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WTB App (World Travel Blockchain Application) is an e-wallet application on smartphones, WTB App is available on both
IOS and Android operating systems, aiming to meet the demand for use with more than 10 million users.

With mobile payment platform, World Travel Blockchain promotes modern economy, providing customers with
one-touch payment experience, fast and convenient, can be done anytime, anywhere with hundreds of utilities
including booking, homestay, resort, luxury resort, transfer money, pay bills, air tickets, train tickets, movie tickets and
mobile transactions.

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Project industryTravel & Tourism
Product typePlatform

What is World Travel Blockchain

With the belief that financial services and payment contribute to change life and bring the best utilities to users in tourism, WTB has successfully built an payment infrastructure system extremely unique and innovative, serve all customers.

World Travel Blockchain is a provider of mobile e-wallet application service, cash transfer service at transaction points (OTC) and payment platform. Through strategic cooperation with banks and financial institutions around the world, WTB acts as a bridge to bring financial services and utility payments to users.

In particular, WTB owns a network of transaction offices spread all over the world, allowing millions of customers around the world and even where banking and smartphone services are still unpopular, users have not been access to financial services.


For those who love traveling, World Travel Blockchain is an indispensable application. WTB provides booking service, helping users book air ticket, trains ticket, car rentals, find hotel and hundreds of utilities other in all countries of the world with the most preferential prices.

Booking brings convenience to users, saving time, costs, information quickly and transparently. Besides, when using Booking, customers will know the best information like room rates, room status, address (Map), services (customer reviews) to the same service information with rates to be able to compare. With Booking you will be free to choose the best services with the most preferential prices with just few simple clicks without having to pick up the phone, email or visit 3rd party website. Booking experience, service anytime, anywhere.


WTB Pay provides and supports customers to transfer and receive money fast, easy to use and absolutely safe. WTB pay helps pay bills, buy air tickets, buy train tickets, movie tickets, reservations, homestays, resorts, luxury resorts and other transactions on mobile with preferential rates and discounts highest stage.

In addition, WTB Pay meets the needs of peer-to-peer payment when traveling between countries. This means that customers can use WTB Pay service anywhere in the world, no need convert to local currency to pay for the service. WTB Pay helps customers save time, costs, money exchange procedures and improve user experience.


In addition to the advantages such as simple interface fast booking process, Price Forecast feature also allows customers to know the price fluctuations from which given the choice of time to make the trip a most optimal way.

Price Forecast feature analyzes prices, time and flight history for 90 days, algorithms will process data and then offer the possibility of fluctuating fare increases or decreases and fluctuations in ticket prices with high reliability.


When customers have needs for tourism but don't have a specific plan, WTB can make travel plans for customers. Just select your starting point and destination, WTB will propose detailed plans for your trip with right price and experience.

Even if customer hasn't yet selected the destination, WTB will solve it by offering destination proposals (depending on the chosen form of tourism) with cheapest price at a fixed time.

For book air ticket service, algorithms will compare many different airlines then offer the most optimal options according to price, time, direct flight or connecting flights,.. so customers can choose.

Not only that, WTB also supports comparing prices of flight dates in different months to fitmost schedules as well as the customer's plan.


With travel social network of World Travel Blockchain, customers can share travel content such as: reviewing travel destinations, sharing experiences, schedules, places to eat, interesting experiences on their omepage.

Customers can also attach descriptions of places or services on their homepage, if anyone uses service via sharing link, customers will receive WTB percent respectively.

In addition, each customer will have a referral code. When inviting friends and relatives to join World Travel Blockchain's WTB Points program through referral code, you can also get additional WTB Points.

After owning WTB, you can use to book tours, book hotel, buy discount voucher at eateries, shopping and use hundreds utilities on World Travel Blockchain platform.


Pre-sales: Oct 10, 2019 - Dec 12, 2019
Token supply: 3,900,000,000 WTB
Total tokens for sale: 1,900,000,000 WTB
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: TRON
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: WTB
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: TRC10
Token price in USD: 1 WTB = 0.15 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC , ETH , USDT , TRON
Bonus program:
Round 1: 10/10/2019 - 10/11/2019, Price: $0,1 Bonus Sale 40%
Round 2: 11/11/2019 - 11/12/2019, Price: $0,15 Bonus Sale 30%
Round 3: 12/11/2019 - 12/12/2019, Price: $0,2 Bonus Sale 20%
Token distribution:
70% Of the WTB tokens will be issued for sale during the token sale
11% Of the tokens will be released to the founder
7% Of the tokens will be released for the core members associated with this project
5% Of the tokens will be released for marketing and promotion
5% Of the tokens will be released for advisors, partners, and early investors
2% Of the tokens will be released for bounty rewards
Funds allocation:
30% - Technical development
25% - Reserve funds
15% - Business development
5% - Team
25% - Load portfolio

World Travel Blockchain Roadmap


World Travel Blockchain Research

Q3 2019

Start Build World Travel Blockchain

Q4 2019

Reward Community Join Social WTB

Jan 2020

WTB Public Exchange

Feb 2020

Launch WTB App IOS & Android

Mar 2020

Travel Quick With WTB Pay

Q2 2020

1 Million Users App WTB

Q3 2020

Free Travel With App WTB Pay

Project team

Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nelson Davies
Nelson Davies
Chief Technology Officer
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Chief Marketing Officer
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson
Head of Finance
James Carter
James Carter
Senior Software Engineer
Simon Wright
Simon Wright
Full Stack Developer
David Harris
David Harris
Blockchain Developer
Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis
Marketing Manager

Social media

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