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blockchain and ai-powered platform connecting, empowering and transforming last-mile grocery stores by enabling direct b2b interaction with manufacturers in any corner of the world.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeService

What is BAZ Protocol

The EkkBaz platform will be a global, decentralized and intelligent platform for direct communication with shops where shop owners and manufacturers can cooperate, buy goods in bulk and receive transparent prices for a wide range of FMCG products.

Manufacturers can also rent storage space for physical stocks in stores in grocery stores and directly provide rewards to loyalty to grocery store owners.

All orders, orders and rewards on the platform will eventually be used by the EKK in the BAZ protocol. The platform will include the following stakeholders who will participate: Grocery store; Manufacturer; Provider; Field army.

EkkBaz will seek to attract independent mobile representatives and companies working in the field to join the platform to increase the pace of expansion and reach grocery stores to bring them to the platform.


Public sales: Jun 25, 2018 - Jul 09, 2018
Token supply: 400000000
Soft cap: 2,000ETH


Registration country: Singapore
Office address: Singapore Office: [email protected], #04-15, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Singapore 569139 Bangladesh Office: Razzak Plaza, Flat no-6/A,C, Lift-5, 2 Shahid Tazuddin Saroni, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh

Token info

Ticker: EKK
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 EKK = 0.048733 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000100 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Contribution Amount above 200 ETH:
Day 1: 20% bonus
Days 2-7: 15% bonus
Days 8-14: 10% bonus
Contribution Amount below 200 ETH:
Day 1: 15% bonus
Days 2-7: 10% bonus
Days 8-14: 5% bonus
Token distribution:
50% - Token Sales and Distribution
35% - Growth Reserve
8% - Team
5% - Marketing and Promotion
2% - Advisors
Funds allocation:
40% - Research and Development
30% - Marketing and Sales
22% - Admin and Operations
5% - Contingency
3% - Legal

BAZ Protocol Roadmap

Q1 2017

EkkBaz conceptualization and team formation in stealth mode.

Q2 2017

Ordering mobile app released in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Q3 2017

Booking feature released to mobile app.

Q4 2017

Piloting with manufacturers and grocery stores for feedback.
Chat module released.

Q1 2018

Analytics & Forecasting module released based on feedback.
Announcement for Token Offering using ICO.

Q2 2018

ICO Token Sale & Distribution.

Q3 2018

General availability in Bangladesh & Singapore.
Release of BAZ Store and EkkBaz Business web app.

Q4 2018

Release of in-market fiat payment support.
Expand to Malaysia and select states in India.

Q1 2019

Release of blockchain privatized network alpha.

Q2 2019

Release of blockchain privatized network beta.
Expand to Indonesia.

Q3 2019

Release of blockchain identity alpha.

Q4 2019

Release of blockchain identity beta.
Release of TestNet
Release of blockchain smart contract alpha.

Q1 2020

Release of blockchain smart contract beta.
Release of BAZ Brain alpha.
Expand to Thailand.

Q2 2020

Release of BAZ Brain beta.
Expand to Vietnam.

Q3 2020

Release of BAZ Protocol beta.
Expand to Philippines.

Q4 2020

General availability of BAZ Protocol.
Expand to Australia and New Zealand.


Growing the platform and further expansion to more countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Project team

Enam Chowdhury
Enam Chowdhury
Founder, CEO, CTO
Enam Chowdhury linkedin
Zobaida Sultana
Zobaida Sultana
Managing Director, Bangladesh
Zobaida Sultana linkedin
Shariar Mhaboob
Shariar Mhaboob
COO, Bangladesh
Shariar Mhaboob linkedin
Shivasangarry Raju
Shivasangarry Raju
Singapore Business Development
Shivasangarry Raju linkedin
Osman Goni Nahid
Osman Goni Nahid
Lead Software Engineer
Osman Goni Nahid linkedin
Saiful Bashar
Saiful Bashar
Software Engineer
Saiful Bashar linkedin
Sabbir Ahmed
Sabbir Ahmed
Software Engineer
Sabbir Ahmed linkedin
Abdullah Al Mosabbir
Abdullah Al Mosabbir
Software Engineer
Abdullah Al Mosabbir linkedin
Firoz Shams
Firoz Shams
Senior Software Engineer
Firoz Shams linkedin
Kamrujjaman Khan
Kamrujjaman Khan
Software Engineer
Kamrujjaman Khan linkedin
Saif Islam
Saif Islam
UI/UX Designer
Saif Islam linkedin
Md. Arifuzzaman
Md. Arifuzzaman
QA Engineer
Md. Arifuzzaman linkedin
Ariful Hossain
Ariful Hossain
Senior Data Engineer
Ariful Hossain linkedin
Porimol Chandro
Porimol Chandro
Data Engineer
Porimol Chandro linkedin
Ferdous Bin Ali
Ferdous Bin Ali
Data Scientist
Ferdous Bin Ali linkedin
Muktadir Islam
Muktadir Islam
Data Engineer
Muktadir Islam linkedin
Nusrat Sharmin
Nusrat Sharmin
Support Engineer
Nusrat Sharmin linkedin
Tabassum Haque
Tabassum Haque
Support Engineer
Tabassum Haque linkedin
Amit Kanti Roy
Amit Kanti Roy
Operation Engineer
Amit Kanti Roy linkedin


Perry Lim
Perry Lim
Business Advisor
Perry Lim linkedin
Viju Chakarapany
Viju Chakarapany
Business Advisor
Viju Chakarapany linkedin
Sakhee Dheer
Sakhee Dheer
Marketing Advisor
Sakhee Dheer linkedin
Joel Platek
Joel Platek
Cyber Security Advisor
Joel Platek linkedin
Choong Koon Fong
Choong Koon Fong
Customer Success Advisor
Choong Koon Fong linkedin
Saket Ranjan
Saket Ranjan
Industry Solution Advisor
Saket Ranjan linkedin
Rama Jayanty
Rama Jayanty
Industry Solution Advisor
Rama Jayanty linkedin
Jimmy Jiancheng Guo
Jimmy Jiancheng Guo
Partnership Advisor
Jimmy Jiancheng Guo linkedin
Nizam Ismail
Nizam Ismail
Legal Advisor
Nizam Ismail linkedin
Kamrul Hasan
Kamrul Hasan
Industry Advisor
Kamrul Hasan linkedin
Jun Hao
Jun Hao
Community Advisor
Jun Hao linkedin
Leonard Tan
Leonard Tan
Blockchain Advisor
Leonard Tan linkedin

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