Why You Must Not Delay To Buy Jullar

The presale of Project Jullar token was successfully concluded on 8th Sept, with a whooping bonus of 299% for early adopters, we want to congratulate those that took the opportunity to buy Jullar at once in a lifetime cheapest price ever, and from here we can tell you that what can only happen to Jullar is moon, because with our hard work, dedication and commitment to this project we have assurance of brighter future ahead project Jullar.

Now, if for any reason you are yet to purchase Jullar token, you may be swimming against the tide, because there are many shitcoins in the name of ICO coming up every single day, you alone doesn’t stand the chance to weather the storm of scam projects you need investment partner in your quest for legitimate and promising projects.

Here are the few reasons you must not delay to purchase Jullar token:

Take Advantage Of The Falling Market

It sounds almost contradictory but when the crypto marketing is falling it is actually the best time for an investor to buy. Just like the history of other successful project, those that took investment boldness to invest in them made over 1000x of their investment at the peak of market movement in December last year. Intelligent investors see buying opportunity in falling market. Because of the unique problem Project Jullar will solve, there is a greater chance that Jullar token will be exposed serious bull run, and those that have bought when market movement was very unattractive will be winners when the market finally get its rhythms. In other words you save more when you buy in a falling market.

Jullar is a Security Token

Project Jullar is the first of its kind, project that you have never heard of before. You only need to have just 200 JUL token in your wallet to secure you against scam and shitcoins. And if you have made investment errors in the past you will still be compensated for your loss with a stipulated eth that will be given after the liquidation of your shitcoin. So, because of this there will be huge demand of Jullar  security token and this will make it to find it natural upward movement accordingly, the early adopters will make high investment gains more than those that will buy it in later days or from exchange.

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