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Edverse is the world’s largest immersive, interactive, and insightful education metaverse ever. The macro-goal of decentralized and democratized education is right around the corner.

Seed Round $700,000

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Project industryEducation
Product typeMetaverse

What is Edverse

Edverse extends excellence to four specific stakeholders – Learners, Educators. Promoters. Creators.

  • The Learners are the new-age students eager to enhance their education through immersive tech. The students can hyper-personalize their learning journey. For instance, if the student wants to pursue Mathematics from the world’s leading Mathematics teacher, and similarly for Science, but the teachers happen to be faculty members of 2 different institutions, the student can easily enrol individually for each class, annihilating the conventional barrier of institution-bound education delivery.
  • The Educators, on the other hand can easily sculpt classes and application scenarios within metaverse schools intended solely for upskilling the students in relevant social situations.
  • The Creators are encouraged to produce digital entities and decentralized assets that can be owned, sold, and rented by Educators and Learners.
  • The Promoters can build, rent, and sell learning spaces and education institutions to dot the digital expanse of Edverse in meaningful manners enhancing the possibilities of metaverse in education.


Raised: 700,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration country: India
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: EDV
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
24% - Ecosystem Pool
8% - Staking Pool rewards
23,5% - Treasury & Reserves
12,5% - Marketing and Advisors
2,2% - Liquidity/ Exchange listing
6,8% - Seed and KOLs
13% - Private Round
1% - Public Sale
9% - Team

Edverse Roadmap

2022 Q2
  • Product Demo and Private Sale.
2022 Q3
  • Alpha launch
  • Public Sale
  • Token generation and distribution
2022 Q4
  • Beta launch
  • Expand tokenomics
  • Content creation for pre-primary to Grade 8
2023 Q2
  • Complete platform with all envisioned features integrated
  • Content creation for Grade 9-Grade 12
2023 Q4
  • Commence content development for Higher-Ed

Project team

Gautam Arjun
Gautam Arjun
Co-Founder & CEO
Gautam Arjun linkedin
Yuvraj Krishan Sharm
Yuvraj Krishan Sharm
Co-Founder, CTO & CPO
Yuvraj Krishan Sharm linkedin
Alok Patni
Alok Patni
Co-founder & CFO
Alok Patni linkedin
Head – Product & Innovation

Social media

Edverse web-siteEdverseYouTubeEdverse TelegramEdverse InstagramEdverse LinkedInEdverse TwitterEdverse Discord



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