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Feb 05, 2019 – Mar 20, 2019

VTUUR is a platform for both content consumers and creators which uses VR and AR to offer a new approach for media consumption.

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Project industry Gaming & VR
Product type Platform
Founded Estonia


Cryptocurrencies no longer require any introduction. Over 15 hundred different versions of “coins” are in circulation, creating a market cap above $300B over 10 thousand markets around the globe, thus rendering this relatively new subject - no longer negligible. 

Active developments of various technologies are conquering ever new frontiers, and to that end, VTUUR would like to introduce 360° Video LIVE Stream - the latest extension of Virtual Reality (VR).

We here at VTUUR believe that both We VR and Augmented Reality (AR) provide new dimensions of media consumption which weren’t possible in the past. The combination of VR, AR, AI and Cryptocurrency technologies makes VTUUR a one-of-a-kind platform for both content consumers and creators

Whether we talk about exotic locations across the globe, or just a neighbour’s party down the road, traveling just isn’t possible for everyone because some people do not have the:

  • Right state of health
  • Financial means
  • Time
  • Travel documents
  • With VTUUR, sold-out concerts and festivals, closed museums, unreachable fairs, overcrowded public announcements and even far-away friends’ weddings once again become accessible.

    You’ll not only be able to witness and participate, but the information will be presented in a way that you’ll really be a part of the environment.

    Unlike many other ICO offerings, VTUUR’s platform is not only a concept; both the app and the platform already have solid foundations and a working prototype. VTUUR’s platform enables people across the globe to stream free and paid unique 360° Videos in the form of Virtual Reality. As far as user types, VTUUR recognizes three main groups:

  • Tourists
  • Guides
  • Advertisers
  • Tourists, using the VTUUR app,are able to experience places around the world from the comfort of their homes. All experiences will come in the form of 360° Virtual Reality Videos which can be live or recorded in advance. VR Tourists may also order a new experience by booking a Guide using VR Requests. In order to watch paid content, Tourists will have to purchase VTUUR tokens and will be charged in VTUUR tokens while streaming.

    Guides can stream 360° VR videos to all interested Tourists through the VTUUR platform by connecting a 360° camera with their mobile device. A Guide can predefine a price for their stream and has the ability to earn bonus VTUUR tokens (amount determined by the system) whenever an ad is displayed in the Guide’s video, no matter if live or recorded, free or paid. The Guide will have the possibility to exchange tokens on the VTUUR exchange for other supported cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

    Advertisers’ role is not directly related to VR content but rather, they exist as a separate group of users. They can submit ads for Tourists and set preferred goals of daily views, but their content will not be presented instantly. Once the AI detects an active user who will find that ad appealing, the ad will get rendered into the stream. The ad display process can be broken down into the following steps:

  • VTUUR platform detects an active Tourist A (viewing Stream from a Guide A).
  • Tourist A (inside VR) is getting close to an object, toward which that Tourist showed interest last time.
  • AI detects an active ad campaign from Advertiser A which gets triggered.
  • Based on Tourist A’s history of decisions, AI picks the media format for the selected ad.
  • VTUUR platform overlays the active stream with the ad so Tourist A can see it in the Video Stream in a non-intrusive manner.
  • VTUUR makes VR video streaming easy for everyone. By simply connecting your smartphone and 360° camera through our easy-to-use mobile app, you are ready to stream to VTUUR’s users all around the globe. Even though this technology is still young, there are already a few companies that take 360° camera production to commercial levels. At this moment, the VTUUR platform supports the three most popular 360° camera brands (Insta, 360Fly and Garmin).

    From a content consuming perspective VTUUR currently recognizes three groups of VR content:

  • VR Stream
  • VR Tour
  • VR Event
  • ICO Details

    Pre-ICO token supply: 40,000,000
    ICO token supply: 460,000,000
    Soft cap: 2,000 ETH
    Hard cap: 200,000 ETH


    ICO Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Estonia
    Office address: Harjumaa, Valukoja tn 8
    11415, Tallinn, Estonia
    Registration code: 14469226

    Token info

    Ticker: VTUUR
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 VTUUR = 0.25 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Token distribution:
    46% - ICO Tokens
    40% - After ICO sale
    5% - Marketing
    5% - Advisory
    4% - Pre-ICO Tokens

    VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO Roadmap

    Q2 2017

    - VTUUR’s concept born

    - Market research & technical studies

    - 100k initial investment

    - Proof of concept

    Q3 2017

    - Project start

    - Wireframing

    - Design UI/UX

    - Developing a 360° camera support protocol

    - Testing IOS and Android compatibility

    Q4 2017

    - Developing more 360° camera support protocols

    - Field-testing Mobile Live 360° stream

    - Testing prototype platform

    - Finalizing stable app prototype

    - 150k additional investment

    Q1 2018

    - Expand VTUUR developer team

    - Setup legal framework for an ICO

    - ICO Website, Whitepaper & Marketing plan

    - Developing Smart Contract

    - Developing VTUUR Token

    Q2 2018

    - Shooting promotional video

    - ICO PR & Marketing campaign

    - Smart Contract Audit

    - Smart Contract Implementation

    Q3 2018

    - Continued testing of VTUUR Alpha version

    - Start ICO

    - Live 360° Q&A stream through VTUUR platform

    - Marketing

    - End ICO

    Q4 2018

    - Stress testing & finalizing VTUUR Alpha version

    - Start negotiations with content creators

    - Adding more 360° camera protocol support

    - Research to determine first user impressions

    Q1 2019

    - Launching of closed VTUUR Alpha version

    - Developing VTUUR's Enhanced Video Rendering

    - Developing Augmented Reality support

    - Partnering with professional guides, performers etc.

    Q2 2019

    - Field Testing VTUUR's Enhanced Video Rendering

    - Field Testing Augmented Reality support

    - Release information to businesses for integration of ads

    Q3 2019

    - Developing VTUUR's Artificial Intelligence

    - Continuous development and testing of Beta version

    - Sponsoring hardware to universities and schools

    - Promotions Through Various Conventions and Events

    Q4 2019

    - Testing VTUUR's Artificial Intelligence

    - Final testing for VR/AR/AI

    - Public release VTUUR Beta version

    - Roadshow

    Project team

    CEO  Founder in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 1
    Philipp Wolf
    CEO Founder
    CTO  Co-Founder in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 2
    Marko Tasic
    CTO Co-Founder
    COO  Co-Founder in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 3
    Sèmy Khadraoui
    COO Co-Founder
    Senior Frontend Engineer  DevOps in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 4
    Aleksandar Radosavljevic
    Senior Frontend Engineer DevOps
    Senior Fullstack Engineer  Software Architect in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 5
    Milan Zdravkovic
    Senior Fullstack Engineer Software Architect
    Senior Frontend Engineer  Project Manager in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 6
    Petar Begovic
    Senior Frontend Engineer Project Manager
    Senior Mobile Engineer  iOS, Android in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 7
    Danijel Spasic
    Senior Mobile Engineer iOS, Android
    Senior Backend Engineer  Software Architect in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 8
    Sasa Kostic
    Senior Backend Engineer Software Architect
    Senior Frontend Engineer  QA Engineer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 9
    Nenad Dojcinovic
    Senior Frontend Engineer QA Engineer
    Senior Fullstack Engineer  Technical Lead in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 10
    Dalibor Stankovic
    Senior Fullstack Engineer Technical Lead
    Senior Frontend Engineer  QA Engineer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 11
    Marko Culibrk
    Senior Frontend Engineer QA Engineer
    Senior Mobile Engineer  Game Developer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 12
    Nikola Knezevic
    Senior Mobile Engineer Game Developer
    Graphic Designer  UI/UX in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 13
    Nenad Mitrovic
    Graphic Designer UI/UX
    Senior Frontend Engineer  QA Engineer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 14
    Milos Milosevic
    Senior Frontend Engineer QA Engineer
    Senior Backend Engineer  Game Developer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 15
    Filip Stankovic
    Senior Backend Engineer Game Developer
    Senior Backend Engineer  Database Administrator in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 16
    Aleksandar Randjelovic
    Senior Backend Engineer Database Administrator
    HR, Sales  Administration in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 17
    Milica Tasic
    HR, Sales Administration
    HR, PR  Sales in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 18
    Milica Dimic
    HR, PR Sales
    Legal, Sales  Accounting in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 19
    Nikola Stojiljkovic
    Legal, Sales Accounting
    Marketing Consultant in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 20
    Natalia Goncharenko
    Marketing Consultant
    Community Manager in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 21
    Vitalis Markevich
    Community Manager
    Digital Producer in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 22
    Panos Kostouros
    Digital Producer


    Advisor in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 23
    Giacomo Arcaro
    Advisor in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 24
    Bogdan Fiedur
    Legal Advisor in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 25
    Rene Lauk
    Legal Advisor
     in VTUUR (VTUUR) ICO - 26
    Wouter Van Domselaar

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook



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    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Width: 160 px

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