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The Venus MINE project is dedicated to developing ASIC architecture with open-source code for Bitcoin miners.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology

Technical details

The VenusMINE Project is a project that develops high-performance ASIC chips for SHA256 hashing and produces Bitcoin miners on their base. The project is based on the proprietory of the founders of the project - the architecture of the ultracompact computing core. On the area of an ASIC chip, it allows to place the largest number of cores in the industry that benefits in performance in comparison with competitors' chips. Our goal is to develop the fastest ASIC chip for hashing SHA256 on the base of our core, a motherboard for it and also software that will ensure its efficient operation. Then we plan to order their production from contract manufacturers and organize the final assembly of bitcoin miners from the received components.

What is Venus MINE

We have developed the most compact core. It allows to place a record number of computing cores on an ASIC chip. And such ultra-multicore chips will make it possible to assemble the most productive miner.

Such teams as Bitmain, Bitfury and Canaan made this way. At the beginning of their way each team consisted of only two or three enthusiasts who wanted to make an ASIC-miner. Now in just a few years they are leaders in the mining industry with the turnover of more than a billion dollars a year!

We will pass this way as well. But only we have an undoubted advantage - our architecture is the fastest!

Do you want to get the fastest miner in the world? When we establish its release, it will be exchanged only for the tokens of our project - Venus_ICO_Token. And only those who own these tokens will be able to buy them from us. Get the tokens now while they have a discount for the first investors and you will have the priority right to receive VenusMINE miners.

And if you do not have a mining farm, but you want to earn with us, buy our tokens in order to sell them with an extra charge to those who did not buy them on time. And we will make sure that by the time our miners are available for sale, the demand for them will grow at times.


Tokens Venus_ICO_Token is an electronic form of storing the rights for priority acquisition of VenusMINE miners.

Venus_ICO_Token tokens are not shares, dividends or other valuable assets that allow you to claim the ownership, disposition or disposal of any property rights related to the VenusMINE Project. Tokens Venus_ICO_Token can be acquired by citizens of any state on the basis of the commerce law or the assignment of property rights to goods and services.

Venus_ICO_Token tokens are not distributed among the project founders as they do not have reverse emission relation. However, we are entitled to pay with the released tokens for the work done by the members of the development team and also for any services or goods performed or provided by third parties and organizations.

Tokens Venus_ICO_Token can be bought, sold and transferred to third parties as donations. The token Venus_ICO_Token is executed on the Waves platform. The purchase and sale of Venus_ICO_Token tokens is realized through the exchange on the portal Transactions of Venus_ICO_Token tokens to third parties are available from the Waves purse. The payment of VenusMINE miners with Venus_ICO_Token tokens will be made through Waves smart contracts or manually.


Pre-sales: Mar 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
Pre-sale token supply: 400,000 VENUS
Token supply: 100,000,000 VENUS


Blockchain Platform: Waves

Token info

Ticker: VENUS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 VENUS= 0.75 USD
Accepted currencies: WAVES

Venus MINE Roadmap

February - March 2017

Beginning of researching of the bitcoin source code verification of its cryptographic stability.

April - May 2017

Investigation of mining technology, acquaintance with the history of success in BitFury and tachnical characteristic of their chips for miners.

June 2017

The birth of the idea of creating miners with a more compact and productive architecture ASIC-chips.

OCtober 2017

Frozen work of personal design of miners resulting from concerns about the unreality of collecting a huge amount of money at the ICO that is required to launch the production of miners.

April 2018

The failure of the ICO project Venus GEET in connection with the total lack of finding for advertising.

May 2018

Return to the architecture development for bitcoin miners.

June - August 2018

Launching the PRESALE project Venus MINE.

September 2018

Launch of the Venus MINE Pre-ICO project to raise funds for Silicon-Shuttle.

October - December 2018

Order Silicon-Shuttle test samples of chips.

January - March 2019

Order Silicon-Shuttle at the factory.

April-June 2019

Getting test chips.

July 2019

Start work on the organization of a large ICO with the purpose of raising funds for the serial order of ASIC- chips and the construction of a factory for manufacturing miners.

Project team

Vitaliy Monastyrskiy
Vitaliy Monastyrskiy
Organizer of the project
Rostislav Khomyakov
Rostislav Khomyakov
Alexey Tolstikhin
Alexey Tolstikhin
Co-founder, primary investor

Social media

Venus MINE web-siteVenus MINEYouTubeVenus MINE TelegramVenus MINE InstagramVenus MINE BTCTalkVenus MINE TwitterVenus MINE Facebook

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