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Tubi Exchange is a digital asset exchange. Tubi Exchange offers profit sharing equity programs, referral bonuses and even trading courses. Tubi Exchange’s main features: multi-tier and multi-cluster system architecture to protect against DDoS attacks; certified matching engine is capable of processing 1,000,000 orders per second; users are paid a percentage of the trading fee accumulated by their referrals; a large number of trading pairs into bitcoin – including all the major tokens such as ETH, LTC etc. The Tubi Network token is an ERC-20 compatible token for facilitating and rewarding activity on Tubi Exchange. TBN users will benefit from discounted trading fees, voting for token listing, and much more.

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What is Tubi Exchange

About Tubi Exchange

TubiEx is a world-leading digital assets exchange that provides advanced financial services to global traders through the use of blockchain technology. We take pride in being an exchange that caters to a diverse and global client base - all the while providing them with the support they need to enter the cryptocurrency markets with full confidence.

TubiEx believes in rewarding active communities. Our crypto-enrichment program aims to strengthen thriving communities by giving them the rewards they deserve, so the more they trade, the more they receive. A growing community can also expect to referral bonuses from the trading volume to encourage both active trading and growth of the community, allowing the community to earn more as a whole.

Founded in 2018, TubiEx has gained millions of dollars’ worth of investments from leading enterprises such as Venture Capital CFGL. Our solid foundation has drawn in experts in technology and business from the world's top organizations, which allows us to offer safe, stable and reliable trading services through internet and mobile solutions.

Our Vision

TubiEx truly believes that blockchain technology will eventually eliminate barriers to transactions, increase the efficiency of transactions across societies, and have a significant impact the global economy. We strive to position TubiEx as an industry leader that will innovate and facilitate this new digital economy.


TubiEx is the next generation digital asset exchange that will help facilitate the wider adoption of digital currency globally. We intend to use the latest technology, implement Research and Development, listen to the needs of our community, and deliver new ideas that will further increase the value of TubiEx and reward our customers.

Competitive Advantages of Tubi Exchange

1. Safety, Stability, Multi-Tier and Multi-Cluster System Architecture

TubiEx utilizes an advanced distributed system architecture that is specifically built to protect against distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) and other potential threats. Clustered servers work together to balance high transaction loads and fend off would-be attacks. Additionally, more than 98% of TubiEx’s managed digital assets are stored in multi-signature, cold wallets. All application security protocols from client authentication and communications to back-end process protection and environment hardening are fully aligned and compliant with the industry’s best practices.

2. Cross Platform Functionality

TubiEx is a cross platform ready exchange. TubiEx hybrid application architecture allows users to facilitate transfers and trade their funds safely over multiple platforms including, but not limited to, Android, iOS, Mobile Web, Windows, and Mac OS.

3. High Performance - Capable of Processing 1,000,000 orders per second

TubiEx is a dynamic, robust, and high performing exchange. Using state of the art technology, our certified Exchange Matching engine is able to efficiently facilitate and quickly execute up to 1,000,000 orders per second. This alone already puts TubiEx ahead as a top exchange by current standards.

4. Industry’s Best Multichannel and Multilingual Customer Service - Support and FAQs available 24/7 in multiple languages

Another way in which TubiEx is exceptionally different is that it focuses on providing world-class customer service with support for multiple languages. Digital asset trading can be a complicated process and when blocks occur we want to be there for our users. That is why we are prepared to help our customers through any issues with our round the clock multilingual support. As our user base grows in different regions, TubiEx will continue to add the relevant language-based support required by our customers. With multiple channels of support available, customers will be able to give feedback, log issues, and get a helping hand via their preferred method. TubiEx will strive to bring you solid customer support through multiple application platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other mediums where necessary.

5. High Liquidity - Abundant resources and partners.

Liquidity is the backbone of any exchange and is the extent to which a digital asset can be bought or sold at stable prices. TubiEx has come up with an innovative approach to maintain the liquidity of our digital assets by introducing communities of traders where each group consists of 500-1000 traders. Coupled with that is our incentives for traders and our competitive trading campaigns that are designed to reward high frequency/large volume traders to organically boost liquidity on TubiEx.

