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2KEY is building a blockchain-based technology to coordinate incentivise and reward direct beneficial information-sharing about products, services and events.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeApp

What is 2KEY

A blockchain-based social economy offering a new economic model for online sharing. 2key network empowers Internet users to regain control and monetize their information flow online.

Our mission is to give the masses the tools needed to onboard Web 3.0 without tarnishing the convenient user experience of Web 2.0. Because while web 2.0 democratized knowledge, we believe that web 3.0 will democratize value. 2key’s technology lets everyone earn their portion from the wealth the internet generates by simply using the web the same way they always do: by sharing links.

By enabling anyone to earn money and reputation for making successful referrals anywhere online, 2key empowers individuals and organizations to incentivize the human web to produce desired results, incentivizing online sharing in respect to the business results generated from each link referral.

By combining 2key’s technologies with blockchain and smart contracts, 2key can now place entire referral campaigns in regular HTTP links. So each link on 2key network can act as an independent smart contract, which defines the campaign’s goals, and the rewards for achieving them.

As people share the link, the link tracks and records each person who shared it. Each time the campaign achieves a result, the link used by the converter who actually produced the conversion event automatically unlocks the predefined payment and distributes it among all the people who’ve shared it. Each participant earns a payment for providing a valuable service - utilising their time, mental efforts, social network and reputation for getting the word out to relevant people. Thus, information spreads virally and campaigns rapidly reach their ideal audience to generate results.

The 2key network offers a referral solution that’s fair, accessible and effective. Everyone wins. Campaigners get a powerful tool for using referrals to achieve their goals, while the people who share the campaign finally have a way for being paid for providing the valuable service of selective, faithful, relevant information relay within their immediate social network.


Token supply: 600,000,000 2KEY
Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Israel
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 30 Karo yosef, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa


Bounty: 2%

Token info

Ticker: 2KEY
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 2KEY = 0.06 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
Token Sale - 21%
Team - 16%
Growth Team Fund - 4%
Advisors and Partners - 6%
Social Mining - 1%
Transaction / Reputation Mining - 20%
MPSN Mining - 10%
Project Long Term Funding - 16%
Exchange and liquidity contracts - 6%

