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CratD2C is a cutting-edge Blockchain employing DPoS consensus on Layer-1, ensuring top-tier security, instant finality, remarkable scalability, min tnx fees.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
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What is CratD2C

At its core, CratD2C stands as a powerful hub capable of hosting a vast spectrum of decentralized applications (dApps) and tokens, effectively knitting together diverse sectors through an efficient, transparent, and secure digital framework. From the intricacies of Manufacturing and Logistics to the complexities of Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Content Creation, Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, and Food Supply, CratD2C emerges as a versatile solution addressing the unique challenges of various industries.

Operating on a sophisticated blockchain architecture, CratD2C adopts the DPoS consensus model on Layer-1, delivering top-tier security, rapid transaction finality, impressive scalability, negligible transaction fees, and enhanced privacy features. These characteristics form the bedrock of a platform designed to meet the demands of the digital era.

At the heart of CratD2C's ecosystem are its distinguished players: Validators, Delegators, LiteBackers, and TurboBackers. Validators ensure security and consensus, while Delegators participate in transaction rewards. LiteBackers and TurboBackers, on the other hand, engage in strategic staking, with the opportunity for Bonus CratD2C IP portions that hold the potential for biannual dividends. This ecosystem creates a harmonious balance of active contributors, collectively driving the network's efficiency and growth.

In summary, CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain represents a digital landscape where industries converge, transactions are streamlined, and security is paramount. It's an ecosystem where technology meets innovation, and participants are empowered to be active contributors to its growth. By bridging industries and fostering transparency, CratD2C is not just a blockchain; it's a transformative force that propels us into the future of technological advancement.


Pre-sales: Dec 20, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024
Token supply: 300,000,000 CratD2C


Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: CratD2C
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 CratD2C = 0.18 USD
Token distribution:
IP-Shares Royalties - 30%
Community Trust Vesting Grant (CTVG) - 10%
Team - 10%
Validators, Delegators, Backers - 18%
Advisors - 2%
Manufacturers/Merchants, Consumers, Partners. Commissions - 5%
SWAP - 1.5%
Marketing - 7.25%
Liquidity - 10%
Network Operations - 3%
Ecosystem Development - 3%
AirDrop - 0.25%

Project team

Dr. Arogundade (
Dr. Arogundade ("Dr. Sammy") Samsondeen
FOUNDER / CEO , Head of Market Ethics
Dr. Arogundade (
Charles Cieters
Charles Cieters
Head of Business Development
Charles Cieters linkedin
Sarale (Osila) Osarochujor
Sarale (Osila) Osarochujor
Business Development Associate
Sarale (Osila) Osarochujor linkedin
Sammy Ajayi
Sammy Ajayi
Customer Support Representative
Sammy Ajayi linkedin
Abiola Gbolahan Alabi
Abiola Gbolahan Alabi
Abiola Gbolahan Alabi linkedin

Social media

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