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CaseGPT is an innovative project that aims to transform the legal sector using AI and blockchain technologies Shaping the Future of Law with AI and Blockchain.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typeDapp
WhitepaperCaseGPT White Paper Open

What is CaseGPT

At its heart, CaseGPT employs state-of-the-art AI algorithms to analyze legal texts and provide pertinent legal insights. This approach greatly streamlines legal research, enhancing both speed and efficiency. What distinguishes CaseGPT is its intuitive interface and cutting-edge features that cater to a diverse user base. For individuals seeking legal advice, it simplifies complex legal terminology and offers clear, actionable guidance akin to a virtual legal consultant.

Additionally, CaseGPT integrates blockchain technology to ensure heightened security and transparency. This aspect is crucial in maintaining the integrity of legal documents and transactions, especially in sensitive legal matters.

In conclusion, CaseGPT represents a transformative tool in legal tech, utilizing AI and blockchain to offer efficient, accessible, and secure legal assistance and research capabilities. This innovation signifies a major step forward in legal technology, with the potential to reshape the legal research landscape and democratize access to legal resources.


IDO (Kommunitas Launchpad): Mar 16, 2024 - Mar 16, 2024
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Mar 18, 2024 - Mar 20, 2024
Pre-sale token supply: 20,000,000 GPTC
Token supply: 100,000,000 GPTC
Total tokens for sale: 25,000,000 GPTC


Blockchain Platform: Arbitrum
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: GPTC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 GPTC = 0,15 USD
Token distribution:
10% - Team
5% - Founders
5% - Advisors
10% - Reserve Fund
15% - Marketing and Partnerships
15% - Liquidity
15% - Platform Incentives
20% - Private Sale
5% - Public Sale

CaseGPT Roadmap

Stage 1: Inception (Start Date: March 2023)
  • Conceptualization of the project.
  • Initial research and market analysis.
  • Formation of the project team and collaboration with advisors.
  • Initiation of the first fundraising round.
Stage 2: Analysis and Prototype (Start Date: June 2023)
  • Development of the core platform concept.
  • Creation of the initial prototype.
  • Further market analysis and gathering of user feedback.
Stage 3: Development and Alpha Release (Start Date: September 2023)
  • Commencement of the primary platform development.
  • Development of the alpha version and limited user testing.
  • Collection of initial user feedback and bug reports.
Stage 4: Beta Release and Early Users (Start Date: December 2023)
  • Continued development and release of the beta version.
  • Expansion of user testing to a broader audience.
  • Extensive security and performance testing.
Stage 5: Expanded User Base (Start Date: March 2024)
  • Public launch of the platform to a wider user base.
  • Initiation of marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Planning for the second fundraising round.
Stage 6: Improvement and Growth (Start Date: June 2024)
  • Ongoing platform enhancements based on user feedback and performance data.
  • Establishment of initial partnerships and strategic agreements.
  • Planning for international expansion.
Stage 7: Global Reach (Start Date: September 2024)
  • Adaptation of the platform for use in different countries and languages.
  • Expansion into global markets and increased visibility.
  • Diversification of product offerings and the addition of new features.
Stage 8: Long-Term Sustainability (Start Date: December 2024)
  • Development of long-term sustainability plans for the project.
  • Increasing community engagement and providing opportunities for token holders to participate.
  • Exploration of new partnerships and growth opportunities.

Project team

Aytek Ustundag
Aytek Ustundag
Aytek Ustundag linkedin
Ekrem Bayraktar
Ekrem Bayraktar
Ekrem Bayraktar linkedin
COO- Lead Blockchain Developer
Ersan YAKIT linkedin
Kürşad Coşkun
Kürşad Coşkun
Blockchain Developer
Kürşad Coşkun linkedin
Ömer Kurt
Ömer Kurt
Blockchain Developer
Ömer Kurt linkedin
Denis Lukavackic
Denis Lukavackic
Denis Lukavackic linkedin
Piyanut Wonglakhon
Piyanut Wonglakhon
Marketing Representative
Piyanut Wonglakhon linkedin
Damir Lukavackic
Damir Lukavackic
Global Expansion Leader
Damir Lukavackic linkedin


Advisor /Partner
tuNNCay twitter
Hoopoe Ventures
Hoopoe Ventures
Strategic Partner
Hoopoe Ventures twitter

Social media

CaseGPT web-siteCaseGPT MediumCaseGPT TelegramCaseGPT LinkedInCaseGPT Twitter



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