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Axentro blockchain platform is a visionary journey to create a blockchain that is easy and cheap to use with great features.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperAxentro White Paper Open

What is Axentro

By designing Axentro from core design principles, we are not constrained by existing restrictive design decisions so we are able to create a platform that is:

  • Intuitive - to enable fast adoption by programmers and users
  • Flexible - to enhance creativity in dApp design
  • Scalable - to enable us to increase capacity as required
  • These principles enable us to develop a platform that is highly desirable for investors, commercial businesses requiring secure control of key processes, gaming companies and programmers.

    Specifially Axentro will address the following areas:

  • Smart assets allowing autonomous logic restricted to non financial capabilities
  • Plugin style architecture for nodes to maximise computing resources and control
  • CPU only mining to promote broad scale fairness and protection from monopoly
  • Distributed two factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Our developer portal and decentralised app store will provide access to users and developers to maximise the commercial potential of Axentro.


    IEO (Vindax Launchpad): Jan 25, 2021 - Feb 03, 2021
    Token supply: 20,000,000 AXNT
    Total tokens for sale: 6,000,000 AXNT
    Soft cap: 200,000 USD
    Hard cap: 4,550,000 USD

    Token info

    Ticker: AXNT
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 AXNT = 0.80 USD
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, VD, USDT
    Bonus program:
    Each purchase order with more than 1000 AXNT will get 20% bonus paid in AXNT
    Each purchase order with more than 10000 AXNT will get 25% bonus paid in AXNT

    Project team

    Kingsley Hendrickse
    Kingsley Hendrickse
    Founder & lead developer
    Kingsley Hendrickse linkedin
    Aaron Bronow
    Aaron Bronow
    Aaron Bronow linkedin
    Manuel Berja
    Manuel Berja
    Creative artist and expert in 2D graphics
    Christian Kakesa
    Christian Kakesa
    System developer, back-end & devops
    Christian Kakesa linkedin
    Krystelle Galano
    Krystelle Galano
    Blockchain & crypto marketing specialist
    Bar Hofesh
    Bar Hofesh
    Cyber security

    Social media

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