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AngelBlock is a DeFi, protocol-based fundraising platform at its core, that is decentralized and non-custodial.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperAngelBlock White Paper Open

What is AngelBlock

AngelBlock is a DeFi, protocol-based fundraising platform at its core, that is decentralized and non-custodial. Our underlying smart contract infrastructure is built on Ethereum, with the short term objective of building out on other EVM compatible protocols to facilitate a multi-chain world of fundraising for the next phase of growth in Web 3.0.

Our goal

Apart from democratizing fundraising in Web 3.0, our goal is to create a compliant industry standard for token-based raises going forward, that is geographically-agnostic, safer, and more transparent than what is currently available on the market.

How do we plan to achieve this?

  • Implementing MiCa / EU regulatory guidelines into the AngelBlock protocol procedures in the short-run, validated through a due diligence process and having investors go through KYC (above a specific capital threshold). We have longer term plans to do the same in the US if, and when, the regulatory environment allows for it.
  • Incorporating milestone-based voting by investors post-raise to establish guidelines for startups on the required deliverables to receive funding and the terms of the raise.
  • Plugging in reporting tools (ie Messari or similar) to enable timely financial reporting to startups and investors – the accuracy of data will be the startup’s responsibility.
  • Decentralization of the protocol by incentivizing validators through our token economics to do due diligence on startups and ensure governance proceeds accordingly.
  • Leveraged community building for us and startups we will be listing, ranging from DAO formations to tool and infrastructure accessibility.
  • Allowing founders and crypto projects access to our on-chain vesting, cap table management, and token distribution tools, making the process safer, more transparent, as well as efficient (approx. 20% of tokens from sales are sent to a wrong address or in the wrong amount).
  • Details

    Public sales: Feb 15, 2023 - Feb 16, 2023
    Token supply: 400,000,000 THOL
    Total tokens for sale: 140,310,000 THOL
    Soft cap: 1,400,000 USD
    Hard cap: 10,100,000 USD
    Raised: 4,200,000 USD


    Registration year: 2021

    Token info

    Ticker: THOL
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC-20
    Token price in USD: 1 THOL = 0.1 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, AZERO
    Token distribution:
    Private Sale - 29%
    Treasury - 32%
    Team - 15%
    DEX Liquidity Pool - 14%
    Advisors - 1%
    Partners - 2%
    NFT Airdrop - 0.5%
    Staking Rewards - 6%
    Funds allocation:
    Development & Security - 38.0%
    Marketing Business Development - 15.0%
    Reverse & Overhead - 10.0%
    Operations & Management - 17.0%
    Treasury - 20.0%

    AngelBlock Roadmap

    Q3 2020
    • Concept for AngelBlock created
    • Market research and competition analysis
    • Business Plan developed
    • Legal analysis and jurisdiction research
    • Seed Round conducted and initial funding secured
    Q4 2020
    • Work on AngelBlock
    • WhitePaper begins
    Q1 2021
    • Jurisdiction for legal entity chosen
    • Partnership with law firm established
    • Preliminary analysis of business model and viability conducted
    • Hiring of core team
    Q2 2021
    • PoC and MVP works begin
    • Legal entity formed on BVI
    • Acquiring bank accounts
    Q3 2021
    • Initial talks with Private Sale investors
    • Hiring of core team
    • Launch of v1 Landing Page
    • Onboarding of AngelBlock Advisory Board
    • Hard Cap of Phase 1 “Friends and Family” reached
    • Branding
    • AngelBlock WhitePaper v1.0
    • Angel Block v1.0 & v1.1 (Proof of Concept)
    Q4 2021
    • Trademark registration
    • Drafting legal and technical frameworks of token and equity fundraising through AngelBlock
    Q1 2022
    • AngelBlock public reveal. Starting Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels.
    • Start of Phase 2 of Tholos Token fundraise for "External Larger Contributors & Institutions"
    • AngelBlock v.1 - redesign of the platform
    • AngelBlock NFT - initial smart contracts, graphics and minting page
    • Demo of the the AngelBlock platform
    • Launch of v2 Landing Page
    Q2 2022
    • Launch of AngelBlock and NFTs media and marketing campaigns
    • AngelBlock NFT - final version of smart contracts, graphics and minting page
    • Smart Contracts for NFTs Audited
    • Mint of first batch of NFTs
    • Starting work on legal framework to accept users form USA
    • Start of active acquisition of users: investors and startups
    • Redesign of Tokenomics
    • Redesign of governance and defi functionalities of the v1.0 Platform
    Q3 2022
    • AngelBlock White Paper v 2.0
    • Smart Contracts for AngelBlock platform audited
    • Launch of AngelBlock v.1. platform with core products and functionalities
    • Start of Community Phase of Tholos Token fundraise
    • Smart Contracts for Tholos Tokens audited
    Q4 2022
    • Token Generation Event
    • Introduction of $THOL and NFTs staking
    • Start of the Tholos DEX Liquidity Pool
    • Tokens distributed according to allocation and lock-up periods
    • Mint of second batch of NFTs
    • Initial talks with CEXes begins
    • Introduction of post raise voting mechanism securing investors
    • Raising funds for first startup
    Q1 2023
    • Integration of other L1 on the AngelBlock platform
    • Introducing Job search feature connecting startups with potential employees
    Q2 2023
    • Introduction of wTHOL - incentivization asset acquired from AngelBlock Treasury for activity and participation by most active users
    • Introduction of pre-invest incentives for users to engage them in the development of the platform and support of startups
    • Mentoring Network
    • Works on AngelBlock Secondary Marketplace begins
    • Introduction of xTHOL - a governance token. Transition of the platform to fully decentralised and self-governed model begins
    Q3 2023
    • Introduction of Post-investment incentives for users to engage them in the development of the startups
    AngelBlock v3
    • Open sourcing the platform
    • Treasury control handed over to the community
    • Development approval handed over to the community
    • Completing the transition into DAO.

