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Sep 28, 2018 – Mar 31, 2020

Varanida is building a complete solution for web users, advertisers and publishers, where all parties are fairly compensated for the value they bring to the whole ecosystem.

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Project industry Marketing & Advertising
Product type Technology


Varanida, The Cleaning Lizard

Varanidae are a family of lizards (including the Komodo dragon and the crocodile monitor) that are well known for cleaning mangroves and fields. Varanida’s mission is to clean the Internet of intrusive and poorly designed advertising, while introducing a decentralized, transparent, and ethical ad network.

How It Works

Varanida is a digital ecosystem that is being designed to benefit all three stakeholders in the advertising marketplace.

  • Advertisers: Companies who want to promote their products and services in a more engaging way, while respecting users’ privacy and experience, and avoiding fraud. Also companies who want their advertising budgets to go further by removing intermediaries.
  • Publishers: Content providers and media sites of any format who want to monetise their content without hurting their audience. Also publish ers who want to earn more money from the ads they show by removing intermediaries.
  • Users: Anyone consuming content on the Internet, especially those looking to control what advertising they are exposed to, and how their data is used.
  • The Varanida Network acts as an enabler and a neutral actor in the advertising marketplace, taking close to a 0% commission (network fees will be lower than 1%) on advertising spend. We are designing Varanida to be fair, transparent, and trusted by all parties, and most importantly, we are committed to bringing real value to all three stakeholders.

    Why A Blockchain?

    By its design, blockchain technology provides a unique opportunity to build more transparent, secure, and fair networks. These benefits are perfect for the advertising industry, which currently relies on too many intermediaries, an unfair reward system, and centralized data ownership. Because of the challenges of the current system, the digital advertising industry is bound to be disrupted, and Varanida is committed to leading that change.

    While building Varanida, we know that blockchain technologies are still early in their development cycle, and for the most part, immature. Our prototype will be released on the Ethereum Network, which we consider the most appropriate network for testing. However, we will be forking the most suitable blockchain technology in the near future, to become the basis of Varanida’s own blockchain. Our main goal is for Varanida to run on the fastest and most scalable blockchain, and we are currently reviewing several solutions to achieve that goal. During the evaluation process, we will be communicating our test results as well as our final decision.

    Why A Token?

    In the prototype phase, we will create the VAD (Verified Ad), an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Later on, Varanida will release two crypto-assets (see Varanida Protocol section) that will carry the following benefits:

  • One currency for all parties (no exchange rate, no fees)
  • One currency to access all content on the Internet (and beyond)
  • Users can earn tokens (no bank account or Paypal account needed)
  • Tokens bring transparency to the whole ecosystem
  • Compensated For Cleaning The Web: The Varanida Ad Filter

    During the prototype phase, Varanida users will earn VAD tokens each time they block an ad from a centralized network. This will be done through a multi-browser compatible extension that enables users to block ads running on centralized ad networks. The list of blocked ads and advertising scripts is created using a combination of public lists like Easylist, private lists, and a crowdsourced list stored on the blockchain.

    Users Own Their Data

    By default, Varanida’s network will not store any user data. However, users can opt to share their data with advertisers if they want to be rewarded with additional VAD for seeing ads. If they choose to do so, their data will be encrypted, and will not be sold to third parties.

    Users Are Compensated For Their Contribution To The Network

    Later on, with the release of the Varanida Ad Network, users will be compensated every time they interact with an ad from one of Varanida’s verified advertisers. Interactions are defined by actions such as liking, disliking, validating, or signaling ads. Varanida will also implement several metrics to measure the quality of user attention, such as time spent and actions taken, which can be used to adjust compensation.

    Tokens Have A Real Utility

    The Varanida network will develop several applications where users can spend VAD tokens, such as accessing premium content on publisher sites, unlocking discounts and promotions from advertisers, or directly buying products and services with selected partners.

    Users will be able to reward content creators with VAD, who will then be less dependant on direct ad revenue which is directly correlated to audience behaviors. This decorrelation will be an incentive for publishers to create better content instead of clickbait, and focus on quality over quantity. VAD tokens will also be tradable against other cryptocurrencies, and ultimately fiat currencies, on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that will be announced later.