2KEY Roadmap

2017 / Q2
  • Light bulb moment - With Blockchain Tech and Smart contracts we can solve huge problems for online marketing!
  • Birth of 2key concept and project launch
  • 2key’s core team is formed
  • 2
    2017 / Q3
  • Completion of Legal and administrative framework
  • Early-stage development of technological protocol prototype
  • Drafting network MVP specification
  • 3
    2017 / Q4
  • Completion of design & architecture for network V1.0
  • Completion of V1 on web2.0 zero-integration single-step referral for lead generation
  • Testing the 2key protocol POC on Ethereum testnet
  • 4
    2018 / Q1
  • Release of whitepaper version V1.0
  • Completion of Multi-step protocol V1.0
  • Completion POC of acquisition campaign is achieved
  • Launch of seed round
  • 5
    2018 / Q2
  • Completion of Network’s MVP
  • Publication of technical whitepaper and yellow paper
  • Registration of first 2 patents
  • Partnering with leading projects like Enigma and Civic
  • Completion of Seed Round - $1.5M secured from notable industry contributors
  • 6
    2018 / Q3
  • Completion of Tokenomics V1.0
  • Release of 2key incentive model paper
  • Completion of vote/petition campaigns POC
  • Completion of 2key’s network back-end development
  • 7
    2018 / Q4
  • Completion of Token sale vertical V1.0
  • Completion 2key wallet V1.0
  • Completion 2key KYC product
  • Constitution of 2key Labs
  • 8
    2019 / Q1
  • Delivery of 2key Network’s alpha version including Token Sale vertical
  • Release of 2key’s tracking graph V1.0
  • Deployment of 2key nodes using Plasma tech
  • Completion of Donation vertical Design+ Technical specs
  • Launch of “Sign-Up” campaign yields 3000 account openings.
  • 9
    2019 / Q2
  • Deployment of Testnet on Ropsten
  • Integration of Valid network
  • Integration of Simplex
  • Launch of Bug Bounty program
  • 10
    2019 / Q3
  • Deployment of 2key Graph integration
  • Completion of whitepaper V2.0
  • Collaboration with Dao Maker and Social Mining + integration
  • Launch of Token Sale campaigns
  • 11
    2019 / Q4
  • Deployment of Reputation Mechanism V1.0
  • Onboarding 20 design partners, integrators and launch partner contractors
  • Deployment of PPC-track any link V 1.0 on test-net
  • Onboarding first 5k users on testnet
  • 12
    2020 / Q1
  • Soft launch of tokens and donation products on 2key mainnet
  • Integration of first CRM
  • Implementation of Multi-Party-State-Networks (MPSN) Stage 1 — Plasma mining, browser validation
  • Expanding Simplex integration to additional fiat currencies
  • Creation of 2KEY tokens on Ethereum mainnet!
  • 13
    2020 / Q2
  • Official distribution of 2KEY token
  • Official launch of 2key network on mainnet
  • Official launch of PPC, track any link V1.1
  • Launch of embeddable Share & Earn buttons.
  • Launch of 2key for 2key- invite a friend/ Community pool initiation
  • Integration of In-App Notifications V1
  • Integration of additional ERC 20 stable coins as DAI, USDT for activation and participation
  • Network’s EoQ Target- 100K users. 200 campaigns. 3 Integrators
  • 14
    2020 / Q3
  • Full integration of 2key basic CRM product for audience management
  • Integration of wallet and contracts to Bitcoin
  • Integration with affiliation platforms
  • Design spec for 2key SDK
  • Addition of 2–4 more languages
  • Integration and deployment of Monthly Donations Campaigns on testnet
  • Integration and deployment of Crowdfund campaigns on testnet
  • Development of 2key’s mobile native apps
  • Missing EoQ target
  • 15
    2020 / Q4
  • Launch of Crowdfund and Patrons products
  • Integration with more wallets like MEW, Trezor, Portis, and others
  • 2key SDK POC ready
  • Run Web2.0 conversion campaigns beta on testnet
  • Launch Monthly Donations feature on mainnet
  • Deployment of 2key network in 2–4 more languages
  • Network’s EoY Target- 300K users. 3K campaigns. 10 Integrators.
  • 16
    2021 / Q1
  • Completing POC of MPSN Step2 - Browser mining, Browser validation
  • Deploying the 2key protocol on Dapps
  • Launch Patron product on mainnet
  • Completing HR Campaigns product
  • Completing Install Campaigns - POC (SDK)
  • 17
    2021 / Q2
  • Completing POC of MPSN Step3 - Full Fractal Consensus - POC
  • Deploying 2key API/SDK for integration
  • Completing 2key chrome extension
  • Completing Lead Generation Campaigns product
  • 18
    2021 / Q3 And Beyond
  • GP MPSN - Production
  • Scaling-up and increasing 2key adoption within the digital marketing industry
  • Deploying new verticals- SignUps, Subscriptions, Installs, HR, etc.
  • Creating 2key extensions for different services- Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, and more
  • Integrating with token-to-stable coins pegging solutions
  • Deploying 2key network in more languages
  • Expanding the 2key second layer capabilities by 2key Labs
  • Exploring protocol integration with other Blockchains
  • Fully decentralizing the 2key network
  • Position 2key as a Scaling solution for Ethereum
  • Reach Moon!
  • Project team

