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Darwinia Network is a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, serves as critical infrastructure for interoperability across the blockchain networks. Darwinia Network focuses on decentralized cross-chain token swap, exchange, and market and enables single-chain application upgrade to cross-chain version, including Defi, Game, DEX, NFT market, and more. Its vision is to build the future Internet of Tokens.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperDarwinia Network White Paper Open

Technical details

Darwinia ChainRelay is a super light-client ChainRelay. It allows us to upgrade the single-chain application protocols to cross-chain versions, which include but not limited to Defi, Game, DEX, NFT Market, etc.

What is Darwinia Network

Darwinia Bridge Chain is the most important part of the Darwinia Network, it is also the bridge hub of dapps and public chains.

Darwinia Network itself can operate as a stand-alone cross-chain network, and Darwinia chain will be responsible for consensus security and cross-chain interoperability. Meanwhile, benefits from Polkadot, which provides an open parachain network access method, Darwinia Chain can also chooses to access Polkadot as a Parachain of Polkadot, then Polkadot will take over and be responsible for the security of the Darwinia chain. All of the Parachain in Darwinia Network will be able to connect to a wider external blockchain network via Polkadot.


  • RING

RING is the native token of Darwinia Network. It's used to pay for the GAS fee of the on-chain transactions and cross-chain services. RING can be staked for staking rewards and obtaining voting power to participate in the governance.

  • KTON

KTON is a derivative commitment token of RING (Darwinia Network native token), which encourages long-term involvement. RING holders can voluntarily lock RING for 3–36 months and get KTON as rewards, compensating for the liquidity loss.  KTON can be staked for staking rewards and obtaining voting power to participate in the governance.


The Darwinia Network will distribute RING as an incentive to the participants of Staking. The process of Staking can also be understood as the POS mining process, where the miner obtains Staking energy by pledging tokens for POS mining.


Pre-sales: Aug 01, 2019 - Aug 31, 2019
IEO (Cointiger Launchpad): Jan 29, 2021 - Jan 29, 2021


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: RING
Type: Utility-token
Funds allocation:
Financing - 30%
Foundation - 20%
Team - 15%
Business Development and Marketing - 15%
Community - 20%

Darwinia Network Roadmap

  • Evolution Land Launched
  • 2
    2019 Q1
  • Evolution Land: Atlantis Continent
  • 3
    2019 Q2
  • Evolution Land: Byzantine Continent
  • 4
    2019 Q3
  • Darwinia PoC-1 Trilobita Testnet
  • Darwinia PoC-2 Crayfish Testnet
  • 5
    2019 Q4
  • ETH-Relay module open source
  • 6
    2020 Q1
  • Darwinia POC-3 IceFrog Testnet
  • 7
    2020 Q2
  • Darwinia Web Wallet
  • Ethereum Linear Relay
  • 8
    2020 Q3
  • Darwinia Crab Canary Network
  • Darwinia Relay
  • Mainnet Pre-launch: Genesis Generation
  • 9
    2020 Q4
  • Mainnet Stage 1: Staking
  • Ethereum-Darwinia Unidirectional Bridge
  • DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine) Testnet: Pangolin
  • Darwinia-Ethereum Reverse Bridge
  • Darwinia Crab Canary Network Integrate DVM
  • 10
    2021 Q1
  • Evolution Land: Crab Continent
  • Transfer activated on Darwinia Network
  • Substrate-Substrate Bridge
  • Kusama PLO (Darwinia Crab Canary Network)
  • 11
    2021 Q2
  • Darwinia Integrate DVM
  • Evolution Land: Darwinia Continent
  • Polkadot PLO (Darwinia Network)
  • 12
    2021 Q1-Q4
  • Darwinia NFT Adapter
  • More bridges
  • Other Ecological Applications
  • Project team

    Alex Chien
    Alex Chien
    Alex Chien linkedin
    Denny Wang
    Denny Wang
    Denny Wang linkedin
    Bree Yin
    Bree Yin
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Bree Yin linkedin
    Xavier Lau
    Xavier Lau
    Rust Blockchain Engineer
    Xavier Lau linkedin


    Joven Bugay
    Joven Bugay
    Ambassador at Polkadot Network
    Joven Bugay linkedin
    Edille Christian Carillo
    Edille Christian Carillo
    Edille Christian Carillo linkedin
    Xamborg Deuxchette
    Xamborg Deuxchette
    Xamborg Deuxchette linkedin

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