    Token supply: 655,441,661 VAD
    Soft cap: 8,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA, North Korea, New Zealand, China, Australia
    Registration country: France
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: 55 rue de la Villette, 69003 Lyon - France

    Token info

    Ticker: VAD
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 VAD = 0.0585 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 VAD = 0.05 EUR
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
    Bonus program:
    Round 0: 50%
    Round 1: 30%
    Round 2: 10%
    Round 3A: 30% discount on Market Price
    Round 3B: 20% discount on Market Price
    Round 3C: 10% discount on Market Price
    Round 3A: 12%
    Round 3B: 8%
    Round 3C: 6%
    Token distribution:
    67% - token sale
    15% - team
    12% - company reserve
    3% - advisors
    3% - community
    Funds allocation:
    30% - research and development
    25% - veranida ecosystem
    20% - business development
    10% - communication
    5% - post token sale cost
    5% - legal and compliance
    5% - hidden cost

    Varanida ICO Roadmap

    June 2009 Beginning of DOZ.

    Back then, Faouzi El Yagoubi and Anji Ismaïl, start iterating on what would become, a software enabled marketplace to deliver more transparent and better marketing campaigns.

    July 2017 Varanida was born.

    Looking at the opportunity that represents Blockchain based models, Faouzi & Anji imagine how they could improve the advertising industry; and this starts by cleaning the Internet.

    January 2018 Team Varanida.

    Anji & Faouzi are joined by Thomas Schmider, and a team of talented and experienced people is being assembled.

    April/May 2018 Prototype release.

    We released to the community a first iteration of the Varanida browser extension with the purpose to clean the web from intrusive ads and scripts.

    Q3 2018 Token Generation Event.

    1,000,000,000 VAD (Verified Ad) ERC-20 Tokens will be launched on the Ethereum Network.

    Q4 2018 Varanida Protocol.

    Varanida will release a complete decentralized and open protocol to allow publishers and advertisers to build their own audience engagement applications.

    Q2 2019 Varanida Blockchain.

    Varanida will move to its own blockchain, releasing its complete solution for web users, advertisers and publishers.

    Project team

    CEO & Co-Founder in Varanida ICO - 1
    Anji Ismaïl
    CEO & Co-Founder
    CTO & Co-Founder in Varanida ICO - 2
    Faouzi El Yagoubi
    CTO & Co-Founder
    COO & Co-Founder in Varanida ICO - 3
    Thomas Schmider
    COO & Co-Founder
    System & Software in Varanida ICO - 4
    Mickael Crozes
    System & Software
    Blockchain & Software
 in Varanida ICO - 5
    Pierre-Antoine Meley
    Blockchain & Software
    Blockchain & Software in Varanida ICO - 6
    Marc Vincenti
    Blockchain & Software
    Strategy & Business development in Varanida ICO - 7
    Jon Lord
    Strategy & Business development
    Strategy & Finance in Varanida ICO - 8
    Steve Amani
    Strategy & Finance
    Content Manager in Varanida ICO - 9
    Cory O’Brien
    Content Manager
    Operations Manager in Varanida ICO - 10
    Carine Esteves
    Operations Manager
    Social Media Manager in Varanida ICO - 11
    Thibault Lemaitre
    Social Media Manager
    Community Manager in Varanida ICO - 12
    Lina Albin-Azar
    Community Manager
    Finance & Compliance in Varanida ICO - 13
    Kevin De Silva
    Finance & Compliance


    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 14
    Joel Comm
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 15
    Frédéric Montagnon
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 16
    Travis Wright
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 17
    Thomas Hessler
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 18
    Ben Arnon
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 19
    Jean Christophe Conti
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 20
    Jonathan Levine
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 21
    Florian Jourda
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 22
    Julien Romanetto
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 23
    Hen Tekle
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 24
    Elie Galam
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 25
    Natalia Martinez-Winter
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 26
    Ouziel Slama
    Advisor in Varanida ICO - 27
    Sylvain Morel

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github



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