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A Real Opportunıty In 2021 ByteDex ICO

ByteDex Exchange

ByteDex token is an exchange token for Byte Exchange, set to launch at the end of July following the last day of their ICO and several weeks after the release of their associated multi-coin wallet.

Their ICO has raised several hundred thousand dollars to date and will come to an end on July 30th, with the project’s exchange launching on July 31st. The date announced for the launch of ByteDex Wallet (ByteW) is July 15th, meaning users will get a sneak peak at some of what the team has been developing before all is revealed.

At $0.03, many investors say this is a safe bet for an exchange token.

“Some ICOs have ridiculously inflated prices, but when you’re looking at an exchange token debuting at 3 cents, it’s as low-risk high-yield of an investment as you’re likely to find in crypto. Everything in crypto is unpredictable, and of course all investments carry risks, but 3 cents is a more than reasonable starting price.”

Said Michael McVay – Tampa based market analyst; investor and programmer.

ByteExchange will be a hybrid exchange. Alongside a long list of features unique  to ByteDex, they aim to solve the issues plaguing centralised exchanges (CEXs) and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) by implementing a “borrow from both to get the best” exchange model that takes the pros of CEXs and DEXs and use certain features native to one model as a solution to problems facing other models.

  • Users will hold their own private keys, making the project participants non-vulnerable to hacking. Trades will happen directly on the blockchain.
  • Multiple blockchains will be available for trading, with ByteDex connecting them to CEXs.
  • Fiat payments will be accepted on the platform.
  • Slippage and gas fee issues, which often pave the way for front running, will not be an end-user problem.

These are some of the problems and solutions that ByteDex’s hybrid model aims to solve/implement, and their native token will have multiple features on the exchange including rewards programs, staking features and more to be announced.

To participate in ByteDex’s ICO visit their website,

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  • Ömer ÇOBAN July 9, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    Amazing project, I think. Especially I liked it’s Wallet, ByteW!

  • Ertug July 9, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    Amazing project, I Bought ByteDex

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