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PlayHall (PHT)
PlayHall is a multi-cryptocurrency platform for skill gaming mobile games focused on players who strive for victory. The core idea behind is to provide gamers w ...
Start ICO Jun 01, 2018
End ICO Jun 30, 2018
Received 1911 12%
Goal 16,000
HireGo (HGO)
HireGo is a decentralized peer-to-peer car rental platform built on blockchain technology. It is our goal to set the technological and usability standards for ...
Start ICO Jun 01, 2018
End ICO Jul 14, 2018
Received Pending
Goal 15,000
ZeroState (ZSC)
ZeroState is an emotional intelligence platform. It helps advertisers around the world increase the loyalty of their customers by analyzing their emotional inv ...
Start ICO Jun 21, 2018
End ICO Aug 31, 2018
Received Pending
Goal $ 20,000,000
Adamant (ADM) ICO logo
ADAMANT is an anonymous messenger. A Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system are providing a truly fundam ...
Start ICO Jan 30, 2018
End ICO Jun 30, 2018
Received $ 15,088,000 50%
Goal $ 30,000,000
Paymon (PMNT)
Paymon is a platform which has functions of all promising trends of blockchain technology, introducing ways of dealing with most issues of existing cryptocurren ...
Start ICO May 10, 2018
End ICO Jun 13, 2018
Received $ 1,092,514 36%
Goal $ 3,000,000
SurruS (SURR)
SurruS — is a decentralized system for searching and returning stolen cars. Thanks to the use of this technology, we have been able to create a system that a ...
Start ICO Jun 01, 2018
End ICO Aug 01, 2018
Received Pending
Goal $ 32,000,000
Open Source University (EDU)
Open Source University (EDU) is a decentralized platform providing the "digital credentials wallet" as a service to the learners/users without any limits to wha ...
Start ICO Jun 04, 2018
End ICO Jul 01, 2018
Received Pending
Goal 34,000

In today’s ever volatile cryptocurrency market, you need not only be careful about what you hear but even more importantly what you read, watch and belief because whatever it is, has the capability to determine not only your profits but also your life. The cold truth is that ICO is a hyper-profitable yet high-risk industry. ICOs are game changers and they are here to stay. As a visionary entrepreneur, ICO enable you to raise fund for projects that are promising for investors. ICOs are decentralized and open for business 24/7. They make early investment liquid and open for everyone all around the world. The crypto market is at the development stage and isn’t yet completely managed, so there is no dependable criteria for assessment of investments.

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When we think of ICOs in this way, our role become one of scanning the crypto world for the most useful, relevant and profitable ICO investments, in areas relevant to us, our stakeholders and investors. We need to bring accurate statistics that make it easier for you to understand what works and what doesn’t, and distill facts for good investment decisions. To this end, there’s never a perfect time to launch an Independent ICO (Token Sale) database created with an ultimate aim to help our investors save considerable time in searching for profitable investments.

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CryptoTotem is a rating service that issues free systematic research and assessment of ICO ventures with detailed appraisals. Cryptototem is built as a knowledge repository to encapsulate all information necessary for investors hoping to join the nascent economy. We develop Cryptototem, an algorithm that lets you determine the operational risk of ICOs. We consider certain factors when listing projects on our database. We eliminate bad investment decisions with 3 useful ICO lists that are constantly updated: Ongoing ICOs, Pre-ICOs and Upcoming ICOs. Our project compares various ratings of the best agencies: ICORating, ICObench, ICOmarks, TrackICO and ICOholder.

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Our mission is to help you invest in cryptocurrencies, better. Cryptototem’s list of ongoing ICO projects is all you need to decide which tokens to buy. We continually pick top rated ICOs, as well as the ones that you should avoid. Our ICO list features a comprehensive breakdown of various cryptocurrency ICO reviews and ratings. Each ICO gives you a brief description of the project, how far it already is into the crowdfunding campaign and how much time you’ve left to buy coin or token of your choice. Based on various variables with the most important being potential for profit and quality, we rate our ICOs between 1-5 stars. You can find all the ongoing ICOs and Token Sales of projects listed on Cryptototem. If one or more upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs on our list interests you, you are advised to whitelist in order to ensure you invest in their ICO and join their telegram group.


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