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CryptoArt.Ai is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperCryptoArt.Ai White Paper Open

What is CryptoArt.Ai

CryptoArt.Ai is Asia's largest NFT CryptoArt trading platform, allowing any user to create and display their own works, and own the ownership of the NFT. The platform integrates casting, sales, and collection of NFT encrypted artworks. There are currently more than 600 artists in residence from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and the sold-out rate of works exceeds 60%.

On the CryptoArt.Ai platform based on the ERC-721 protocol, users can directly make bids to artists, or buy directly according to the bids. Artists can control the pricing model and can also give users NFTs.

All the works of each creator are cast by their own blockchain smart contracts. Under this mechanism, any application in the ecosystem can be directly integrated with the contracts of individual artists without affecting the entire market pool. The new combination of artwork and auction mechanism innovates the traditional circulation mode of artwork, so that artwork can get rid of the intermediary who has smart contract to conduct transactions.


IDO (Poolz Launchpad): Jul 18, 2021 - Jul 18, 2021
IEO (Gate Launchpad): Jul 26, 2021 - Jul 26, 2021
Token supply: 100,000,000 CART
Total tokens for sale: 500,000 CART
Raised: 1,120,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosniaand Herzegovina, Burundi, Burma, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Japan, North Korea, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: CART
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 CART = 0.2 USD

CryptoArt.Ai Roadmap

  • Project preparation
  • Art traceability system development
  • Art traceability system internal test
  • 2
  • Encrypted art platform development
  • Encryption art platform test put into use
  • Encrypted art offline auction
  • 3
  • Planning large-scale offline cryptographic art and multimedia art exhibition physical artwork
  • mapping NFT trading system development
  • Founded NFT Investment Foundation CAA Foundation
  • NFT+DEF function online
  • 4
  • Hosting the Global Art School Youth Encrypted Art Competition
  • Electronic picture frame album project establishment
  • Develop encryption art terminal display system software
  • NFT Ant Toy dynamic blind box project
  • 5
  • Original music, photography, video digital MFT asset trading function development
  • 6
  • Digital art trading will become a daily habit of the new generation of collectors
  • Social media

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