun
Marina Tsyrun
Specialist in the field of community management of creation, support and development of communities-structures with a network hierarchy, both online and offline.files/4262-52815.jpg
Irina Preng
Irina Preng
Sergey Shulgin
Sergey Shulgin
He is an independent financial advisor specializing in venture capital
Elena Mitok
Elena Mitok
Alexey Rumyaniev
Alexey Rumyaniev
Igor Shlopak
Igor Shlopak

Social media

Web-site YouTube: The company Green Energy Telegram: The company Green Energy BTCTalk: The company Green Energy Twitter: The company Green Energy Facebook: The company Green Energy Github: The company Green Energy

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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