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Ongoing ICO
Apr 16, 2019 – May 24, 2019

The ADAB Solutions project is developing the Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the Shariah norms.

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Project industry Exchanges & Wallets
Product type Platform
Founded United Arab Emirates


ADAB Solutions project developes the FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the principals of Islamik Finance. The purpose of the ADAB Solutions project is the creation of a cryptocurrency platform, exchange and services that comply with the norms of the Islamic Finance and operate on the principles of Islam.

ADAB Solutions will create services based on the high moral and cultural values of Islam and will provide access to all users of crypto-economics. The principles and values of the project coincide with the principles on which Islamic finance are based on.

The Islamic economic model today is one of the most dynamic areas of the modern economy, which is actively moving beyond the Muslim countries.

ADAB Solutions integrates the Islamic management model into the business management and business risk management system as an integral part of the company's management system, and ADAB Solutions will create the Shariah Advisory Board (Islamic Finance compliance Council).

Islamic cryptocurrency platform ADAB Solutions implements the possibility of purchasing ADAB tokens by users during ICO.

Defiationary model of the ADAB token economy, based on using the token to access the services of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange and redemption of 10% of the FICE revenue, will significantly increase the attractiveness of participation in TGE ADAB, it is fair to reward participants, thanks to which the project could be implemented.

ADAB Solutions project will create a global infrastructure that operates on the principles of Islamic finance and the community that regulates the development of Islamic crypto-economics. ADAB Solutions will solve the problem of halal cryptocurrency transactions, providing access to the cryptocurrency market for the Muslim Ummah, which is 22% of the world population and manages Islamic financial assets with a forecasted volume of 3 800 000 000 000 USD

ICO Details

Total tokens for sale: 345,600,000 ADAB
Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 18,700,000 USD
Raised: 2,570,000 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA
Registration country: United Arab Emirates

Token info

Ticker: ADAB
Token price in USD: 1 ADAB= 0.1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
Private sale: - 25%
Pre ICO: - 15%
ICO 1st week: - 12%
ICO 3nd week: - 7%
End of ICO: - 5%
Token distribution:
For the development: - 21.00%
Equipment, Software: - 24.00%
Marketing (including forum, portal): - 20.00%
Unforeseen and other expenses: - 12.00%
Operational costs: - 17.00%
Legal issues (including licenses, permits): - 4.00%
Consultation services: - 2.00%

ADAB Solutions ICO Roadmap

April, 2018

Beginning of the study of the cryptocurrency market in the Islamic community.

June, 2018

Formation of goals and objectives to solve the problem of access of Muslim population to the cryptocurrency market.

September 2018 - December 2018

The development of the philosophy and mechanics of the exchange, based on the principles of the Islamic financial model.

September 2018 - November 2018

ICO to finance and promote the Islamic cryptocurrency exchange.

October 2018 - December 2018

Development of the program mechanism of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.

April 2019 – June 2019

Registration of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. Start of work on AdabCrypto (News Portal & Forum) and Adab Charity.

February 2019 – March 2019

Alfa release of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, functionality and security check.


Launch a large-scale marketing campaign, in order to attract new users on a large scale.

June, 2019

Beta release of the Islamic Exchange First Islamic Crypto Exchange with the support of cross-platform trading clients.

July, 2019

Official launch of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.

June 2019 – December 2019

Expansion of the functional content of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.

January 2020

Run Adab Charity.

December 2019 - July 2020

Formation, on the bases of ADAB Solutions platform and First Islamic Crypto Exchange, of a reliable and developed infrastructure based on the principles of Islamic finance. OUR TEAM

Project team

CEO, Founder in ADAB Solutions ICO - 1
Timur Turzhan
CEO, Founder
COO, co-founder in ADAB Solutions ICO - 2
Rustam Turzhan
COO, co-founder
Deputy CEO of Islamic Finance in ADAB Solutions ICO - 3
Maxat Salpyn
Deputy CEO of Islamic Finance
Director of Marketing in ADAB Solutions ICO - 4
Aleksander Mamasidikov
Director of Marketing
Director of project promotion in ADAB Solutions ICO - 5
Dmitry Rovenskikh
Director of project promotion
СТО in ADAB Solutions ICO - 6
Asset Barakbayev
Head of development Department in ADAB Solutions ICO - 7
Pavel Krayev
Head of development Department
Senior IT advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 8
Didar Bidam
Senior IT advisor
Graphic designer in ADAB Solutions ICO - 9
Khalil Ben sassi
Graphic designer
Community development manager in ADAB Solutions ICO - 10
Abeer Mousa
Community development manager
Internal Shariah Compliance Officer in ADAB Solutions ICO - 11
Mufti Faraz Adam
Internal Shariah Compliance Officer


Advisor Marketing and PR in ADAB Solutions ICO - 12
Mofassair Hossain
Advisor Marketing and PR
Marketing ICO Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 13
Gaurav Areng Chakraverti
Marketing ICO Advisor
Security Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 14
Jorge Rodriguez
Security Advisor
Advisor on Investment and Strategic Development in ADAB Solutions ICO - 15
Sulaiman Al Fahim
Advisor on Investment and Strategic Development
Investment Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 16
Mickael Damour
Investment Advisor
Crowdfunding Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 17
Vladimir Malakchi
Crowdfunding Advisor
Technical Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 18
Shane Rushent
Technical Advisor
ICO Advisor in ADAB Solutions ICO - 19
Shohel Alam
ICO Advisor
Advisor on Islamic Finance in ADAB Solutions ICO - 20
Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakar
Advisor on Islamic Finance

Social media

Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github



User rating:

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