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Bodhi (BOT) ICO

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Bodhi aims to build a prediction market.

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Project industry Prediction Markets
Product type Platform
Founded Singapore, 2017


Bodhi uses third-party Oracle to automatically judge the prediction results to guarantee the efficiency of the decision making process. Bodhi enables Bodhi tokken holders to take over the voting process and make the final decision of a prediction event in the event of Oracle failure.

There is an increasing trust within communities on enabling public blockchain as Oracle that is fair and decentralized.

Bodhi will first be deployed on the Qtum .

Bodhi prediction market is intended to be flexible enough to allow the use of any cryptocurrency (which is not a security) to participate in the prediction market.

BOT is a utility token which may only be utilized on the Bodhi platform.

Ownership of Bodhi tokken carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use Bodhi tokken as a means to enable usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed.


Token supply: 60000000


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 22 North Canal Road #02-00 Singapore 048834


Bounty: 5%

Token info

Ticker: BOT
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: USD, QTUM
Token distribution:
60% Issued to community users
15% Development and Consulting
10% Employee incentives
10% Early stage emergency arbitrations locked by Foundation
5% Bug bounty
Funds allocation:
65% Development
10% Consulting
10% Legal
10% Marketing
5% Misc.

Bodhi (BOT) ICO Roadmap

June 2017

Announcing the Bodhi prediction market

December 2017

Deploy Bodhi prediction market beta version onto Qtum testnet

June 2018

Deploy Bodhi prediction market MVP version onto Qtum main network

December 2018

Deploy Bodhi prediction market production version onto Qtum main network

June 2019

Deploy Bodhi prediction market optimization version onto Qtum main network

Project team

Project Lead & Founder
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 1
Xiahong Lin
Project Lead & Founder
Tech Lead
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 2
Frank Hu
Tech Lead
Design Lead
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 3
Li Li
Design Lead
Smart Contract Developer
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 4
Deric Walintukan
Smart Contract Developer
VP Marketing
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 5
Jane Wu
VP Marketing
Business Development
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 6
Cecilia Li
Business Development
Digital Marketing Manager
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 7
Sai Zhang
Digital Marketing Manager
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 8
Samuel Suh
Community ManagerAdvisors				 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 9
Jack Lam
Community ManagerAdvisors


 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 10
Patrick DaI
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 11
Weixing CheN
 in Bodhi (BOT) ICO - 12
Chandler Guo

Social media

Web-site YouTube Telegram btctalk Twitter github

User rating:

5/5 ( 2 )

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