    Erez Ben-Kiki
    Erez Ben-Kiki
    Founder, CEO After a long successful career in finance, Erez turned to the hi-tech industry. He soon became an online marketing expert, specializing in product design and leading teams in turning ideas into reality. His vision is to create out-of-the-box
    Erez Ben-Kiki linkedin
    eiTan LaVi
    eiTan LaVi
    Co-Founder, CTO, CIO eiTan specializes in R&D leadership in the fields of Machine Learning, AI and Social informatics. He has led core technology development for MedCPU (acquired by UPMC), Wochit and Keywee. eiTan holds a BSc (Summa Cum Laude) in Bio-Medi
    eiTan LaVi linkedin
    Udi Ben-Reuven
    Udi Ben-Reuven
    Chief Scientist Serial entrepreneur. Master of AI, ML, Arch., Cyber. Talpiot Graduate (8200), Researcher and commander for nearly a decade, Co-Founder & CTO of Algotec (acquired by KODAK). Co-Founder & CTO Mitingo, Member of the founding team and eventual
    Udi Ben-Reuven linkedin
    Yoram Kornatzky
    Yoram Kornatzky
    Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer BSc, MSc summa cum laude from Technion IIT, Phd Graph Theory Hebrew University, Faculty Member at the CS department at BGU and a Full Stack & Algorithms Developer for the past 20 years with immense Industry Experie
    Yoram Kornatzky linkedin
    Shlomi Zfira
    Shlomi Zfira
    Senior Full Stacker
    Shlomi Zfira linkedin
    Andrii Pindiura
    Andrii Pindiura
    Senior Front End Dev.
    Andrii Pindiura linkedin
    Ivan Kostuchenko
    Ivan Kostuchenko
    Backend & Blockchain Dev.files/4115-51844.jpg
    Lior Ben-Kiki
    Lior Ben-Kiki
    QA Automation Consultant
    Lior Ben-Kiki linkedin
    Amit Kashtan
    Amit Kashtan
    Amit Kashtan linkedin
    Hadas Miron
    Hadas Miron
    Graphic Designer
    Hadas Miron linkedin
    Netta Richter
    Netta Richter
    Director of Content
    Netta Richter linkedin
    Shai Mohaban
    Shai Mohaban
    Token Sale Strategist
    Shai Mohaban linkedin
    Nadav Mizrahi
    Nadav Mizrahi
    Graphic Designer
    Nadav Mizrahi linkedin
    Priel Hackim
    Priel Hackim
    Art Director
    Priel Hackim linkedin
    Daniel Peis
    Daniel Peis
    Founder of the Greenland Digital Technology Association
    Daniel Peis linkedin
    Andrii Savchuk
    Andrii Savchuk
    Frond End Developer
    Andrii Savchuk linkedin
    Dmytro Kurtash
    Dmytro Kurtash
    Frond End Developer
    Dmytro Kurtash linkedin
    David Nicola
    David Nicola
    Senior Blockchain & Smart Contracts Developer
    David Nicola linkedin
    Mark Shvartsman
    Mark Shvartsman
    UX/UI Director
    Mark Shvartsman linkedin
    David Semenduev
    David Semenduev
    Senior Blockchain & Data Engineer
    David Semenduev linkedin


    Reshef Meir
    Reshef Meir
    PhD Algorithmic Game Theory. Senior Lecturer at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Information Systems Engineering, Economics, Game Theory Expert.
    Reshef Meir linkedin
    Yuval Emek
    Yuval Emek
    PhD Algorithmic Game Theory Assistant Professor at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Multi-Level Marketing and Incentive Models Expert.
    Yuval Emek linkedin
    Roey Tzezana
    Roey Tzezana
    Dr. Roey Tzezana, PhD Intl. published futurist, crypto author and lecturer. Disruptive tech analysis.
    Roey Tzezana linkedin
    Guy Zyskind
    Guy Zyskind
    Founder, CEO @ Enigma MIT Media Lab + 10+ years software development Blockchain, Security & Privacy, Data-Science & Machine Learning Expert
    Guy Zyskind linkedin
    Stas Oskin
    Stas Oskin
    Wings Foundation Co-Founder Leads the technological strategy for Wings.ai Blockchain core developer, architecture designer, and project manager.
    Stas Oskin linkedin
    Sebastian Stupurac
    Sebastian Stupurac
    Wings Foundation Co-Founder Leads the partnership's strategy for Wings.ai Token distribution strategist, product designer, and projects manager.
    Sebastian Stupurac linkedin
    Idan Lakritz
    Idan Lakritz
    CPA and token economics specialist with vast experience in leading blockchain and financial roles.
    Idan Lakritz linkedin
    Nimrod Lahav
    Nimrod Lahav
    Nimrod Lahav linkedin
    Shai Mohaban
    Shai Mohaban
    Shai Mohaban linkedin

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