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BlaaChat is a user-friendly app of more convenient use through the integration of a messenger app and a wallet.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform

What is Blaachat

Blaa is a hybrid (POW + POS) based crypto asset that combines mining coins and platforms such as Ethereum, Blood Mainnet.

It will be used as a major currency system that is universally used in the virtual district called Bloodland, with over 8,000 owners of Bloodland and 1 million cells in the virtual district were sold. Based on the secure chat called BlaaChat, an application consisting of a messaging service, game, blood donation, and the virtual district Bloodland, has already been launched in Google Play and App Store. In the future, Bloodland will be realized by matching the virtual communication world with the actual location of the Earth based on VR.

Blaa is one of the BF3 Blood Mainnets. This is to complete the world view of Blood that has a variety of world views such as security chat, blockchain, and Bloodland on the BlaaChat platform, which combines the advantages of POW and POS to increase the versatility of the Blood Mainnet and its external appearance. It has a purpose to expand to.

About blaachat

  • Anonymity
  • Don’t need a phone number and email.Provide decentralized anonymity by blockchain-based certificate login.
  • E2EE encryption Messages
  • Anyone can't see your messages via intercept this, it's using End to End Encryption to All messages. Providing powerful encryption messages.
  • Security
  • Anonymity based certificate password is not stored on the server. Become myself is a principal of security, it's boasted sure security.
  • Transfer and Escrow
  • Able to transfer using Blockchain cryptocurrency BLOOD. Providing Escrow for safe trade.
  • Freeware
  • blaachat boast the best security function, everyone able using and it's free.
  • Various games
  • Exist various game using luck, controls, psychology thing. Able to enjoy Blockchain based games with equal opportunity, fair process, transparent result.

    BLOODLAND, as a location-based platform, shares a role for real information of location and time, and of a medium that can easily receive such information, through information sharing with brands participating in BF3. This provides efficient choices to both users and suppliers.

    BlaaChat is a user-friendly app of more convenient use through the integration of a messenger app and a wallet.


    IEO (Vindax Launchpad): Jul 09, 2020 - Jul 18, 2020
    Token supply: 400,000,000 BLAA
    Soft cap: 200,000 BLAA
    Hard cap: 500,000 BLAA

    Token info

    Ticker: BLAA
    Token price in USD: 1 BLAA = 0.055 USDT

    Project team

    Seung Il Chung (Solomon Chung)
    Seung Il Chung (Solomon Chung)
    Director of Development | Founder | President
    Jin Hoon An
    Jin Hoon An
    Vice President
    Kwon Seok Kim
    Kwon Seok Kim
    Chief Technology Officer
    Hwan Oh Bae
    Hwan Oh Bae
    Chief Contents Officer

    Social media

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