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Createra is a user-generated content (UGC) metaverse engine enabling creators to create, distribute, and MetaFi games. Creating on Createra is made more fun and efficient by an unlimited player capacity, as well as multi-creator options and cross-play from anywhere.

Series A Funding: $10 Million

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeEcosystem

What is Createra

Createra develops the technology and infrastructure to enable creators to MetaFi their offerings, through its powerful engine, flexible editors, and the creator economic system. We saw the increasing demand in metaverse experiences. The consumers are keen to explore metaworlds, while creators need creation tools, powerful and easy to learn, to transfer their ideas into metaworlds experience. What’s more, both the players and the creators value the accessibility and need the metaworlds can be easily shared with friends. All these demands help Createra to design our core offerings to facilitate the process to be easy and fun.

We are focusing on three core areas:

  • Meta-Build
  • Fi-Infra
  • Creator Eco


Raised: 10,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Createra Roadmap

Basic Tool Development
  • Official website launch
  • VOXA demo rollout
  • ARENA demo rollout
  • NFT gallery launch
Creator Ecosystem Launch
  • Creator recruitment
  • Establishment of Creator foundation
  • Official launch of VOXA
  • Official launch of ARENA
  • Production, ad serving, and distribution of professional contents
Creator Economy Evolve
  • Genesis-Land presale and launch
  • Support for issuance and trade of creative NFT
  • Support for external smart contract deployment
  • Launch of smart wallet
Digital Metaverse
  • Establishment of User experience foundation
  • Content advertising placement center
  • Ongoing development of tools to build a gamefi infrastructure
  • Support more types of digital contents

Project team

Jon Wagbi
Jon Wagbi
Founder & CEO
Chief of growth
Chief of R&D
Chief of Creative
Lisha Wang
Lisha Wang
Head of Marketing
Lisha Wang linkedin
Viktor Zheng
Viktor Zheng
Head of Design
Viktor Zheng linkedin
Jessie Ji
Jessie Ji
Chief of Inspirations
Jessie Ji linkedin

Social media

Createra web-siteCreatera MediumCreateraYouTubeCreatera TelegramCreatera LinkedInCreatera TwitterCreatera Discord

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