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BESS tokens are a direct investment in BESS power plants. Each BESS token is backed by currently 6.6 kWh of electricity produced.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
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What is BESS Coin

Each BESS-Coin is backed by every kilowatt of electricity generated by the BESS Kraftwerke™ and their physical value.

The BESS Token was launched to finance BESS Kraftwerke. From 200 euros, the participant buys 200 tokens; this corresponds to one slice of a BESS power plant, in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Each BESS token is backed by 6.6 kWh of electricity produced. The tokens will initially be offered in Germany and later on the European reserve power market.

BESS Power Plants ™ are able to provide and deliver the high quality "secondary control energy", and the subsequent "minutes also tertiary control energy".

The continuous expansion of BESS power plants may ensure the stability and value of the BESS token at the same time.

BESS power plants are insured from the day of commissioning, with a German industrial insurer "All in One", including operation failure.

In Europe, the electricity market is liberalized, BESS power plants are certified, relieve the power grids and thus have free network access. Existing locations are network junctions - distribution network operators, industrial - purchasing centers.


Public sales: Apr 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019
Token supply: 600,000,000
Soft cap: 695,470,960USD (fiat)


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Canada, Germany, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Switzerland, United States, South Korea,
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2008

Token info

Ticker: BES
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BES = 2.083345 USD
Token distribution:
75% - remains with the

BESS Coin Roadmap

May 2008

BioEnergon Green Energy Ltd on shares is founded in London.

June 2012

Presentation 20 KW BESS prototype at the Intersolar in Munich.

November 2013

Commissioning prototype BESS 250 KW semi-automatic.

July 2015

Fully automated prototype BESS 250 KW
Locations acquisition in Germany

August 2017

Development BESS Token / BESS Coin ICO
Project Development BESS Power Station 40 MW Hardegsen - Germany

April 2018

BESS Token / Ico Offer
Token Offer "First Big Project 40 MW Hardegsen" in Germany


January / September Commissioning 40 MW BESS Hardegsen
End 1. Step BESS token offer
Start 2. Step BESS Tohen offer
Creation of 100 MW BESS in Lower Saxony / Thuringia
Set up first "BESS standard" 600 and 1200 kW at supermarket chains / shopping centers
Listing BESS tokens
BESS Coin Listing - Development of BESS Coin Mining


End 2. Step BESS token offer
Start 3. Step BESS Token Offer
Creation of BESS power plants total 150 MW
BESS extension Austria - Switzerland - Netherlands


End 3. Step BESS token offer
Creation of 210 MW BESS power plant output
Extension Africa - Development "BESS Africa Coin"


End 3. BESS token offer
Start 1.BESS Token Offer Africa

Project team

Edmund Schmitz
Edmund Schmitz
Hubert Suslik
Hubert Suslik
Account Manager
Marc Schüßler
Marc Schüßler
Bodo Danzl
Bodo Danzl
Vincenzo Carnabuci
Vincenzo Carnabuci
Sales Technical and coordination Europa
Michele Menato
Michele Menato
Lawer – Solecitor – Adviser
Atti Dikeni Affo
Atti Dikeni Affo
Account Management - Sales and Organition Afrika
Fausto Toso
Fausto Toso
Sales Italy – Baltic countries - Western Asia

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