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Mar 11, 2019 – Apr 05, 2019

UKasii (You-kashee) is the completely mobile future of consumer advocacy, built on blockchain technology and planned for launch in Nigeria in April 2019, before expanding to other African states.

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Project industry Marketing & Advertising
Product type App


UKasii is a completely mobile consumer cryptocurrency, which will allow consumers to earn "cash back" for cash spent at UKasii partner establishments. Partners may earn additional revenue by reaching a wider customer base and have access to the UKasii Partner Dashboard, enabling them to execute targeted campaigns and measure the results. A key mission of UKasii is to support social causes in regions they operate, and a fixed percentage of operational revenues annually will be invested in social responsibility projects, beginning with income from the UKasii ICO.

How UKa$ii works

Every aspect of UKasii has been designed and developed to be “inherently simple”. UKasii is completely mobile and consumers and UKasii Partners will be able to make transactions quickly, easily and with elements of pleasant engagement.

Earning Kasii Tokens

Kasii Tokens are the earn and spend currency and can be earned very simply by:

  • Spending money at UKasii Partners: Consumers using the UKasii app will earn “cash back” credit in the form of tokens called “Kasii” (Ka-shee).
  • Receiving Kasii Tokens from others directly: Users will be able to transfer Kasii to each other.
  • Other methods for earning Kasii will be introduced as the currency evolves. Rather than flood users with features immediately, UKasii will be an inclusive currency where customers and UKasii Partners will have opportunities to decide what is relevant, and new features will be added accordingly.

    Spending Kasii Tokens

    Kasii can be spent like cash at any partner establishment using the UKasii mobile app and will be as simple as scanning a QR code.

    In addition, Kasii Tokens can be used to purchase UKasii Coin at a fixed rate from the UKasii organisation for as long as reserves are available. The reserve will be at least 180 million UKasii Coin from day one. After the reserve is depleted, UKasii Coin will only be available for purchase from cryptocurrency exchanges.

    The UKasii Coin

    As a cryptocurrency, the UKasii Coin will be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges for other cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.), therefore UKasii Coin can be exchanged for fiat currency and used to send funds to family or friends in other countries for a fraction of the cost of transferring cash via established methods

    How to Become a UKasii Customer

    UKasii is completely mobile. All consumers will need to do is download the UKasii app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. The UKasii mobile app is being developed as a native app on both Android and iOS.

    Benefits of Becoming a UKasii Customer

  • Increase in Disposable Income - Consumers will earn “cash” for spending cash, thus UKasii will facilitate wealth creation for the individual through credit growth.
  • Anonymity - Data will be given back to the customer, and to the customer only, where it will remain private, unless otherwise decided by the customer. Customers will decide if they wish to reveal more about themselves to brands, in return for additional benefits
  • Location Based Currency - No matter where a UKasii customer is in the world, they will see their UKasii and Kasii in local currency on their UKasii app. If a member has earned N36,000 of Kasii in Lagos, this will appear as R1,329** if that member travels to Cape Town and $100** if they travel to the United States.
  • Share Kasii – Customers will be able to send or “lend” Kasii to friends and family, anywhere in the world UKasii is accepted.
  • UKasii Nearby - The UKasii app will also indicate establishments where Kasii is accepted and can be earned as a currency. Consumers will be able to make all of their purchase transactions via their mobile phone, no matter where they may be in the world, using the Kasii Token as their currency where UKasii is accepted.
  • ICO Details

    Pre-ICO token supply: 50,000,000 UKS
    ICO token supply: 225,000,000 UKS
    Soft cap: 1,700,000 USD
    Hard cap: 7,000,000 USD


    Country limitations: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq,
    Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestinia,
    Russian Federation, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic,
    United States, Yemen, Zimbabwe
    Registration country: United Kingdom
    Registration year: 2018

    Token info

    Ticker: UKS
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 UKS = 0.04 USD
    Accepted currencies: EURUSDBTCBCHETHLTCXLM
    Bonus program:
    Pre ICO $0.01 - 1-8 March 2019
    ICO 1st Round $0.03 - 11-22 March 2019
    ICO 2nd Round $0.04 - 25-5 April 2019
    Token distribution:
    55% - ICO
    36% - Reserve
    5% - UKasii founder shareholders
    4% - Launch contributor
    Funds allocation:
    50% - Liability of Coin into Token
    23% - Marketing / Branding
    13% - Staff / Prod. Development
    5% - Premises / Operating Expenses / Hardware / Software
    5% - CSR Initiatives
    4% - Legal / Finance

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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