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YOLOrekt is a social and fun way to bid on the future price of crypto. Provide in-game liquidity to earn game fees and YOLO rewards.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typeDApp
FoundedUnited States

Technical details

On July 13th, and only for 72 hours, YOLOrekt is issuing 5% of its token supply to bootstrap liquidity. For the first time in crypto history, YOLOrekt is doing a synced dual-token issuance simultaneously on Ethereum and Polygon. This means that people have the opportunity to stake ETH on both Matic and Mainnet ETH in exchange for YOLO. The YOLO token issuance aims to raise capital for bootstrapping liquidity by issuing 5% of the YOLO tokens.

What is YOLOrekt

YOLOrekt is building a comprehensive short-term prediction platform for crypto, stocks, and more. YOLO is a social and fun way to bid on the future price of an asset. Provide in-game liquidity to earn game fees and YOLO rewards.

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity on YOLOrekt is provided by decentralized in-game LP pools that liquidity providers back. To enable decentralized liquidity provider (LP) pools, YOLOrekt utilizes a token called YOLO token. The mechanism solves issues revolving around in-game liquidity and incentivizes liquidity providers with fees per game distributed back to the pool. In addition, LPs can stake YOLO tokens directly used in the game liquidity pool.


Public sales: Jul 13, 2021 - Jul 15, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 YOLO
Total tokens for sale: 50,000,000 YOLO
Raised: 2,760,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Polygon
Country limitations: U.S., OPEC countries
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: YOLO
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: Users can participate on both Ethereum and Polygon (Matic), using either ETH or Matic ETH (wETH on Polygon)
Bonus program:
At the end of issuance, users can claim their tokens once the dApp goes live or 60 days after the issuance closes, whichever comes first. There will be a 10% bonus for all contributors.
Token distribution:
5.0% - Token Issuance
5.0% - Pools
35.89% - Investors (1 year vest)
20.11% - Founders + Advisors + Employees
34.0% - Liquidity Rewards

Social media

YOLOrekt web-siteYOLOrekt MediumYOLOrekt TelegramYOLOrekt Twitter

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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