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AQwire is a real-estate transactions platform powered by Blockchain.

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Project industryReal Estate
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States, 2017

Technical details

Based on Ethereum ERC20

What is AQwire

AQWIRE is a marketplace designed to handle international property transactions, from hotel bookings to residential and commercial real estate rental and purchase. It allows brokers and property developers to gain access to foreign clients and buyers anywhere in the world. This will help expand their customer base and give them a foothold in the fast growing cross-border real estate market, which hit nearly $400B USD in 2017. With AQWIRE, brokers can now sell or book discounted units to customers and travelers all over the world via Smart Contracts. The platform also works for rentals and time-sharing agreements. AQWIRE connects buyers directly to brokers and property developers for the best deals in the world’s fastest growing real estate markets.

The QEY token will allow network participants to verify the authenticity and validity of data on the blockchain. The QEY token will be needed to initiate a transaction on AQWIRE’s decentralized application. The platform can directly integrate with both cryptocurrency and traditional payment gateways. The payments layer API will enable off-chain transactions to update on-chain in real time, validating transactions on both ends.


The pace of globalization is accelerating as investors around the world are looking for new sources of growth. Investment in property has always been desired by investors because it provides them with an opportunity to acquire substantial yield in terms of capital appreciation and income generation. Acquiring real estate overseas as an investment vehicle has been a growing trend in recent years. With the rise of sharing economy, the initial capital can be recouped at a much faster pace.

The overseas property market is significant and growing. In the last seven years, the demand for international real estate transactions has increased from $70 billion to $370 billion. Individual and corporate investors from China alone have spent an estimated $150 billion in real estate overseas as of the year 2017. The increase in demand for overseas real estate from Chinese investors is driven by factors such as their natural affinity to property, the volatility of domestic financial assets, and the growth in information flow which increases their knowledge as an investor class. The increasing number of upper and middle class in China has led to the procurement of real estate in Canada, the US, Australia, and South-East Asia. Investors from other countries such as South Korea and Japan have also increased their spending on overseas real estate property.

Also, the real estate market in the Philippines has experienced exponential growth for the last 7 years due the country’s rating as “investment grade” by several international rating agencies. One of the key factors contributing to real estate spending is the continuing massive urban migration and strong consumer purchasing power generated by dollar-earners like the Overseas Filipinos workers (OFWs) and the business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. Other factors include increased infrastructure spending by the current administration, a resurgence in manufacturing, stronger consumer spending, and the increase in tourist arrivals. With this information at hand, it is reasonable to assume that the outlook for overseas real estate investment is very positive.

While we initially plan to list all the major developers in the Philippines first, AQWIRE is not just a Philippine play. Our goal is to empower property developers and brokers all over the world to have access to foreign buyers. AQWIRE is scheduled to expand in Vietnam and Thailand in the 4th quarter of 2018. Qwikwire also started processing cross-border payments for a client in Singapore in 2017.


AQWIRE is not just a marketplace listing platform, it can also process cross-border transactions, thanks to Qwikwire’s payments API. Qwikwire is now the leading cross-border payments platform for real estate transactions in South-East Asia.

Qwikwire Inc. is a US based company founded in San Jose, CA in 2013. The company initially started as a cross-border payroll service for freelancers, then pivoted to enterprise payments in 2015. In January of 2016, Qwikwire launched its new cross-border billing and invoicing platform after almost a year of product development and beta testing with the first two clients. The new product gained immediate traction and volume grew by nearly 30% month-on-month for the next 12 months. By May of 2017, the company became profitable, only 17 months after the launch of the new product even though the team tripled in size and moved to a larger office. Qwikwire has processed over $16M USD in GMV since 2016. It is projected to hit a volume of $30M USD in 2018 alone.


Pre-sales: May 15, 2018 - Jun 15, 2018
Token supply: 90,000,000 QEY
Total tokens for sale: 100,000,000 QEY
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Philippines
Registration year: 2013
Office address: San Jose, CA

Token info

Ticker: QEY
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 QEY = 0.15 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH

AQwire Roadmap

JAN 2016

QWIKWIRE credit/debit card Processing launched

JULY 2016

ACH/Echeck and Swift facilities launched.

MAY 2017

QWIKWIRE achieves profitability.

December 2017

AQWIRE was officially announced

May 2018

Token Pre-sale

June 2018

AQWIRE Crowdsale

AUG 2018

Token distribution and Launch of MVP

September 2018

AQWIRE launches platform for property developers

November 2018

AQWIRE expands to Vietnam and Singapore.

Project team

Ray Edison Refundo
Ray Edison Refundo
CEO and Founder
Ray Edison Refundo linkedin
Scott Yu
Scott Yu
Chief Blockchain Specialist
Scott Yu linkedin
Paolo Samontanez
Paolo Samontanez
Chief Technology Officer
Paolo Samontanez linkedin
Earvin Ang
Earvin Ang
Chief Financial Officer
Earvin Ang linkedin
Inno Maog
Inno Maog
Chief Marketing Officer
Inno Maog linkedin
Joey Budka
Joey Budka
Head of Enterprise Sales/Real Estate
Joey Budka linkedin
Ales Budka
Ales Budka
Enterprise Sales/Real Estate
Ales Budka linkedin
Elross John Pangue
Elross John Pangue
Head of Business Development
Elross John Pangue linkedin
Paul James Sabandal
Paul James Sabandal
Senior Web Designer
Paul James Sabandal linkedin
Jesse Manalansan
Jesse Manalansan
Product Development/Database Admin
Jesse Manalansan linkedin
Lawrence Dovin
Lawrence Dovin
Junior Developer
Lawrence Dovin linkedin
Michael Maybituin
Michael Maybituin
Creative Director
Michael Maybituin linkedin
Renz Marcelo
Renz Marcelo
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Renz Marcelo linkedin
Rizzalyn Dela Cruz
Rizzalyn Dela Cruz
Project Manager
Rizzalyn Dela Cruz linkedin
Sherville Valdez
Sherville Valdez
Data Analyst
Sherville Valdez linkedin
Nikolas Escobal
Nikolas Escobal
Sales Director
Nikolas Escobal linkedin
Juan Carlo Balda
Juan Carlo Balda
Head of Technical Support and Customer Relations
Juan Carlo Balda linkedin
Carlos Refundo
Carlos Refundo
Marketing Officer/Media Relations
Carlos Refundo linkedin
Jacqui Romorosa
Jacqui Romorosa
Sr. Business Analyst
Jacqui Romorosa linkedin


Franklin Holz
Franklin Holz
Partner at Accenture and SGV and Prolific Early Stage Angel Investor
Franklin Holz linkedin
John Bailon
John Bailon
Founder and CEO of Satoshi Citadel Industries
John Bailon linkedin
Carlo Cojuangco
Carlo Cojuangco
Carlo Cojuangco linkedin
Rafael Padilla
Rafael Padilla
Head of Legal and Compliance Satoshi Citadel Industries
Rafael Padilla linkedin
Artie Lopez
Artie Lopez
Startup Coach and Co-Founder of Brainsparks
Artie Lopez linkedin
Lorne Lantz
Lorne Lantz
Crypto Advisor
Lorne Lantz linkedin

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    Be wary , this website offers very low conversion of your USD!!!!!! Other websites that offers services like offers low conversion, but AQWIRE is too much !!! so before deciding to complete your transaction, please review. There was a difference of at least 3$ (lower than current exchange rate) per php

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