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WhiteStripe is cryptolottery, where the prize fund is formed with the help of mining. This is a great way to test your luck, both for experienced miners and for regular PC users. This is the only lottery in which, despite the impressive prizes, you do not have to buy a ticket, perform tasks or pass verification. A lottery where the identification and awarding of the winner is fully automated and excludes any human intervention. We change the concept of online gambling through honesty, transparency and independence.

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Product typePlatform
FoundedRussian Federation

What is White Stripe Lottery

Thinking about the start of the project, we carefully studied the market. Frankly speaking, we managed to find a couple of vaguely similar startups, however, judging by their condition, they have not left the stage of primary development. We will not talk about the annual growth of the gambling market and development of the industry as a whole once again. More importantly, we are confident that in the foreseeable future, all online casinos and lotteries will use blockchain and smart contracts as a guarantor of honesty, transparency and independence.

WhiteStripeLottery Advantages

  • Easy to connect:
  • Just fill out a simple registration form on our site and enter the data in your personal account.
  • Real chances:
  • Unlike online casinos and lotteries, our users will be able to track the process of formation and drawing of the Bank in real time, using the open blockchain. Smart contract, in turn, will not allow anyone to influence the choice of the winner.
  • Daily payments:
  • Our winners, as well as the owners of the WhiteStripe Lottery Token (WSLT), receive payments at the end of each day. The former - from the raffled Bank, the latter - as an incentive for WSLT possession.
  • No need to leave home:
  • To get a ticket, just press one button in your personal account, and our service will automatically select the optimal mining algorithm in accordance with your equipment.
  • Exchange:
  • In the event that you want to participate, but do not have any computing power, you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets from other users on our internal exchange.
  • Stability:
  • Due to crypto market high volatility, it was decided not to create another coin, but to develop one on the basis of the production of the most famous and respected cryptocurrencies.
  • Easy to pick up the prize:
  • Players receive prizes in one of the most liquid and widespread cryptocurrencies - ETH. Constant support and development of the
  • marketing program:
  • At the heart of our project development is non-stop conduct of advertising campaigns, bounty programs and signing of mutually beneficial partnerships, in order to attract new users and promote the product.
  • No taxes:
  • Despite the fact that, part of the primary Bank is paid to investors, the absence of taxation compensates for this.
  • Openness to suggestions:
  • We are ready to work together with the community. Every idea suggested will be considered and, possibly, integrated into the platform.

    Unlike other gambling projects, we will not form a Bank and jackpot from the funds collected during the ICO. We do not care what country you are from, we will not ask for a deposit or personal data. Instead, we offer an autonomous and self-sufficient system of draws. A system in which anyone has the opportunity to try their luck and win an impressive prize without spending a penny on a ticket. WSLT holders, in turn, receive rewards for owning tokens. To do this, by the way, they also do not have to do anything.


    Public sales: May 05, 2020 - Jul 05, 2020
    Pre-sale token supply: 525,000 WSLT
    Token supply: 4,700,000 WSLT
    Total tokens for sale: 3,525,000 WSLT
    Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

    Token info

    Ticker: WSLT
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 WSLT = 1 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Bonus program:
    Pre-sale (April 5) - 40% discount
    Crowd-sale. Round 1 (May 5) - 25% discount
    Crowd-sale. Round 2 (June 5)
    Token distribution:
    75% - sales phases
    15% - team
    3% - advisors
    7% - bounty campaign

    White Stripe Lottery Roadmap

    Q1 - Q2 2019

    Idea creation, market research.

    Q3 - Q4 2019

    Team creation


    Presentation of the project on thematic sites and forums


    Bounty program start




    Closed beta test


    Crowd-sale round 1


    Public beta test


    Crowd-sale round 2


    Launch of the lottery

    Q3 2020

    Listing on exchanges


    Integration of new types of lottery and mining algorithms

    2020 - …

    White Stripe brand promotion

    Q4 2020 - …

    Development of new gaming products

    Project team

    Dmitry Koksharov
    Dmitry Koksharov
    Dmitry Koksharov linkedin
    Stanislav Chuprikov
    Stanislav Chuprikov
    Project manager
    Stanislav Chuprikov linkedin
    Evgeny Batyukov
    Evgeny Batyukov
    Web engineer
    Evgeny Batyukov linkedin
    Dmitry Orlov
    Dmitry Orlov
    Dmitry Orlov linkedin
    Pavel Onohov
    Pavel Onohov
    Pavel Onohov linkedin


    Rustam Akhmetov
    Rustam Akhmetov
    Eduard Nurullin
    Eduard Nurullin
    Eduard Nurullin linkedin
    Ivan Babaylov
    Ivan Babaylov
    Ivan Babaylov linkedin

    Social media

    White Stripe Lottery web-siteWhite Stripe Lottery RedditWhite Stripe Lottery TelegramWhite Stripe Lottery InstagramWhite Stripe Lottery BTCTalkWhite Stripe Lottery TwitterWhite Stripe Lottery Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

    How To get a verified Project status

    To pass the verification you need to place a our logo on the main page of your website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts. Send us the email in reply with confirmation of the link placement.

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