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Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedKorea, Republic of


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What is Dvision Network

Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. Dvision Network provides a global payment system for participants to engage in robust economic activities in the new virtual world. Here, participants can participate in Dvision Network anywhere in the real world and receive nationwide services. In the Dvision ecosystem, crypto assets are issued through the usage of blockchain technology to mainly overcome shortcomings such as changes in exchange rates between key currencies of different countries, slow transmission speeds and burdensome commission fees paid to intermediaries. The crypto assets address the issues mentioned above, and reduce payment procedures for those developers and partners who will participate in the token ecosystem built on a single blockchain network. By utilizing blockchain technology, Dvision Network is expected to reduce entry barriers for potential global partners, which will result in corresponding outcomes.


Public sales: Nov 09, 2020 - Nov 09, 2020
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 DVI


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: DVI
Token standard: BEP20, ERC20
Accepted currencies: USDT
Token distribution:
advisor - 3%
Development - 25%
Token Sale - 20%
Ecosystem - 17%
Marketing - 15%
Reserve - 10%
team - 10%

Dvision Network Roadmap

2019 Q4 ~ 2020 Q3
  • Dvision Dvision Idea & Business Feasibility Validation
  • Seed Round Token Sale
  • Team building
  • Whitepaper 1.0 ver Release
  • Private Round Token Sale
  • ERC-20 base system establishment & testing in the NFT Market
  • Configuration of the Architecture inside Meta-Space & NFT Market Designing
  • 2
    2020 Q4
  • White Paper 1.1 Ver Release
  • Transaction Structure Development & Side-Chain System Development
  • Contract Structure Development & Visual Interaction Beta-test
  • Dvision Wallet Release
  • NFT Market BT Phase Completion
  • Application & Launch of the ERC-20
  • Base System inside of the NFT Market
  • 3
    2021 Q1
  • Market Purchasing and Selling / BT Completion and Commercialization
  • Expansion to Chinese Market & Cooperation with ZMVR
  • Meta-City PC Version Development Completion
  • In Market - Item & NFT Exchange System Planning & Designing
  • User Item Inventory & Management System UI/UX Development Commencement
  • Meta-Space #1 DVI-Exhibition venue Official Version Launching
  • 2021 Dvision Conference Planning
  • Interoperability with External Platforms of NFT Transaction System Planning
  • 4
    2021 Q2
  • 2021 Dvision Conference Hosting
  • First Open Dvision City Lobby Development Completion
  • China ZMVR Service Launch & User Attraction
  • Business Cooperation with Municipality of cordova in cebu Philippines
  • Meta-Space #2 DVI-Gallery Official Version Release
  • 5
    2021 Q3
  • Application of External Link technology in Meta City
  • 1st Development Completion and Beta-test User Item Inventory and Management System UI/UX
  • In Market-Item & NFT Exchange System First Development Completed
  • Meta space #3. Released the Official Version of DVI- lease Building
  • Completed the Construction of Meta City Advertisement System
  • Commercialization-test / Business Partner Recruitment
  • 6
    2021 Q4
  • Meta space #4. DVI-Book cafe Construction / E-Book System development
  • User Item Inventory & Management System Official Release
  • In Market - Item & NFT Exchange System Official Release
  • Character Customizing ITEM Installation Function System Planning & Development Commencement
  • Meta space #4. DVI-Book cafe Official Version Release
  • Interoperability with External Platforms of NFT Transaction System Development Completion
  • Meta space #5. DVI-pet System Development Commencement
  • Meta space #5. DVI-pet System Beta Testing Phase
  • Attraction of app. 10 million users from Chinese Service Industry
  • 7
    2022 Q1
  • Meta Space #5. DVI-pet System 1-Round Market Application
  • DVI-pet type & evolution_function Development Completion
  • Meta Space #5. DVI-pet System 2-Round Market Application
  • DVI-pet type & compose_function Development Completion
  • Meta space #6. DVI-flea market Development (P2P-trading Application)
  • Meta space #6. DVI-flea market 1-Round Open
  • 8
    2022 Q2
  • Meta Space #7. DVI-Department Store Development
  • Meta Space #7. DVI-Department Store 1-Round Open
  • Meta Space #6. DVI-Flea Market Official Version Release
  • Meta Space #8. DVI Landmark-DVI Park Planning & Development Commencement
  • Meta Space #7. DVI-Department Store Official Version Open
  • 9
    2022 Q3
  • Meta Space #8. DVI Landmark -DVI Park Beta Service Release
  • Meta Space #9. DVI-Academy Development / Sales System Construction
  • Meta Space #8. DVI Landmark -DVI Park Official Version Open
  • 10
    2022 Q4
  • Meta Space #9. DVI-Academy Official Version Open
  • Character customizing ITEM Installation Function Release
  • Meta City Mobile Version Development Completion
  • Meta City VR Version Development Completion
  • AttraAttraction of app. 30 million users from Chinese Service Industry
  • Project team

    JungHyun Eom
    JungHyun Eom
    JungHyun Eom linkedin
    JaeSeok Jang
    JaeSeok Jang
    SeongChan Hong
    SeongChan Hong
    SeongChan Hong linkedin
    WonKyun Lee
    WonKyun Lee
    Head of Marketing
    YongJin Chun
    YongJin Chun
    Marketing Manager
    Boburjon Muydinov
    Boburjon Muydinov
    Head of BD
    SungSoo Kim
    SungSoo Kim
    Head of VR Development
    SangWoo Han
    SangWoo Han
    VR Developer
    WonHui Jung
    WonHui Jung
    VR Developer
    JungHwan Kim
    JungHwan Kim
    VR Developer
    SeHoon Bong
    SeHoon Bong
    VR Developer


    YongHee Kang
    YongHee Kang
    JaeHwan Kim
    JaeHwan Kim
    WoongGi Park
    WoongGi Park
    DaeWon Ko
    DaeWon Ko
    YoungBae Ju
    YoungBae Ju
    SeoWoo Lee
    SeoWoo Lee

    Social media

    Dvision Network web-siteDvision Network MediumDvision Network TelegramDvision Network LinkedInDvision Network TwitterDvision Network Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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