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UVU Coin its a token of CCUniverse Project. We are combined with three programs that bring blockchain technology closer to the people. It is a crypto ATMs program at the local areas. Electric Cars Rental Real Estate with innovative and fancy technology such as the geodesic dome.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeCryptocurrency
Hashing algorithmSHA-256


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What is CCUniverse

Firstable You must know what it is CCUniverse. We are a young project which is considering to make real things in crypto marekt and at the world. The base of our activity is to make something real for the community and for cryptoworld using a blockchain technology.

Our idea is building a whole network of our infrastructure like: crypto ATMs , rental electric cars with charge stations, and innovations at real estates market.

CCUniverse got sure that our efforts will bring to people awesome things and it help them to get the adventages from blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We are focused on discovering and at the same time taking care of the welfare of the earth and the environment. CCUniverse will be focus at any innovation which is made to use renewable energy sources, because it is the future as like a blockchain technology.

Decentralized wealth is for us the tool to make such a big things in the world. It will be the power of whole UVU coin - we got very strong background.

Our investors could see in any moment our progress at the streets and take satisfy because their investitions. We choose for the begin an Europe to build their our infrastructure because there are still big gaps in it. It is our chance to be visible very quickly.

Advantages of the project

Our upperhand is easy to define because UVU coin is new type cryptocurrency with very solid background. We are operating in real world not only virtual as usual currency. We are creating and building infrastructure for whole market and we are connected with all conis by this. ATMs is a favor to the people and the other developers , traders of the cryprocurrency market.

If we look at electric car rental its simmilar situation, We are support innovational technology by bringing it to the people. A specially if its difficult in such area as we want to operate.

Our targets and goals

The target of CCUniverse and UVU Coin is building a whole network of our infrastructure like crypto ATMs, rental electric cars and build wooden or innovative real estates. We want to thicken the European market in many countries and gives our investors a profits. Also we want build stron cryptocurrency and value to could make another projects in infrastructure. We want support also other initiatives. The target for 2020 is to build about 50-100 ATMs machines and collect the fleet of cars for example 20-30 to rent also we want build in 2020 first building/houses. About our coin we are targeting for 100- 200 group at coinmarketcap lists.

Why did the idea come from

We live in central Europe and the value of crypto ATM is still very low. Getting to them is very difficult. We are thinking that for people is very important to could make a deal with crypto by fiat in easy way- directly by the machine. Also in the other way if You want to get fiat currency from Yours crypto incomes its the easiest way to go to the ATMs.

Today this is a way of getting out standrad fiat profits so for crypto should be exactly the same. Thats why we want to bring it to the people. Other idea about electric cars is connected with our passion to innovation and new technology. We want also support our natural enviroment by reduce air polution which is cause also by standard cars.


Public sales: Apr 17, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
Total tokens for sale: 9,000,000,000 UVU
Soft cap: 50 BTC
Hard cap: 200 BTC


Blockchain Platform: Waves
Country limitations: USA, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq
Registration country: Poland

Token info

Ticker: UVU
Token price in USD: 1 UVU = 0.01 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, Waves, USD, EUR, ZEC, BCH, TRY, DASH, MONERO
Token distribution:
50% - Public Sale
26% - Private Sale
10% - Reserve Fund
10% - Team & Founder
3.9% - Advisors & Partners
0.1% - Bounty & Events

CCUniverse Roadmap

Apr-May 2019

Standing the brand: website,bounty level 1,white paper, creating the team, advisory of program shapes

Jun - Aug 2019

Start Programs Development and True Token Economy.a) fix first devices at 1-3 locations,buy storage spot,build first charge station at storage spot. b)start IEO at big exchange top 20 and listing UVU on it

Sep - Oct 2019

At October finishing minimum 5x ATM device farm, lease 3 cars to our fleet. Open listing at 3rd exchange from ranking top70.Purchase first land for future prototype building.

Nov - Dec 2019

Start preparation and complete the documentations and all data, suppliers, 3rd parties, projects for 3rd phase of CCUniverse - Real Estate sector.
Continue work and adding new devices and cars to our base.

Jan - Apr 2020

Prepare building phase and start work at first prototype.To invest at least 10-15 ATM + 10 cars. Prepare for rescale our activities to another part of the year.

Jul - Aug 2020

Continue work on projects to finish 2020 with a score of around 50 overall devices (ATM + cars+ charges stations). We want finish first prototype of house at end of 2020.

Project team

Przemyslaw Kaminski
Przemyslaw Kaminski
Przemyslaw Kaminski linkedin
Tomek Konicki
Tomek Konicki
CFO & Senior Developement
Tomek Konicki linkedin
Damian Iwanowicz
Damian Iwanowicz
Former Developement Manager
Damian Iwanowicz linkedin
Tomasz Szymczyszyn
Tomasz Szymczyszyn
Developement Manager
Tomasz Szymczyszyn linkedin
Deepanshu Bhatt
Deepanshu Bhatt
Strategic Consultant
Deepanshu Bhatt linkedin
Pranav Arya
Pranav Arya
Marketing Consultant
Pranav Arya linkedin
Anton Del Mel
Anton Del Mel
Blockchain Details Developer
Anton Del Mel linkedin


Lalit Bansal
Lalit Bansal
Entrepreneur,TOP ICOBench Expert
Lalit Bansal linkedin
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan linkedin
Nikodem Świder
Nikodem Świder
Advisor, CEO of BalcerCoin
Nikodem Świder linkedin

Social media

CCUniverse web-siteCCUniverse RedditCCUniverse MediumCCUniverseYouTubeCCUniverse TelegramCCUniverse BTCTalkCCUniverse LinkedInCCUniverse TwitterCCUniverse FacebookCCUniverse Github



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    Hello Guys,
    Thank You for watching and add us.
    Please check also our token sale panel at our website
    You can have it there a referal link to get free tokens.

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