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Wolfs Group (WLF)


Wolfs Group a New Face Of Investment. Wolfs Group comprises three pillars of growth consituting the world’s three most promising markets: real estate (Wolfs Development), new technologies (Wolfs FPE) and fintech (Ferpay Ltd.). Thanks to its measured approach, the whole group’s holdings are secured through diversification.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeCryptocurrency


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What is Wolfs Group

As opposed to other projects based on blockchain, Wolfs Group OÜ is already active on the market and the projects it is involved in are either in advanced stages of development or fully functioning profit-turning entities. The appreciation in the price of any one project as well as the group as a whole will always result in the token price rising as well. WLF tokens will be fully convertible and listed on cryptocurrency exchanges capable of being bought and sold at any time beginning with the first purchase of a token/tokens. Investors will be able to easily diversify their assets through an instant sale of their tokens on the exchange. Meanwhile, the exchange will facilitate an Initial Exchange Offering process as a form of distributing and veryfying the project (including production details and potential functionalities).

The first project which Wolfs Group OÜ intends to tokenize is Ferpay Ltd., an international money transfer service currently involved in utilizing the functionalities of blockchain for its needs.

As the second stage of the Wolfs Group OÜ project, Wolfs Development, concerned for many years with construction, sale and renting of property, will be tokenized. Wolfs Development will be able to tokenize its assets thanks to the blockchain technology.

Ultimately, the capital collected from the first stage of the IEO will fuel the growth of Ferpay Ltd., to be discussed later (own cryptocurrency exchange, cellphone app and a new money transfer service). All funds will be used to fund alread existing projects and services.


Public sales: Jan 03, 2020 - Feb 20, 2020
IEO (Coinsbit Launchpad): Jan 11, 2020 - Jan 14, 2020
IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Jan 03, 2020 - Jan 17, 2020
Token supply: 150,000,000 WLF
Total tokens for sale: 42,000,000 WLF
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2017

Token info

Ticker: WLF
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 WLF = 0.25 USD
Accepted currencies: USD, BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
390-750 USD - bonus + 100 WLF
780-1300 USD - bonus + 200 WLF
1400-2100 USD - bonus + 400 WLF
2600-5200 USD - bonus + 600 WLF
8000-13000 USD - bonus + 1100 WLF
15600-25743 USD - bonus + 13000 WLF
27000-50000 USD - bonus + 30000 WLF
56000-100000 USD - bonus + 50000 WLF
110000-170000 USD - bonus + 120000 WLF
Token distribution:
2% - Private sale
10% - Team
28% - Token sale in IEO process
60% - Wolfs Group shareholders

Wolfs Group Roadmap

April 2020

First IEO fundraiser by Wolfs Group OÜ concludes

May 2020

Crypto and FIAT currency exchange Ferpay opens

July 2020

New layout for Ferpay and webservice

August 2020

Rollout of prepaid multicurrency cards

September 2020

Ferpay iOS and Android app.

October 2020

Marketing intensifies

November 2020

Integration with banks through Open API

End of 2020

Reinvestment of WLF tokens


New IEO project by Wolfs Group OÜ

Project team

Leszek Forytta
Leszek Forytta
Leszek Forytta linkedin
Hubert Forytta
Hubert Forytta
Director Wolfs Group
Hubert Forytta linkedin
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski
Chief Financial Officer
Michał Krzyżanowski linkedin
Radosław Stawiarski
Radosław Stawiarski
Radosław Stawiarski linkedin
Tomasz Kopacz
Tomasz Kopacz
Trade Director
Tomasz Kopacz linkedin
Rita Kurpisz
Rita Kurpisz
Project Manager
Rita Kurpisz linkedin
Marzena Mierzejewska
Marzena Mierzejewska
Investment Director
Igor Kirkush
Igor Kirkush
The Board of Directors on behalf
Andrew Kirkush
Andrew Kirkush
The Board of Directors on behalf
Andrew Kirkush linkedin

Social media

Wolfs Group web-siteWolfs Group RedditWolfs Group MediumWolfs GroupYouTubeWolfs Group TelegramWolfs Group InstagramWolfs Group BTCTalkWolfs Group LinkedInWolfs Group TwitterWolfs Group FacebookWolfs Group Github

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