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Blocform is a mobile app-based platform designed to solve the ownership and copyright problems in the music industry.

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What is Blocform

The Blocform team aims to create an ecosystem that will connect celebrities and fans. The Blocform users will be able to downloading music, live streaming and purchasing merchandise. The team is based in Singapore and has an operating platform called Global Topstars. Ad-supported entertainment will be accessible via Blocform’s World Celebrities app. The team will also offer an e-commerce app and a booking service (flights, hotels, etc.). The system will employ an ERC20 Blocform token (BFG). It will be used for all transactions and payments on the platform.


Pre-sales: Nov 18, 2017 - Dec 18, 2017
Public sales: May 10, 2018 - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 290,000,000
Token supply: 270,000,000
Hard cap: 22,500,000 USD(fiat)

Token info

Ticker: BFG
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BFG = 0.1666672 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Week 1 — 30%
Week 2 — 25%
Week 3 — 15%
Week 4 — 10%
Week 5 to Week 8 — 5%
Token distribution:
28% - Main Development
32% - Reserve
1% - Legal
18% - Marketing / Bounty Campaigns
6% - Board
15% - Founders / Team
28% - Crowdsale

Blocform Roadmap

Oct 2017

BFG - GTS Kickstarts The Celebrities's Application Event.

Oct 2017

BFG - GTS Announces Technology Transfer to CHINA on Television Station channel VTV1 & HTV1.

Nov 2017

BFG Launches Pre-Sale in Singapore.

Dec 2017

BFG - GTS Opens Winter Party to Launch App With Celebrities.

Mar 2018

BFG Opens New Office in United States.

Mar 2018

BFG Hosts A Private Dinner with Celebrities in Hyatt Hotel & Resort (Huntington Beach, USA).

Apr 2018

BFG Launches BlocForm Mobile App.

May 2018

BFG -Gudao Partnership Signing Ceremony.

Jun 2018

BFG Launches a Top Trade Platform with BFG payment gateway (E-commerce Mobile App).

Sep 2018

BFG go to Exchange and listing on CMC.

Sep 2018

BFG Launches TopStars App with BFG payment gateway.

Nov 2018

BFG - Gudao Opens New Office in Euroupe.

Dec 2018

BFG - Gudao Kickstarts The Celebrities's Application Event.

Dec 2018

BFG Updates New Features for TopStars Mobile App.

Feb 2019

BFG Launches New Game App for Ecosystem.

May 2019

BFG Develops More Apps for Asian Celebrities.

Aug 2019

Upgrade new feature of the Ecosystem.

2020 2021

Upgrade new feature of the Ecosystem.

Project team

Ni Lin
Ni Lin
Chief Executive Officer of Blocform Global Chief Executive Officer of Gudao Culture
David Lee
David Lee
Founder of Blocform Global
Kiki Wu
Kiki Wu
Chief Marketing Officer of Blocform Global Chief Operating Officer of Gudao Culture
Amarpreet Singh, Mba
Amarpreet Singh, Mba
Advisor of Blocform Global Blockchain Consultant Top 10 Global ICO Advisor
Jukka Pellinen
Jukka Pellinen
Advisor of Financial Development Senior Manager at Prudential Services
Jukka Pellinen
Jukka Pellinen
Advisor of Financial Development Senior Manager at Prudential Services
Max Ng
Max Ng
Advisor In Blockchain Technology Founding Member for
Eric Alexandre Ceret
Eric Alexandre Ceret
Creative Director Specialized in Blockchain Technology Founder of Jetcoin
Jan Sjodin
Jan Sjodin
Chief of Advisor SMTS Compiler Engineer at AMD

Social media

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