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The Aerum ecosystem, a market-oriented hub

The Aerum ecosystem offers a decentralized hub The Aerum ecosystem is presented to the crypto sector with a platform for the disruption of the sector. In itself, it resembles the increasingly common Hubs. A Hub is a space (virtual or physical) where entrepreneurs come together creating synergies. Their influence is,…

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WireConnect 2019 Powered by WireSummit in partnership with London Blockchain Labs | B.I.D.E

WireConnect 2019 After a successful WireSummit, is back with another revolutionary blockchain gathering in the heart of London. The powered by WireSummit brings together some of the most influential names in the blockchain space along with the revolutionary ideas backed startups looking to announce to the world how their product…

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The DRIFE Platform Aims to Disrupt the Transport Sector

DRIFE, a solution to centralized ride-hailing introduces the DRIFE platform, a decentralized transport ecosystem powered by the blockchain. DRIFE’s objective is to disrupt the existing ride-hailing business model and eliminate the corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions. It’s also a system designed to empower the value creators of the ride-hailing…

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Orbis platform will offer a global ecosystem

ORBIS offers a platform that will make it easier to operate instantaneously and without fees In a noteworthy platform, we can find versatility and easy handling to operate with the funds stored in ORBIS. It has been created using a blockchain solution, with two currencies available on the platform. This…

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The ecological crypto initiative Eco Start

The importance of now, Eco Start provides a turning point The ecological initiative is developing naturally, leapfrogging over stages in its ICO. Therefore, financing fair initiatives with our environment is closer. What is the reason for this statement? This is why: the future of coming generations depends on decisions made…

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Custum Coin Platform

Custom Coin revolutionizes the construction industry

Brief introduction to Custom Coin and the decentralized platform Custom Coin offers a decentralized ecosystem of work interaction. A platform whose spinal cord is in the Ethereum blockchain. The project, that gets to the market from Switzerland, offers a management ecosystem for all kinds of entrepreneurs, both the most expert…

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Skynavpro Press Release

The ICO’s of the future: Security through investor protection shield

The future of crypto currencies is certainly very exciting, particularly as a new innovation has been announced for 2019, which is supposed to ensure that the crypto market experiences an upswing again: The so-called STO. STO is an abbreviation for Security Token Offering and describes a crowdfunding method, which gained…

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ND INVEST: a blockchain platform for purchases of goods and services with high discounts

ND INVEST has 9 years of experience in real estate developing and car sales. We have a residential complex in Cyprus and a car dealership in Hungary. We were previously doing everything with fiat, which often led to missing some deals and paying high fees for money transfers. Blockchain technology…

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WIRESUMMIT 2018: Exclusive Gathering of Investors and Blockchain-startups is around the corner

WIRESUMMIT 2018, an upcoming blockchain event for the broader Blockchain communities is around the corner. The exclusive gathering of investors and Blockchain startups is being organized in the capital city of India on December 2, 2018. Sources close to the organisers stated that they are strategically hosting the event in…

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Why You Must Not Delay To Buy Jullar

The presale of Project Jullar token was successfully concluded on 8th Sept, with a whooping bonus of 299% for early adopters, we want to congratulate those that took the opportunity to buy Jullar at once in a lifetime cheapest price ever, and from here we can tell you that what…

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