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CryptoTotem compares various top analytic agencies’ ratings. It helps investors save a considerable amount of time while searching for a profitable deal. We constantly update the database of the top-rated crypto projects as our aim is to provide reliable and up-to-date information about each Blockchain company in the industry.

ARNO bountyARNO VerifiedARNO Sponsored
Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials.
StartDec 06, 2021
EndJan 31, 2022
Goal$ 7,760,000
Radiologex (RDG) VerifiedRadiologex (RDG) Sponsored
Radiologex (RDG) ICO logo
Radiologex (RDG)
R-DEE is your medical institution's one-stop hub for connecting and collaborating with colleagues across the hall or across the globe, from any device.
StartJan 01, 2021
EndDec 31, 2021
Goal$ 20,000,000
Etheros (ETS) VerifiedEtheros (ETS) Sponsored
Etheros (ETS) ICO logo
Etheros (ETS)
A virtual reality world operating as a store of value based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.
Received$ 100,000 2%
Goal$ 5,000,000
Quarashi Network bountyQuarashi Network (QUA) VerifiedQuarashi Network (QUA) Sponsored
Quarashi Network (QUA) ICO logo
Quarashi Network (QUA)
Quarashi Network is a complete suite of solutions platform focused on providing the user with full privacy and anonymity. The core elements of the Quarashi Netw ...
StartDec 01, 2021
EndJan 15, 2022
GoalNot Set
Tr3zor (TR3) Verified
Tr3zor (TR3) ICO logo
Tr3zor (TR3)
The first global lost and found blockchain network Tr3zor presents a sustainable solution to the problem of finding lost or stolen belongings through the utiliz ...
StartDec 01, 2021
EndDec 31, 2021
GoalNot Set
Grand Time (GRAND) VerifiedGrand Time (GRAND) Sponsored
Grand Time (GRAND) ICO logo
Grand Time (GRAND)
Grand Time is a multi-functional, decentralized, community-driven crypto ecosystem designed with a clear vision in mind: breaking with the myth of blockchain & ...
StartNov 05, 2021
EndNov 04, 2022
Goal$ 49,535,500
Brickken bountyBrickken (BKN) VerifiedBrickken (BKN) Sponsored
Brickken (BKN) ICO logo
Brickken (BKN)
Brickken is creating a dApp that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own Security Tokens, anywhere in the world using state- ...
Goal$ 2,000,000
Gistcoin bountyGistcoin (GIST) VerifiedGistcoin (GIST) Sponsored
Gistcoin (GIST) ICO logo
Gistcoin (GIST)
Gistcoin is a utility token for all influencers, coaches, speakers, trainers, podcasters, streamers, musicians, artists, exerts, professionals, brands, and cont ...
StartOct 01, 2021
EndOct 31, 2021
Goalethereum 3,000
Unigrid (UGD) Not VerifiedUnigrid (UGD) Sponsored
Unigrid (UGD) ICO logo
Unigrid (UGD)
The Unigrid Network aims to become the first truly decentralized and anonymous alternative to the regular Internet. A network resistant to domestic firewalls an ...
StartDec 10, 2021
EndDec 31, 2021
Goal$ 20,000,000
Avoteo (AVO) VerifiedAvoteo (AVO) Sponsored
Avoteo (AVO) ICO logo
Avoteo (AVO)
Present your projects and apply for funding or vote for projects and participate in their success. This is next-generation crowdfunding.
StartOct 31, 2021
EndJun 27, 2022
Goal$ 24,600,000

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In today’s ever-volatile cryptocurrency market, you need to not only be careful about what you hear but even—more importantly—what you read, watch, and belief; whatever it is, it can determine not just your profits but also your life. The cold truth is that TGEs (Token Generation Events) is a hyper-profitable yet risky industry. Token sales allow raising funds for projects that are promising for investors. Sales can be decentralized and open 24/7. They make early investment liquid and open for everyone all around the world (there are restrictions in the laws of different countries). But the crypto market is at the development stage and isn’t yet completely managed, so there are no dependable criteria for assessing investments.

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CryptoTotem is an analytical service that conducts free systematic research and assessment of blockchain startups and crypto ventures. CryptoTotem is built as a knowledge repository to keep all information necessary for investors willing to join the nascent economy. We develop an in-house unique algorithm that lets you determine operating risks. We consider certain factors when listing projects in our database, and eliminate wrong investment decisions with useful lists that are constantly updated.

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When we think of the crypto market, our role morphs into scanning the all blockchain business for the most useful, relevant and profitable investments, in areas relevant to us, our stakeholders, and investors. We need to get accurate statistics that make it easier to understand what works and what doesn’t, and distill facts for good decisions. This, our independent database is created with the ultimate aim to help our researchers save considerable time while looking for profitable investments.

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