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CryptoTotem Giveaway

CryptoTotem Giveaway: 100 USDT reward for new subscribers to our new Telegram channel

Dear friends, We’ve recently launched a Telegram channel: As a member of our channel, you can expect: Notifications about new crypto projects that received investments from Tier 1-3 funds Detailed guide-lines on testnets, airdrops, and other activities Top news and events in the crypto industry And so much more!…

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iGaming post

How Does The iGaming Sector Help Crypto Adoption?

The iGaming sector has emerged as a significant driver in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, playing a pivotal role in expanding their mainstream acceptance. By embracing cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and incorporating blockchain technology, iGaming platforms have provided users with secure, transparent, and efficient transaction methods. It also makes…

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forex broker

Who Is The Most Regulated Forex Broker In The World?

Despite the fact that the forex market is the largest financial market, it is still largely unregulated in many regions. Though, it is important to note that there are international and local forex regulators that monitor the activities of forex brokers in certain regions or countries. To trade forex, retail…

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Choosing a crypto exchange

10 Most Important Factors to Examine When Choosing The Right Crypto Exchange

In the last decade crypto has exploded and become the internet’s gold rush. Nowadays everyone wants a piece of the crypto pie. For the real tech guys, there’s mining for crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but for the everyday man it is much easier to just buy and sell…

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Bitcoin - CoinDesk

The Crypto Staking Guide: How to Generate a Passive Income

Anyone who bought Bitcoin in 2010 made the investment of the decade. The cryptocurrency outperformed every other asset class by a factor of 10. 11 years later, crypto (sometimes “web3”) is making headlines every week. Subways and street corners are decked out with adverts urging retail investors to buy. Traditional…

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Find job

How Can Blockchain Technology Affect Unemployment?

According to the , the pandemic and resulting unstable economy are pushing unemployment rates up around the world. Over 200 million people are expected to be unemployed in 2022. The worsening economic conditions affect everyone, from businessmen to politicians. But the ones who have it the worst are the unemployed.…

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Q&A: Token Generation Events (TGE)

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, TRON, BNB, Ethereum… If taken back to a few years ago, most people couldn’t figure out what these acronyms and names mean. Anyway, the number of crypto-initiated people having a command of investor and crypto enthusiast terminology, has been growing year by year. Some keep in step…

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earn cryptocurrency

Without leaving the room. How to earn cryptocurrency without investments.

If you have already reviewed all movies, re-cleaned the house several times on self-isolation, but still did not entered the cryptocurrency industry, we suggest the ways that will help to earn digital money without investments. Avoid mining and trading You will face risks and financial losses by mining and trading.…

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Crowdfunding for Blockchain Startups: ICOs, STOs, IEOs

How do I get funding for my crypto project? ICO / STO / IEO / ETO / DAICO What cryptocurrencies you should look at this year and what countries keep on driving the crypto momentum. For a crypto startup, knowing what route to take for their crypto project is key.…

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myetherwallet mew

MyEtherWallet Review (MEW V5) Ethereum’s Original Web Wallet

How to Save Funds on MyEtherWallet (MEW) – Step-by-Step Guide Anyone who owns crypto tokens needs an efficient and reliable digital wallet to keep them safe. MyEtherWallet lives up to the task and is relied on by millions of users, to help them hedge and manage their funds. In this…

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