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BlokCoin Token is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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Product typePlatform
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What is BlokCoin

The present financial market is bedeviled by a series of problems that are eroded by mistrust, inefficiency, price manipulations and transparency, poor interfacing, security, and accessibility throughout. Although the current climate of exchanges service a variety of purposes there’s none who clearly hits all. What we’d like to do here today is introduce the one stop shop for curing all issues above.

Our Goals

1. Provide a platform between fiat and crypto coins exchange for uses of our coin.

2. Giving out 1% of all profit back to charity at the end of each month.

3. To develop an advance and smart algorithms and cutting-edge security KYC feature.

4. Seamless interface that puts the control back in the hands of the user.

5. Launching on various platforms Web/ Mobile/App based(IOS/Android)

6. Introduce transparency & control for utilizing BlokCoin Token (BLOKS) in a DAO purpose to determine which new coin will be launched every month.

7. Allow for unlimited trading & withdrawals monthly

8. Create the most advanced security functions on the marketplace by adding the most seasoned team to start an exchange.

9. Allow 5 trading pairs for ALL coins

10. Living in a fast evolving world, we stay ahead of future trends and provide services that will be in high demand for the future of currencies

BlokCoin Token is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency exchange platform that is pushing the limits in the future of blockchain technology. What we are looking to deliver is an excellent exchange when compared to any on the marketplace today.

Our team of seasoned executives and development specialists have devised what we see as essentials needed in the crypto exchange space today and have come up with a simple formula:

The exclusivity and accessibility of a Coinbase & functionality of Binance.

Mission & Value

  • act as an exchange with flexible trading pairs for all coins and tokens through the fostering and enhancement for the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange for global trading
  • present a token that represents the identity of an individual and give them access to the world at large.
  • Our Vision

  • Become the modern crypto trading platform that will fully utilize Blockchain technology in delivering unique value propositions for users. Most especially, we intend to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem grounded in the interactions between assets and Blockchain technology.
  • Advantages of BlokCoin Exchange

    To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, after the full pre-ICO and ICO services, BlokCoin will provide participants with full education on the token trading analysis, digital influence and marketing, liquidity channels, strategic supervision and board advisory, long-term token brand progress,updates and financial reports when necessary. Furthermore, as a fast developing market, getting updates is a challenge as it requires constant update and vigilance. A team of experienced experts will provide direction to investors through news feeds and market intelligence analysis for the crypto market.

    At the early stage of our product launching, users can carry out their direct crypto payment using Bitcoin, Ethereum and BlokCoin Token (BTT). More cryptocurrencies will be supported in response to the demand and feedback from the market.

    Token info

    Ticker: BLOKS
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 BLOKS = 0.05 USD
    Accepted currencies: BCH, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
    Token distribution:
    Public 55%
    Marketing 20%
    Reserved 15%
    Team & Advisors 10%
    Funds allocation:
    Exchange Development 70%
    Emergency Fund 15%
    Founders & Team 14%
    Charity of the month 1%

    BlokCoin Roadmap

    August 2018

    Develop Prospective Business Plan

    Q4 2018

    Launching of BlokCoin ICO Info Website
    ICO Announcement

    November 2018

    Marketing Campagin & Airdrop
    BlokCoin Beta Exchange Launched
    ICO Pre-Sale

    January 2019

    BlokCoin Exchange Launch

    Q1 2019

    Develop Digital Crypto Index Fund

    Project team

    Ken Reece
    Ken Reece
    Founder & Advisor
    Tyler McGrath
    Tyler McGrath
    Dillion Ko
    Dillion Ko
    Bibiana Aguero
    Bibiana Aguero
    Managing Director and VP of Design
    Mikeoun Choi
    Mikeoun Choi
    VP Marketing
    Taslim Yakub
    Taslim Yakub
    Web Developer
    Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez
    Web Developer

    Social media

    BlokCoin web-siteBlokCoin TelegramBlokCoin LinkedInBlokCoin TwitterBlokCoin FacebookBlokCoin Github



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