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Apr 25, 2019 – May 24, 2019

The challenge is to put in place truly winning infrastructure and services -> for widening the audience of users, enthusiasts and lovers of figurative art, -> for financing emerging art, -> for financing dissemination and meeting events, -> for financing the restoration and income generation of valuable artworks, -> for increasing security and the average level of authenticity of art, -> for offering more effective, efficient and cost-effective payment methods.

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Project industry Art & Music
Product type Platform
Founded United Kingdom

What is Artis Aes Evolution

  • A new peer-to-peer blockchain marketplace infrastructure.
  • A new crypto token (Artis Aes AES) to use some features that the other crypto generally lack.
  • New smart contracts for the management of the AES.
  • A new Decentralized Document Management System, for storing and managing the electronic art information.
  • A new Artists Galleries decentralized platform.
  • A new tokenization engine in order to finance the future art.
  • Club-members/intranet services on the blockchain.

Artis Aes - Today

Artis Aes is the first portal that offers at the same time consulting, mediation and buying and selling services in the art world.

So, what is Artis Aes?

  • It is a platform for investments in art heritage.
  • It is a complete art banking consultancy service.
  • It is an online marketplace to promote the market of artworks, using online sales and auctions.
  • It is a platform for promoting artists, including the showcase of their works of art.
  • It is a platform and services for organizing, provisioning and promoting exhibitions and events.
  • It is a consulting services company for the evaluation and enhancement of heritage in art.
  • It is an information channel of news and events related to the art world.

Therefore Artis Aes offers custom services for identifying investment opportunities in the art world, with the objective of guaranteeing the right price for the artworks to buyers and sellers. At the same time Artis Aes offers news and services on the art world in order to stimulate awareness and interest and disseminate art in all its manifestations: painting, sculpture, graphic art, applied art, jewellery, photography, video art, design, antiques, etc.

The last financial crisis has led many people to try to sell their owned artworks and at the same time the globalization has exponentially expanded the market. So, with the increase of the offer, the price of the mid-level artworks has been lowering while the prices of high-end works have been growing.

Hence the idea of a portal that professionally combines the needs of art sellers and buyers, artists, art collectors, art lovers, etc.

The company

Artis Aes ltd is a young company made up of people with more than twenty years of experience. It is registered in London to open it to the international art market and its objective is to build networks among all the actors in the art market, such as art lovers, art collectors, art historians, market experts and financing operators.

In 2018 the founders invested and channelled their business into the company.

Currently the company is scouting for works, collectors and artists of interest for the platform. Artis Aes has a long list of collaborators. They are spread over a territory that has no boundaries and covers all areas from the consulting (with estimation and evaluation services) to the promotion and dissemination of artists and their works. The consultants’ list that is published into the web site is the consolidated historical core.

Stakeholders and clients

The Artis Aes services are oriented to protect the value in artworks and are addressed to:

  • art collectors,
  • artworks sellers and shopkeepers,
  • artists,
  • banks and banking foundations involved in art assets,
  • insurances involved in art assets,
  • public bodies,
  • all those interested in being informed about the art world.


Pre-sales: Mar 24, 2019 - Apr 24, 2019
Public sales: Apr 25, 2019 - May 24, 2019
Pre-sale token supply: 2,000,000 AES
Token supply: 52,000,000 AES
Total tokens for sale: 10,000,000 AES
Hard cap: 10,000,000 ETH


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2019
Office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road N1 7GU, London, England

Token info

Ticker: AES
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in ETH: 1 AES = 0.01176 ETH
Bonus program:
+17.65% Pre-ICO
Pre-ICO - 2%
ICO - 10%
SCO - 40%
Token distribution:
Bounty - 1%
Team - 10%
Reserve - 37%
Funds allocation:
Legal - 10%
Product development - 15%
Operations - 30%
Art club services - 25%
Marketing, Sales, Merchant acquisition & Partnerships - 20%

Offices on the map

Artis Aes Evolution Roadmap


Project start

The project for the new evolution on the blockchain has started.


CO definition

The Coin Offerings aspects are defined.


Pre-ICO start

The Pre-ICO starts


Pre-ICO stop

The Pre-ICO ends and the first dev phase starts, including the wallet, the payment gateway and their implementation. The call for building the dev team starts


ICO start

The ICO starts


ICO stop

The ICO ends and the second dev phase starts, including the Decentralized Marketplace and the Artworks Document Management System. The tests start on the first releases of the modules regarding the previous phase. The tuning of the token starts.


SCO start

The SCO starts. The tuning of the token pauses.


SCO stop

The SCO ends and the third dev phase starts, including the Decentralized Artists Galley and the Artworks Documents Exchange System. The tests start on the releases of the modules regarding the previous phases. The tuning of the token restarts.


Development completion

Project team

Daniele Farci
Daniele Farci
Co-founder, CEO & CTO
Daniele Lastretti
Daniele Lastretti
Co-founder & CIO
Raffaella Carta
Raffaella Carta
Archaeologist, medievalist and ceramologist
Enrico Paolo Deplano
Enrico Paolo Deplano
Art historian, expert in architecture
Silvia Ledda
Silvia Ledda
Art historian
Alberto Marci
Alberto Marci
Restorer, expert in restoration of graphic works
Marzia Marino
Marzia Marino
Art historian, expert on the twentieth century
Mauro Marras
Mauro Marras
Restorer, expert in wood restoration and painting
Francesca Mele
Francesca Mele
Patrizio Martorana
Patrizio Martorana
Paola Meloni
Paola Meloni
Expert in material science and technology
Alessandro Ponzeletti
Alessandro Ponzeletti
Inheritance historian and court expert
Rita Rocconi
Rita Rocconi
Cultural planner, expert in valorisation and marketing projects for cultural heritage


Ettore Cinus
Ettore Cinus
Legal advisor
Francesca Nocera
Francesca Nocera
Accountant & fiscal advisor

Social media

Web-site Reddit: Artis Aes Evolution Medium: Artis Aes Evolution YouTube: Artis Aes Evolution Telegram: Artis Aes Evolution BTCTalk: Artis Aes Evolution LinkedIn: Artis Aes Evolution Twitter: Artis Aes Evolution Facebook: Artis Aes Evolution Slack: Artis Aes Evolution Github: Artis Aes Evolution

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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