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AiBB is an analytics powerhouse with an Ai assistant to help user make sense of the crypto markets. This all-in-one application houses all the tools and features user require to grow his portfolio and become a successful trader.

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Project industryTrading & Investing
Product typeApp

What is AiBB

AiBB is an Artificial Intelligence assistant application that incorporates various blockchain networks, smart contracts, and augmented intelligence into a single platform to equip users with the decision making power. AiBB gives users all the tools they need for successful trades, including personalized portfolio management, trade predictions advice, ground breaking Ai chat, and Ai security. Users will be able to execute trades across some of the most liquid and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, preventing the destabilization that can occur when a single exchange is forced to absorb a high-volume transaction.


Pre-sales: Jul 25, 2018 - Aug 25, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 10,000,000
Token supply: 30,000,000
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: AIBB
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 AIBB= 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
25% - Reserve
11.4% - Presale
11.4% - Phase 1
11.4% - Phase 2
11.4% - Phase 3
9.1% - Team
5.7% - Advisors
5.1% - Merchants
3.4% - Partners
1.1% - Bounty

AiBB Roadmap

Q4 2016

Our Ai was born in the labs of Skael Inc. They found a big gap in multiple inefficiencies across multiple vertices and then developed an Ai that was going to change the game. And they did it!

Q1 2017

The patent process started under - Application Type: Utility under 35 USC 111(a) in the United States under Title of Invention: "Machine Learning Digital Assistant" technology.

Q2 2017

We found a gap in the portfolio management tools and education available to crypto users.
The concept of using Ai in the crypto realm was incepted and AiBB was realised.

Q3 2017

Research and Dev started on what was available at that time and the tech behind it. Product development and product/market fit work commenced. The founding team began to take shape as we visioned an application where Ai kept crypto-trading safe and secure and gave traders smarter information. We partnered with Skael for exclusive rights to digital assistant technology.

Q2 2018

Ai could only provide so much help to traders who were still dealing with multiple exchanges as well as multiple sources of information. AiBB developed a business model based on making an easy (but still decentralized) environment with one place to gather all trading information as well as conduct all trades. This included:
- The prototype developed with initial research-identified features included
- Jurisdiction established
- Core message and product prepped for marketing
- Team growth

Q3 2018

- ICO started
- Additional product partnerships established (Iagon, Syscoin)
- EML (Electronic Money License) document gather for EU commenced and banking added to product features in the EU
- Advisory partnerships announced

Q4 2018

- KYC and exchange partnerships announced
- Product development expanded from Ai assistant to all the features traders need: ICO review tool, tax module, AiBB wallet, and EU payment gateway developed

Q1 2019

The core components of AiBB’s all-in-one trading environment developed and released:
- Smart Wallet module
- KYC module
- Crypto ID module
- Exchange layer

Q2 2019

- Merchant partners announced and merchant services features released
- Hardware device R&D
- User growth campaign commenced

Project team

Kelghe D'cruz
Kelghe D'cruz
Ceo and Founder
Kelghe D'cruz linkedin
Pravesh Vasudeva
Pravesh Vasudeva
Financial Advisor
Pravesh Vasudeva linkedin
Baba Nadimpalli
Baba Nadimpalli
Ai Partner
Baba Nadimpalli linkedin
Ritesh Nadhani
Ritesh Nadhani
Ai Advisor
Ritesh Nadhani linkedin
Farooq Khalid
Farooq Khalid
VP Customer Interaction
Farooq Khalid linkedin
Anastasija Plotnikova
Anastasija Plotnikova
Legal Advisor
Anastasija Plotnikova linkedin
Jessica Share
Jessica Share
Marketing Director
Jessica Share linkedin
Shay Kusi
Shay Kusi
Business Analyst
Shay Kusi linkedin
Francis Morelos
Francis Morelos
Data Privacy Officer
Francis Morelos linkedin
Dwayne Fernandes
Dwayne Fernandes
Software Engineer
Dwayne Fernandes linkedin
Sheen Austin
Sheen Austin
Security Engineer
Sheen Austin linkedin


Darren Franceschini
Darren Franceschini
Blockchain Advisor
Darren Franceschini linkedin
Viven Kalia Senior
Viven Kalia Senior
Blockchain Developer
Viven Kalia Senior linkedin
Namit Raisurana
Namit Raisurana
VP Products
Namit Raisurana linkedin
Jag Sidhu
Jag Sidhu
Syscoin Advisor
Jag Sidhu linkedin
Jorge Sebastiao
Jorge Sebastiao
Security Advisor
Jorge Sebastiao linkedin

Social media

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