    Project team

    Alex Strześniewski
    Alex Strześniewski
    Founder & CEO
    Alex Strześniewski linkedin
    Marcin Majchrzak
    Marcin Majchrzak
    Co-founder & CTO
    Marcin Majchrzak linkedin
    Dawid Wasilewski
    Dawid Wasilewski
    Co-founder & CLO
    Dawid Wasilewski linkedin
    Leith Shankland
    Leith Shankland
    Chief Financial Officer
    Leith Shankland linkedin
    Max Torres
    Max Torres
    Chief Operating Officer
    Max Torres linkedin
    Kate Pergoł
    Kate Pergoł
    PR & Marketing Manager
    Kate Pergoł linkedin
    Marcin Stępniak
    Marcin Stępniak
    Chief Of Product
    Marcin Stępniak linkedin
    Rafał Majchrzak
    Rafał Majchrzak
    Lead Frontend Engineer
    Rafał Majchrzak linkedin
    Piotr Jaroszewski
    Piotr Jaroszewski
    Lead Backend Engineer
    Piotr Jaroszewski linkedin
    Mikołaj Okrzesa
    Mikołaj Okrzesa
    Backend Engineer
    Mikołaj Okrzesa linkedin
    Iga Łyczba
    Iga Łyczba
    Director of Operations
    Iga Łyczba linkedin
    Damian Denis
    Damian Denis
    Head of Visual Design
    Damian Denis linkedin
    Mateusz Piątek
    Mateusz Piątek
    Head of Product Design
    Mateusz Piątek linkedin


    Adam Gągol, Ph.D.
    Adam Gągol, Ph.D.
    Co-Founder & CTO of Aleph Zero
    Artur Pszczółkowski
    Artur Pszczółkowski
    CMO & Co-Founder of GamerHash
    Adella Toulon-Foerster
    Adella Toulon-Foerster
    Crypto Lawyer, Founder, Entrepreneur
    Patryk Pusch
    Patryk Pusch
    CEO & Co-Founder of GamerHash
    Antoni Zolciak
    Antoni Zolciak
    Co-Founder & COO of Aleph Zero
    Matthew Niemerg
    Matthew Niemerg
    Co-Founder of Aleph Zero
    Benjamin Philip Kream
    Benjamin Philip Kream
    Product Manager at 0x Labs
    Nicholas Merten
    Nicholas Merten
    Founder & CEO of Digifox Finance
    Cheng Yin Wang
    Cheng Yin Wang
    Chief Financial Officer of Akash Network
    Boz Menzalji
    Boz Menzalji
    Chief Operating Officer at Akash Network

    Social media

    AngelBlock web-siteAngelBlock MediumAngelBlockYouTubeAngelBlock TelegramAngelBlock LinkedInAngelBlock TwitterAngelBlock Discord



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