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Transcendence is a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of large scale sustainable and socially valuable infrastructure projects.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
Product typePlatform

What is Transcendence

Introducing Transcendence

Transcendence is a blockchain-based platform for the development and management of sustainable, renewable energy and socially valuable infrastructure projects.

Transcendence (TSD) aims to empower individuals who are interested in sustainable infrastructure development to collaborate, raise capital and deliver projects via a blockchain-based platform. It seeks to reinvent the existing infrastructure development industry that is dominated by incumbent players including investment banks, financial institutions and wholesale investors.

Our ambition is to lower the information and financial barrier so that the opportunity exists for people to build a better, more sustainable future together.

Transcendence offers a primary token (TSD Token) that enables participants on the platform to undertake asset tokenization and the delivery of long-term infrastructure projects.

To optimize the financing cycle and widen access to capital, TSD enables asset and project tokenization. Tokenized assets represent a contracting mechanism between TSD, project stakeholders and the token holders.

The TSD Token is driven by the realization of real asset backed projects, a sustainable and renewable energy focus and a view of tokenization and smart contracts delivering a highly revolutionary model to the infrastructure development space.

Transcendence is for the sustainability revolution

Inspired by the Paris Agreement, Transcendence believes in accelerating the advent of the Sustainability Revolution by combining the scale of the Industrial Revolution with the speed of the Digital Revolution. The TSD Platform represents a ‘world-first’ in democratizing the development of sustainable infrastructure, powered by the advent of blockchain technology and the ability to manage decentralized applications in a trusted environment.

TSD Platform - A System Underpinned by Confidence

Transcendence believes the level of bonding attached to a project corresponds to its rate of success. A project that receives a high amount of bonding from multiple stakeholders has a better chance of proceeding and reaching commercial operation.

Bonding is a legal mechanism commonly used in the development sector to ensure the performance of works by contractors. Bonds are typically held by the principal or investor for the duration of works and returned upon the satisfaction of the works to an agreed standard. Where the agreed standards have not been met, bonds act as recourse against the contractor for the non-performance of the contract.

A bond in the form of TSD Tokens will be escrowed for a duration that corresponds to a reasonable defects and performance liability period. A high level of bonding represents a high level of confidence in the likelihood of a project proceeding. When bonds need to be called upon by token holders of a project (usually for the non-performance of works), the corresponding TSD Tokens will be burnt, reducing the total supply of TSD tokens in circulation.

TSD Platform - Reward System

Participants will be rewarded for sharing, collaborating and advising on the development of assets. A development process which usually takes many years could be significantly accelerated if stakeholders are able to collaborate freely to reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Promoters will also be rewarded for educating and empowering disadvantaged communities or new entrants during the development of complex infrastructure projects.

Transcendence encourages and greatly supports leadership in community by acknowledging the difficulties of coordinating, inspiring and motivating citizens to participate in sustainable infrastructure projects.

Rewards will be provided by way of issuance of additional TSD Tokens to promoters, community leaders and champions on the achievement of certain milestones or upon the successful completion of a project.


Pre-sales: Mar 15, 2019 - Apr 15, 2019
Public sales: Apr 22, 2019 - May 22, 2019
Pre-sale token supply: 100,000,000 TSD
Token supply: 37,500,000 TSD
Soft cap: 20,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 80,200,000 USD


Country limitations: Australia, China, Singapore, United States
Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: TSD
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TSD = 0.5 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO - 20%
Token distribution:
25% - private sale
40% - pre-ICO
15% - ICO
8% - founders, team and advisors
7% - bounty, community and incentives
3% - liquidity program
2% - project implementation providers
Funds allocation:
68.24% - project development
20.74% - contingency
3.52% - offer, liquidity and listing costs
2.54% - platform development
2.48% - business development + marketing
2.48% - operational costs and overheads

Transcendence Roadmap


Retail Solar business was established and positioned as one of the first residential solar power retail companies in Australia. We sold and installed 300+ systems in NSW, Australia.


The founders of the Retail Solar Business and Zhenfa China formed a subsidiary in Australia for the development large scale solar farms.


Wholesale business arm was established and became one of the largest wholesalers of solar power systems including solar pv modules, inverters and racking systems in Australia within the 1st year of operation.


Maoneng Group becomes the new owner of Australian renewable energy developments after management buyout of Zhenfa Australia company shares. Maoneng takes the Mugga Lane Solar Park to Financial Close and begins construction.


The 13MW Mugga Lane Solar Park is commissioned and connected to the National Electricity Market - First revenue of the solar farm achieved on the 13th of November 2016.


Australia’s largest Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for 300MW of solar energy is signed between Maoneng’s developments (Sunraysia Solar Farm and Midgar Solar Farm) and Australia’s largest energy retailer AGL


Australia’s first corporate synthetic PPA with retail firming for 50MW of solar energy is signed between SSF and the University of New South Wales together with Origin Energy (Australia’s second largest energy retailer) for firming.


Transcendence Network “TSD Network” is established together with an Initial Token Offering.


TSD Network launches the Beta of Development Platform.


Q3 2019- Beta release of Transcendence Market Place investment platform. First projects listed and funded.


Alpha Transcendence Market Listing release. Start Alpha Transcendence Market Place (surety bonding and project financing).


TSD Network to launch Main Net and Transcendence Development Platform.


TSD Development Platform to support the first block chain based EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Agreement. TSD Development Platform to install Machine Learning.


TSD Development Platform to support the first sustainable infrastructure development


TSD Development Platform to trial Artificial Intelligence in the arrangement of complex social infrastructure.

Project team

Morris Zhou
Morris Zhou
Morris Zhou linkedin
Qiao Nan Han
Qiao Nan Han
Chief Executive Officer
Qiao Nan Han linkedin
Milton Zhou
Milton Zhou
Chief Marketing, Payment & Compliance Officer
Milton Zhou linkedin
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen
Chief Investment Officer
Kevin Chen linkedin
Steve Cua
Steve Cua
Chief Investment Officer
Steve Cua linkedin
Alex Luttringer
Alex Luttringer
Head of Marketing
Alex Luttringer linkedin
Antonia Peart
Antonia Peart
Legal and Commercial Director
Antonia Peart linkedin
Chris Quevedo
Chris Quevedo
Head of User Experience
Chris Quevedo linkedin
Thomas Upton
Thomas Upton
UI/UX Designer
Thomas Upton linkedin
Isabelle O’Hara
Isabelle O’Hara
Marketing & Events Executive
Isabelle O’Hara linkedin
Yolanda Zhao
Yolanda Zhao
Executive Relationship Manager
Yolanda Zhao linkedin
Michael Tran
Michael Tran
Infrastructure Manager Planning & Engineering
Michael Tran linkedin
Dan Drory
Dan Drory
Blockchain Developer
Dan Drory linkedin
Spencer Depart-Smith
Spencer Depart-Smith
Blockchain Developer
Spencer Depart-Smith linkedin
Srikanth Chevalam
Srikanth Chevalam
Blockchain Developer
Srikanth Chevalam linkedin
Michael Wong
Michael Wong
Lead Designer
Michael Wong linkedin


Ivan Mantelli
Ivan Mantelli
ICO Advisor
Ivan Mantelli linkedin
Vaibhav Nambur
Vaibhav Nambur
Blockchain Developer
Vaibhav Nambur linkedin
Paul Kang
Paul Kang
Security Advisor
Paul Kang linkedin
Simon Corbell
Simon Corbell
Independant Advisor Board and Investment Committee
Simon Corbell linkedin

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