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Arpeggi is a web3 music creation platform where musicians can publish their sounds for others to create with. Begin remixing samples, loops, and songs in a free in-browser DAW in one click. Connect with artists. Grow your following.

Seed Round $5,1M

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Project industryArt & Music
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States

What is Arpeggi Labs

Arpeggi is a collaborative web3 music creation platform built on the ARP protocol. Over the years music has become increasingly 'single player', Arpeggi's goal is to automate the trust in digital collaboration so artists can be more connected than ever.

Arpeggi allows musicians to share their music for reuse with guaranteed attribution when their sound is used. In the traditional music industry, compliantly using someone else’s song or sound requires payment and legal clearance. With Arpeggi, any sound you hear is yours to create with.

Today's platform features an infinite community sourced sample library to create with and a full featured DAW to mint your own songs and samples as shareable tokens.


Raised: 5,100,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021
Office address:
  • San Francisco, California 94117, US
  • New York, New York 10038, US

Project team

Kyle Dhillon
Kyle Dhillon
CTO and Cofounder
Kyle Dhillon linkedin
Evan Dhillon
Evan Dhillon
Co-Founder & CEO
Evan Dhillon linkedin
Darian Sampare
Darian Sampare
Full Stack Software Engineer
Darian Sampare linkedin
Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim linkedin
Olivia Bowman
Olivia Bowman
Design Principal
Olivia Bowman linkedin
Wilton Gorske
Wilton Gorske
Head of Marketing at Arpeggi
Wilton Gorske linkedin
Zachary Saffran
Zachary Saffran
Principal Engineer
Zachary Saffran linkedin
Max Zhan
Max Zhan
Senior Software Engineer
Max Zhan linkedin
Derek Ye
Derek Ye
Software Engineer
Derek Ye linkedin
Alec Papierniak
Alec Papierniak
Head of Blockchain Engineering
Alec Papierniak linkedin
Austin Dhillon
Austin Dhillon
Product Lead
Austin Dhillon linkedin
Tiffany Tang
Tiffany Tang
Lead Designer
Tiffany Tang linkedin
Catherine (SassyBlack) Harris-White
Catherine (SassyBlack) Harris-White
Head of Artist & Community Partnerships
Catherine (SassyBlack) Harris-White linkedin

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