6. Multi-Asset Support (BTC, ETH and USDT)

TubiEx base architecture is able to support hundreds to thousands of various digital assets. To begin, our focus will be on the major well-known assets including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and other ERC20 tokens. However, as time progresses, we will continue to add support for more assets that enter the market. TubiEx will extensively evaluate what assets will be listed based on use case, authenticity, technological specifications and the community of a potential listing.

7. Industry Partners

TubiEx has made it one of its mandates to establish and maintain relationships with reliable industry partners and/or advisors that share the same vision for the platform’s advancement. Our investors have shown great enthusiasm for TubiEx and believe in its future growth.

8. Solid Foundation

The underlying TubiEx base architecture has been proven to work amongst some of the largest and best exchanges worldwide. It supports all major devices and multiple languages, while offering a seamless user experience. TubiEx will provide hundreds of tokens for trading to help traders optimise their strategies and to build community outreach. We aim to be one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume - eventually serving millions of users in over 30 different countries.

9. Referral Programs and Trade Bonuses

TubiEx intends to facilitate user adoption while rewarding them for trading. Users will receive invitation links to be able to participate in direct and indirect promotion bonuses that will incentivize the adoption of trading and exchange. Users will receive a percentage of the trading fee accumulated by their referrals on the exchange.

10. Tubi Network Token (TBN)

The Tubi Network token is an integrated ERC20 utility token for facilitating and rewarding activity on the Tubi Exchange. TBN users will benefit from discounted trading fees, referral bonuses, voting for token listing, and much more.


Token supply: 102,600,000 TBN
Hard cap: 79,002 ETH


Office address: Registered Representative
ScalaCity, Tartu Mnt 43 1018 Tallin, Estonia

Shop G5 On Ground Floor, King Wing Plaza 2, No.1 on Kwan Street, Sha Tin New Territories, Hong Kong

Unit A-12A-3 Level 12A, Menara UOA Bangsar 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

20 Maxwell Road, #11-25 Maxwell House, 069113, Singapore

Token info

Ticker: TBN
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TBN = 0.084931 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 TBN = 0.00077 ETH
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Token distribution:
30% - private sales
27% - public sale
20.5% - company reserve
9% - asset listing
7% - airdrop program
5% - bounty program
1.5% - advisory allocation
Funds allocation:
30% - marketing
25% - technical development and research
20% - partnerships
15% - reserves and contingency
10% - operations

Tubi Exchange Roadmap


Inception of TubiEx.


Company Founded.
Company Setup.
Hiring of Staff.


Alpha Testing begins.
Rigorous Testing of Exchange.
Setting up Regional Offices in HK, SG & Estonia.

OCT-NOV 2018

WhitePaper Released.
TubiEx Crowdsale Countdown.
Listing of Additional Coins.


Crowdsale Platform Launched.
TubiEx Listing.
Global Promotion & Marketing.
Mobile Application Launch.


Company Expansion.
TubiEx Feature Upgrades.
Hiring of Additional Staff.


New Project (PCI).
Launch of PCI project.
Open beta begins.

JULY 2019

Crowdfunding integration.
Smart Contracts integration.
Increase tokens support.


Added community benefits.
Global user base expansion.
US start retailer selection.


Hardware upgrades.
Integration of third party controllers.
Development of marketplace cooperative module.


Operational upgrades.
Integration with Private Chains.
Introduction of new services.

Project team

Tetsuya Hosono
Tetsuya Hosono
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Sharhan Mohd Shafie
Sharhan Mohd Shafie
Robert Cooke
Robert Cooke
Terry Wilkinson
Terry Wilkinson
Technical Advisor
Elo Kukk
Elo Kukk
Head of Compliance
Olivia Orlof
Olivia Orlof
Head of Public Relations
Vincent Ang
Vincent Ang
Head of Training & Development
Marvin A Mohd
Marvin A Mohd
Head of Operations
Nicholas Loh
Nicholas Loh
Head of Network Security
Atul Kamble
Atul Kamble
Head of Product Development
Zareena Alwee
Zareena Alwee
Head of International Business

Social media

Tubi Exchange web-siteTubi Exchange MediumTubi ExchangeYouTubeTubi Exchange TelegramTubi Exchange BTCTalkTubi Exchange TwitterTubi Exchange Facebook

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