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Cocos-BCX is a development and operating environment for decentralized gaming applications and digital assets.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Cocos-BCX

Cocos-BCX is an an easy-to-use development and operating infrastructure for game developers, many of whom are not familiar with decentralized applications or the economic mechanisms of blockchain applications. Cocos-BCX will help developers offer better experiences using various software architectures and economic incentives. In the long-term, the Cocos-BCX Platform may help transform the business model of gaming from fee-based to asset-based. Games developed using Cocos-BCX improve the overall gaming industry value proposition when stakeholders align to achieve the common objective of digital asset appreciation vs. using pay to play models. COCOS tokens are introduced and assumed with three objectives: medium of exchange, proof of stake for delegated consensus mechanism, and proof of participation in and governance on community activities such as bounty tasks.


Token supply: 21,400,000,000

Token info

Ticker: COCOS
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
39.6% - reserved for DPoS consensus contribution and Cocos Foundation
18% - Team Incentive
15% - Private Sale R2
10% - Eco Participant Incentive
8% - Eco Partner Incentive
6.4% - Private Sale R1
3% - Advisor Incentive

Social media

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User rating:

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