ICO Rating with Calendar of Best ICO’s to Invest in 2018

CryptoTotem is a rating service that issues free systematic research, assessing ICO ventures and relegating them appraisals.

Investing in ICO’s is a hyper-beneficial, yet high-hazard industry. The market for crypto business is as of now at the improvement arrange and isn’t yet completely managed, and there is no dependable arrangement of criteria for the assessment of ventures. All of which makes potential entanglements for financial specialists.

At the moment, we picked the most interesting and reliable startups for blockchain investment. To familiarize yourself with each organization, you can by clicking on the link.

DISCLAIMER: All information provided or linked on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment, legal or financial advice. Please do your own research before investing in an ICO’s.

Investment ICOHype scoreRisk score
Akaiito (AIC)2.3 / 5.0  Akaiito (AIC)3.3 / 5.0  Akaiito (AIC)
Ice Rock Mining ICO (ROCK2)1.2 / 5.0  Ice Rock Mining ICO (ROCK2)4 / 5.0  Ice Rock Mining ICO (ROCK2)
Velix (VXD)1.7 / 5.0  Velix (VXD)NA / 5.0  Velix (VXD)
PlayHall (PHT)2.3 / 5.0  PlayHall (PHT)2.2 / 5.0  PlayHall (PHT)
HireGo (HGO)1 / 5.0  HireGo (HGO)0 / 5.0  HireGo (HGO)
ZeroState (ZSC)2.3 / 5.0  ZeroState (ZSC)0 / 5.0  ZeroState (ZSC)
DateCoin (DTC)3.1 / 5.0  DateCoin (DTC)2.8 / 5.0  DateCoin (DTC)
GraphGrail (GAI)2.8 / 5.0  GraphGrail (GAI)3.8 / 5.0  GraphGrail (GAI)
World Wi-Fi (WT)3.3 / 5.0  World Wi-Fi (WT)2.7 / 5.0  World Wi-Fi (WT)